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 Affiliate & Button
 Posted: Mar 16 2016, 03:39 PM
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So you want to swap buttons? This is the place to do it! We have a few simple rules to follow for affiliates.
  • Activity: We do ask that all of our affiliates remain active, this means that if you switch your board to offline status (for any reason) you will be removed. We will check activity for all our affs bi-weekly and if there has been no activity on your board for 1 month you will be removed.
  • Static: for static placement we ask that you have at least 30 accounts and be at least a month old. If you apply for static w/o meeting these parameters we'll place you as scrolling until you do (we check every 2-ish weeks) =)
  • Button: Our button can be static or scrolling but must be clearly visible on the index page (no pop-outs or tabs) and whatever we're offered is what you'll receive in return (static will get you static, scrolling will get you scrolling)! If you apply for static and we don't have the room we'll drop you a line asap to let you know and toss you into scrolling until we have room or hear back from you =)
  • STATIC: Simply post your info in this thread and we'll get you added asap!~
  • SCROLLING: Please DO NOT post here for scrolling! If you want scrolling please simply go >> HERE << and apply for affiliation using the built in jcink affiliation system and we'll get you approved asap!~

    Static: 15/15
    Scrolling: always open ( ---> scrolling aff application <---)

[b][u]Site Name:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Site Link:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Button URL:[/b][/u]

Our Button

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<a href="http://fuguestate.jcink.net" target="blank" title="fugue state!"><img src="http://makeshiftheart.com/FS/imgs/FSbutton.gif" border="0" alt="fugue state"></a>


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