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Mar 19 2017, 02:49 PM
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lady bits | PST | 3/3/3 | Sarahroo#5726
So I just wanted to get this out to everyone before everything went down. We've been using AIM as our primary means of communication for this site since it opened and many of us have been using it in this capacity for YEARS. AIM has recently released a statement that as of tomorrow (march 20th) they are cutting all support and servers for users outside of the US. We have a few players who this will cut off. In order to combat this a few of us have moved over to using Discord as our primary means of outside communication, this includes yukie and I.

I will leave AIM up, open and active but the best way to reach me from now on will be via Discord.

Just like AIM, Discord has a desktop app as well as a website version.

None of you are required to get Discord, I just wanted everyone to be aware of what was going on with AIM as well as let you know we do have an alternative that we've already begun using~


Discord names work a little differently, as they're not unique but also contain a # you need to add people. If you want to add your name & # so people can find you (this sounds like a weird answering machine note lmao) go ahead and reply to this thread with your info when you've got it!~
I can also update the member directory with your discord stuff as well, just shoot us a claims edit!

EIEN'S:: Eien#0897
MOSS: Moss#5302
SARAH'S: Sarahroo#5726
YUKIE'S: Yukie#7980

ANGIE: Duende#0796
BELLS: bells#5721
BRANDON: Brandude#0687
CARNIVAL: Codi#7635
DANI'S: Jackitty#7696
J-CHAN'S: J-Chan#2637
KENZIE'S: kenzie#5136
NYSSA: Visenya.#0657
SR: SR#7662

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