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Mar 16 2016, 03:36 PM
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Going Somewhere?

Real life happens, we all know and understand this so if you're going to be gone for longer than a few days and need to let staff and or your writing partners know please just fill out the code below and reply to this thread. Once your tentative date has passed we will delete your reply. If you need to extend your date just edit your post!~

Please note that if your away extends beyond a month, your away message will not save you from any AC that happens during this time. If your away message has no actual dates we will keep it for no longer than 2 weeks. Please be as accurate as you can with your dates, this is for the courtesy of your writing partners and their own writing as much as it is for you!

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May 20 2018, 11:45 AM
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Seeyalaterbye! I'll be gone from:
So here's the dealio. I thought I could survive finals and jump back into the fray before surgery but it's not working out that way. I have lots of pre-surgery stuff to do and my head's a bit scattered. I'm having surgery in less than a week (the 25th). I'll be out of the hospital soon after (like 2 days or so, so I'll let you know if I'm alive lmao) but then I have to be pretty mobile for the sake of healing and minimizing side-effects. I'm staying home only for however long it takes to do my follow up appointment.

I was supposed to do this surgery over spring break but had to reschedule for my sanity.

ALSO, I'm starting a teaching training thing over the summer which is why I'm giving myself a 2 week padding to recuperate and do some required readings for the first day of class.

To be my Best Friend Forever, someone send me a reminder when the AC comes around. It's a hectic time: finals-surgery-training so I'm a bit frazzle brained. For those in threads with me, I'm looking forward to posting right at you as soon as I can!

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5/20 - 6/3

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