Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

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We've tried to flesh out everything but in every game there will be questions and here on FS there is no such thing as a stupid question, chances are if you have the question so does someone else! If you're unsure about something please drop us a line and let us know here! We'll get back to you ASAP.

General Site FAQ

Are there different laws for the other species concerning crimes? Are they dealt with differently? Does the local police force deal with all species?:
Most species are all created equal in the midworld (Earth), Eternal species are slightly different as things that deal with heaven hell and the afterlife don't follow typical rules anyway. The rest of the species are all punishable by 'mortal' laws and all species can and are held accountable for their actions. Since everyone knows about everyone there will have been things put in place to help the police deal with things that aren't technically human. For instance iron and silver will be instituted in most enclosures and means of binding (handcuffs, jail cells, etc.) most of these things will be iron in make and coated in silver so they work on everything and don't require multiples for the same purpose. As mentioned, angels and demons will, mostly govern themselves, answerable to their higher powers where as ghosts are considered a neutral species and are not something that typically break laws though when they do, because they're bound to death, they will be governed largely by heaven and hell as well.

How do witches and other species smell to those of enhanced senses, shifter and vampires and such?
Any species with enhanced senses can identity another by their smell, bar eternals (for explanation, check out the sub-question/answer in the eternal tab), and ghost class (check out the eternal tab for information).

Mortal FAQ


Sempiternal FAQ

Can a shifter be infected by rabies?
Yes. Shifters are all susceptible to illnesses however, just like anything else it would burn out of their system fairly quickly and wouldn't ever kill them. If contracted it wouldn't be completely curable as they do hold some form of animal DNA (that which they shift into) which the virus would cling to, because of this it becomes something that continues to ravage and weaken the shifter in the same way that cancer or H.I.V. would. Their healing would, essentially, never turn off leaving them weakened and readily susceptible to other medical issues. This virus, like H.I.V. Is something that will always be prevalent in their system so any mauling done after the virus is contracted would result in the passing of rabies as well. The main symptoms caused by the virus (brain swelling and tissues swelling which cause rage and mental instability) will all be minimal and short term though they can potentially pop up again if the shifter's healing is split between more than one issue, however overall it shouldn't affect them and they shouldn't go rabid like a dog would.

Immortal FAQ


Eternal FAQ

If human & a nephilim/cambion has an offspring, is it possible for the child to have some powers/abilities from their nephilim/cambion parent? What could be the abilities they can possibly possess?
No. The child will be born completely mortal.

Obviously species like vampires and shifters would be able to smell the differences in other species. Some might still be figuring out the actual differences (aka putting names to the different scents if they haven't had enough exposure), but what I want to know is how demons and angels smell to the species with enhanced senses? Do they just smell human?
Angels and demons smell varies on the vessel they're occupying. For anything above, aka seraphs, archangels, greater demons, and archdemons, they will smell as whatever species they were before ascending/descending (the bodies are the same, after all, it's the soul that's changed, been given great power). Nephilim and cambions will smell human, and as for valkyries and succubi/incubi, like vampires they'll have little to no smell due to all the species changes their bodies/souls have gone through, though of a whiff of what they once were before their death can be caught from time to time.

Do wraiths, reapers and banshee have any smell that the species of enhances senses should pick up on?
Reapers have no smell at all. Wraiths typically smell like whatever vessel they're occupying (a witch, typically), though there's an underlying whiff of wrong, the smell subtly off and this grows more pronounced with time, making it that shifters and vampires struggle sharing spaces with the oldest wraiths with needing to leave or kill the offending source. Banshee will smell like whatever vessel they're occupying, although in time their smell fades away to nothing. This holds true even for their original physical bodies, their smells wilting to none over time.

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