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 Cillín O'shea, 264 | Fae | Ansel Elgort
Aug 23 2017, 10:03 AM


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Cillían Kearney O'Shea
Character Basics
full name
Cillían Kearney O'Shea
"Shea", "Ci"
age & D.O.B.
264 years of age (December 2nd, 1753 C.E.)
Deserter of Seelie Court
Play By
Ansel Elgort

OOC Alias
hair & eyes
Dark Blond&Hazel.
tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
A few small, white markings on his hand, another running above his brow, and a jagged bolt down his forearm. These scars coincide with his current and previous professions.
Average is a pretty astute way to describe Shea's appearance. He’s tall without being lanky and built without being stocky. He has been told on numerous occasions that he looks like a 14 year old boy. One thing Ci always does is style his hair before leaving the house. This gives him the perfect excuse to comb through his ruddy waves as a pretty girl walks by. He has this smile that lights up the whole room and eyes that are as big as kitten's. When you look at Shea it just makes you want to go 'awww, wee lamb'.

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation

Rambunctious Cillín's personality is often seen as erratic or impulsive. "Ci" is like a hurricane of energy. He's young at heart and not afraid to have some fun. He is driven and lives at either end of the emotional spectrum. When he is high, he can smile for days and the rare incidents that he is low, he fears the sun may never rise again. Living moment by moment; spontaneity is the key to all his actions. Who would ever want to be predictable? He spends most days trying to outdo yesterday. Most people view him as wild, rebellious and always up for a good time. In chasing his desires, he feels the pressure of his legacy and refuses to face it until he truly has to.

Methodical Ci has a photographic memory. If he's seen it once, it stays with him for always. He likes puzzles. Once you solve one, the rest tend to fall in place. Having a photographic memory was deadly in battle. It meant that he could remember every flaw about his opponent. Whether they favored their left side, if they were overly prideful and arrogant rushing into battle, or had a bad knee six years ago. Centuries of working with his hands and in combat, Shea's mind is sharp and calculating, Usually this means he has every possible outcome figured out. Usually.

Charismatic Shea has an easy smile, and his coy wit tends to let others feel at ease in his presence. He's a charmer. And worse off, he knows it too. Sneaky. His pranking is never meant as hurtful and is done as more of a laugh. Being Fae, means that Shea has a certain playfulness to him. He has been known to play tricks, though sometimes they can be taken too far. He won't own up when this happens and claims it was all just for a laugh. Shea likes to be the life of the party. He enjoys making people laugh and forget themselves. His days are limited before he has to go back so he treats everyday as a new adventure.

Strengths: + Living in the Present + Brilliant, Talented, and Passionate + Grounded + Can be incredibly thoughtful + Sharp tongue and a Quick Hand + Reckless

Weaknesses: + He had a big problem with forgiveness and an even bigger one with apologizing + Can be quite self-centered + Minor anger problems, major communication issues + Somewhat skewed moral compass + Iron + Water elements + Bad listener, easily distracted + Runs when things get sticky + Sour foods burn him.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: + Black Coffee. + Christmas. + Reading old sci-fi novels. + Sweets. + Lucky Strike Cigarettes. + Witty Banter and Sarcasm. + Cars.

Dislikes: + People who repeat themselves. + "Babe, we really need to talk" + Snakes. + Being called out on his avoidant problems + Lines or waiting. + Tiny Dogs + Pork Rinds + Mismatched socks

Quirks: + Tapping on half-empty coffee mugs + Wiggling his eyebrows + Constantly is late + Is extremely messy except for his cars, which he keeps immaculate + Adrenaline junkie when he is stressed + Cracking his wrist + Getting hell outta dodge if there's something he doesn't want to talk about

Father & Mother
Not uh. Nope.
Zip, nada, uh uh.
Cíllian was born into a military family. His father being a prominent general serving the armies to the Seelie Court, and his father's father before him and his father's father's father. It was a whole, long dynasty of protecting their world and members of the court. As you can imagine, his family was very brusque. Proper and duty-bound at all times. They lived to serve. A sword was put in his hand, before could even learn to walk functionally, placed into his crib and meant to be kept with him at all times. He learned his father's praised was earned, when he was able to keep his sword upright without falling over.

It wasn't long after that he was sent to the training fields. He left his mother's side and found home in the sandy pits with the other fae boys. Here he learned wrestling, military strategy, archery, history, riding, hunting. Ci became a machine built for war. They forced his mind to the brink and back, honing his fae gifts for glamour and telekinesis with the earth and rocks to be used on enemies of the realm. His fun-loving nature became his downfall as instructors forced these emotions to be buried. He was to put aside his own desires as he was now an instrument for the king.

His training now complete, Shea was sent to be under the tutelage of a battle-seasoned warrior. He was to serve the mighty Tristan the Gold. Tristan was known for his guile and strength in the elf wars. He would gallop into battle on a unicorn and lance. Ci had grown up hearing songs and legends of Tristian the Gold. Of course, this was centuries upon centuries years ago. When Ci arrived under Tristan's care, the faerie had become a gristled drunkard. They spent evening gorging on fae wine and speaking of battles past rather than prepping for Shea's future. In the years following the war, Tristan had become a recluse. He had seen too much. His hold was threadbare, and the only source of abundance was wine. Ci spent much time on the moors that bordered the lands between the Seelie and Unseelie with Tristian. In the fog and emptiness, he could help but feel as if he, himself was wasting away.

After some rigorous years, Ci was commissioned in the King's army. He signed an oath to serve until death took him in combat, and after his laborious servitude, he could finally go to bed with a full stomach and a soft bed. His first assignments were nothing of note. Some scouting and patrolling, mostly he was bored to tears. He found that away from his military teachers and strict commandants, he could breathe. His commanding officers would find their tent flaps harassed together, the cooks would have gnomes hidden in potato sacks, bugles were replaced with swans. It was the good life, and sure, he was made to scrub his fair share of pots or count the number of straw found in a haystack. But it was worth it to put a smile on his brother's faces. Life shouldn't have to be so serious.

One night the camp was taken unaware by a brood of giants. Ci, was patrolling at the time. When he arrived, he found nothing but blood and bone. The men-in-arms he had become so close with, his school mates were eaten alive. Their screams haunt him still as the sounds of tearing sinew fill his ears. Enraged, Ci shattered the mountain boulders above causing an avalanche. He was prepared to die with his brothers. To go beyond taking the giants with him. He should not have come back.

Shea was labeled a hero, waking in the infirmary he was greeted with arms of victory wreaths and shiny medals. He was the only one from his unit to survive. The army taking note of this "heroic" individual, thrust Shea into an officer's position and given an auxiliary unit of his own to command. Ci reported directly to his father and for a fair number of years, he basked in glory and the wealth of the kingdom. Shea never spoke of the night of the giant ambush or the horrors he had seen since. It wasn't the solider way, but he had seen his fair share of faeries who had lost their minds after too much bloodshed. Tristan was a reminder of what was to come if he did not bury these thoughts. He would not let the ghosts consume him as they did so many others.

Coming home from another successful march, Shea was met by his father with great news. It had seemed it was time for him to take a wife. And they had just the maiden for the job. The thought of marriage shook Ci to his core. The thought of another person relying on him, depending on him? What if he should fail? What if there were children? No. He could not do that. He would surely get them all killed and it was a promise he could not keep. For years, he had known about the portal to the Other side. That was his ticket to freedom.

Leaving his men and duty behind, Shea crossed over in the year 1954. It was the time of McCarthy, Sinatra, and Marlon Brando. These became his new teachers as Shea learned to become American. French fries, milk shakes, and poodle skirts, Shea traveled across the US working at dinners and drive-throughs as a line cook. He saved enough money, bought a car, and when it fell apart. Well, he learned to put that back together too.

Ci felt a sense of pride from fixing cars. He thought it was symbolic to be so near that which could cause him the most pain. American steel back then still had trances of iron. He learned that the hard way after touching the engine with bare skin. Thankfully a pair of gloves negates most of the effects, but every once in awhile, he'll get careless and pay the price. He calls it penance for running away from home. In time, Shea got good enough to fix just about anything. It was enough to keep a roof over his head, and kept him flexible to hop from state to state. He didn't know if anyone would come looking for him, but he didn't care to find out.

These days, Shea can be found at Blue Moon Garage. He's enrolled at the University as an 8th year senior. Somehow he never could commit to one major and was quite happy taking gen ed's and electives. He liked college students. They had fantastic energy and were also doing stupid things he could join in on. He's got his job, his classes, and his pad. The last thing he would want is to stir up any trouble that could inform the other side. He's not going back. Not ever.

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