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 Coffee Time!, @J-chan /Xander
Xander Grayson
 Posted: Jul 23 2017, 07:52 PM
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The Grayson family home was a large plantation at one point in its existence, although the Grayson’s weren’t the original owners. The owners were long since gone from what he knew. There had been plenty of space as such to do whatever it was that they wanted growing up. Each sibling had their own room, had their own space to where they didn’t have to share it, other than with dinners and the like. It was a massive house for them to share, and they got along fairly nicely as a result. His siblings were responsible for their younger brother whenever they were alone with him – their father was usually fairly busy with work and their mother had a shop to look after. There was a live in maid that had assisted with the care and maintenance of the house – yet the house was large enough that she was hardly ever seen by the family. At least, Xander never got to see her. Knew her name, chatted with her when he did see her, but those occasions were rare and far between. Strange when she lived there, perhaps, but he’d always suspected her a very private kind of person.

Xander never really had a lot of friends growing up. He was homeschooled for most of his life, until he hit high school and his parents decided it was high time for him to socialize with other teenagers. All in all it was an excuse to socialize with people that weren’t witches or mere humans. There were a few he was close to over the years he had been in high school, although the ones he was closest to were human. No shame in that he supposed. He was friends with a couple of shifters, both of different species; and then there was a small Fae group he gravitated to when he wanted to learn about various types of Fae; then there was an angel or two in his life. But he wasn’t super close with any of them. He had far more mortal friends than anyone else. It wasn’t a bad thing, really. Only meant that he wasn’t exposed regularly to other races outside of school.

“I barely know what a keggar is… is it just a gathering of people that happen to be drinking? Or are there other things to do? I know some parties have drinking games.” All in all it sounded like a good time, even with the drinking. But what would he know? Though he was still in that age range, keggars seemed like the type of thing for young adults to do – not for men who were pushing twenty-seven. By this age he should have had his life figured out, known what he wanted to do after high school and then have a steady job. And yet he didn’t have a normal life after high school. No one would say it was his fault.

“I kind of felt the same way when I started working for the bookstore. I found myself reading all the new titles just because I wanted to be prepared for when a customer asked me if a book was any good.” The general answer he gave was ‘yes, I highly recommend it,’ and he’d say that of books he hadn’t read, just because he tended to read reviews and eavesdrop at work.

“I find that more true with each day that passes – being this far away from my family makes me miss them,” but it was for the better in the long run. There were still people who remembered what happened, one of the many downsides of living outside of a main city. News traveled fast. He was lucky it hadn’t followed him – or at least, he didn’t think it did. “She might be. Next time I talk to her I’ll get her opinion on it again, and see what she says. I know loves New Orleans, but the change might be good for her. Plus it’d be nice to have family nearby…” trailed off again, and paused to drink more of his beverage – which was quickly running out, “I don’t really have anyone out her, aside from the coven I belong to.” Whelp, there went the big secret, heh.

He gave Duncan another smile, one of those genuine Xander smiles he was known so well for, and said, “So I guess that means we’re friends now? Awesome. While we’re on the subject, what do you like to do for fun? For future reference and all.” That way they could meet up later on in the week, month – it didn’t matter too much, so long as he could call Duncan his friend and attempt to be social.

“I’ve never been outside the US, really,” his family were pretty stationary in Louisiana, other than his brother who currently lived in Dallas with his own family. Michael was the only one that had moved on with his life whilst Rowena and Xander were still single, still living their own lives. Honestly Xander didn’t know if he could handle a relationship right now. Maybe… when he started school. Or his social life improved. “I guess you have a lot of memories of Britain, huh? What’s it like there?” Google could only tell him so much. Annabelle had dreams of traveling, and Britain was one of the places she wanted to visit. But that chance never came, would never come. At least, in his mind, he believed that. His heart, however, was a different story. “Younger siblings are good about harassing the older ones. I know Rowena and I gave our brother Michael hell.” He said, and went to take another drink of his coffee when he found it was empty.

“Well that’s disappointing… I’m out of coffee,” he sounded a bit hurt at that, actually, and sighed, finding it difficult to part with his cup as he set it on the table, “Oh well. Talking can really pass the time, and I’ve really enjoyed our conversation. Do you have any plans in the coming week? Maybe we can get together again.” If not, there would always be time later on in the month or year for them to meet up again. “That is, only if you’d like to.” He said hastily, remembering himself and remembering that they had just met.
Duncan Anderson
 Posted: Aug 18 2017, 05:47 PM
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He'd had his own room growing up - a perk of being the oldest he'd always assumed - but it hadn't been uncommon for a sibling to wake him up and sleep with him after a bad dream. Often choosing to wake him up instead of his parents, especially as they got older and were more self conscious over needing the comfort to fall back asleep. A small thing to the nephilim, something that was easy to do and he hadn't minded. The kind of thing that continued as he became an older brother several times over. Even once bad dreams were no longer a concern there were other times that they'd all pile onto his bed late a night to watch movies together. Something that Duncan himself would prompt on nights his mum was too obviously sick and his dad was overworked. Sharing space had then become as familiar as offering help was for Duncan. Took to invasions of his personal space easily, not minding them much so long as there was no aggression in the action (with the singular exception of his younger brother who was prone to anger issues). So while they hadn't been on top of each other, usually it took effort to have more than a few moments totally alone.

At the very least it had made him good at picking out spots where he'd largely be uninterrupted when it was needed.

Part of the charm of this coffee shop, that there were multiple spots like that to chose from. At least on days that it wasn't filled to the brim with customers.

"Oh well, a keggar is basically a house party that has kegs and in my experience you have to fork over a couple bucks to get in and y'know cover the cost of the keg. People would throw them to both have a party and made a buck or two off of it." If you were going to make a mess of a place, might as well make a small profit right? Although how worth it they were to go to was debateable when a good chunk of the keg went towards games like beer pong rather than just drinking. But such was the nature of the beast. "At least that was how they were when I was in college. Although I doubt they've changed much since then." Keggars and huge house parties had given way to more intimate gatherings with alcohol or moved to actual bars. No desire to be shoved into a house packed tightly with people and sticky floors. Give him some beers with a few friends instead, made for just as good (if not better) night. And one with less questioning of the people around him, fewer idiotic shenanigans now that they weren't invincible college students. Or drinking away the stress of assignments and exams. "They kind of lose their appeal when you can get better drinks and not have to shout at friends to be heard just about anywhere else."

Duncan nodded along, it did sound like pretty much the same kind of situation. Of wanting to be prepared for customers and actually having some kind of knowledge about what they were selling. A surprising amount of people asked him to make a drink he'd like, or to make them something sweet. And that was it. The entirety of their order and Duncan had to work it out. Or they ask specific questions about the menu, and considering it was Middle Eastern food he couldn't just say something generic about it. Helped that it was delicious.

It was a hard thing to figure out, being away from family and venturing out on your own. Particularly being close, with a tension between wanting to go back to the familiar and familial versus wanting to establish yourself as a separate entity from family. He supposed college had helped, as a stepping stone between the two. "Yeah I'm sure it would be. You two sound close and two years can be a long time. I've only been far from my family a few months and I'm already debating getting them here for a visit. It is a nice place to visit, even for a short time." And his family did have a history of popping into the city at some point in their life. Oddly both him and his mother's arrival into the city prompted somewhat by relationships…. Like mother like son? Of course the comment about Xander being part of a coven was of no surprise to Duncan, he already knew that the other man was a witch. Having known the moment he laid eyes on him and then subsequently invited him to sit. More something he hadn't want to pry into and open up the species can of worms. "Well I'm not exactly sure how covens work, but at the least it sounds like a sense of community. Sounds like it'd help with the whole adjusting to a new place."

He chuckled and nodded, "I'm afraid I'm pretty boring a lot of the time. Usually just casually hanging out with friends or doing something like grabbing coffee or a beer. Although there is still a good chunk of the city I haven't managed to explore yet but I did find this nice little bar - it's not too far from here actually - that has open mic nights and poetry nights I've been meaning to check those out. I guess things like that." he commented with a small shrug and grinning, "My best friend used to complain that I was too much of a stereotypic introvert." he laughed again. Particularly because the nephilim couldn't refute it at all, because well he kind of was.

It didn't take more than a moment to think about Britain. The memories springing to the forefront of Duncan's mind easily. "It's both pretty similar but different in odd ways. I had to learn new terms for things, like I'd be weirdly lost through a conversation. It's similar but just off and different enough to be noticed and confusing. Think twilight zone. One of the biggest differences I noticed when moving was general terms for things like a vest is just a normal shirt, torch instead of flashlight. And the houses, all the space in suburbs like the houses don't want to touch each other." Of course to him it had bee America that had been the twilight zone, had been just different enough be confusing and unsettling. "Times we'd go back to visit family my youngest sister always felt out of place because she doesn't remember it."

He let out an amused snort, "Oh I know it. Though be careful, us older siblings have all kinds of embarrassing stories on you younger ones."

Duncan nodded, already shifting to grab his phone "Mostly work, but yeah that sounds like it could be nice. I really enjoyed the conversation Xander. Here toss your number in since casually running into each other at a coffee shop is not the most reliable way to get in touch." He joked as his slide his phone on the table towards the younger witch. His own coffee was nearly done but the nephilim was planning on spending a little bit while longer and continue reading. It had been refreshing to be out of his apartment for a while.

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