Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

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Bartimaeus McLeod Eternal 18-October 16 54
Caesar McDonald Eternal 19-January 18 18
Daniel Valentine Eternal 31-October 16 200
Duncan Anderson Eternal 17-January 17 56
Justin Warrin Eternal 25-March 16 287
Kaegan Cross Eternal 20-March 16 208
Kiernan Rowe Eternal 23-November 17 32
Loki Irbson Eternal 9-October 17 75
Matthias Irbson Eternal 7-January 18 36
Micah Kalashnikov Eternal 20-October 16 90
Michelangelo Montanari Eternal 24-April 16 73
Minami Yuu Eternal 24-May 17 166
Theophania Arvanitis Eternal 29-May 17 39
Tybolt Rowe Eternal 24-July 17 46
Zachariel Valentine Eternal 17-October 16 183
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