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 Sigrid Nielsen, 1,062 | Ice Dragon | Katheryn Winnick
May 11 2018, 07:40 AM
1,062 Dragon Head of Security, Bouncer
Ice Ice Baby
SF Black Market
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Sig, Sigi, Blue Eyes, Ice, Niels


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Sigrid Nielsen
Character Basics
full name
Sigrid Nielsen
Sig, Sigi, Blue Eyes, Ice, and Niels
age & D.O.B.
1,062 (April 22, 956)
Head of Security, SF Black Market
Unseelie Court
Ice Dragon
Play By
Katheryn Winnick

OOC Alias
Discord or PM
Hair & Eyes
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
5’-6” (167.64 cm)
Tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
Tattoos of old Norse Design on legs, torso, and upper arms. Scars on her ankles from where she was chained up in her youth. Random marks along her body from fighting in the fight clubs.

Miscellaneous Superficial
Typical Attire: Leather Jacket, T-Shirt, Jeans, Boots

Spoken Languages: English, Old Norse, German, Old Russian, Greek, Italian

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Sigrid is not the most welcoming individual another person can meet. Most will never get to know her because Sigrid tends to be a loaner. She does not look for friendship. If friendship happens to look for her it will take time to develop. Trust is not something that is given very easily and with Sigrid another person has to work to earn it from her.

Being an ice dragon fits rather well with her personality because she can come off as cold. Sigrid can be rather blunt and to the point. She does not mix words and will call things as she sees them. Others should treat her in the same regard. Being honest with Sigrid is one way to earn her trust and become an acquaintance.

Work is something she takes very seriously. It is not strange to see Sigrid at the bar or one of the other buildings looking over security. She tends to put in long hours which leaves little time for herself. If she’s not working then she will most likely be at home or at the fight club fighting. On rare occasion she will venture out for a drink with others but she prefers to drink at home alone.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Sun, Snow, Ice, Swords, Electronics, Pianos, Music, Coffee, Alcohol, Meat, Sweets, Take-Out/Delivery, Order, Flight Club, Exercising, Going to the Movies

Dislikes: Chains, Total Darkness, Disrespect, Vegetables, ‘Healthy Food’, Cooking, Chaos, Laziness, Distrust, Early Mornings, Reality TV

Quirks: She is not much of a conversationalist with those she does not know. Attention is not something she wants outside of the fighting ring. She surrounds herself with lots of acquaintances but she does not have many close friends. Not many ever see her residence. Her accent is almost undefined because it is a mix of Norwegian and Italian. Hoards belt buckles.

Hagen (Father) & Anselma (Mother)
Aren (Brother), Arik (Brother), Aros (Brother)

Spouse / Mate
One Daughter, Ragnhild
Binding(s) / Thrall(s) / Pet(s)
956: Born
Sigrid was a part of a second clutch her mother gave birth too. Along with her three brothers, Sigrid grew up in the fae realm. She held a close bond to her mother, but she also became close with her father.

1003: Leaving the Fae Realm.
Once Sigrid and her brothers had learned to master their glamour the family went back to the realm of men. The found a small village in Norway and made a life for themselves among humans and other supernatural creatures.

Sigrid’s mother found work in the castle as a scullery maid and was also able to get a job for Sigrid. Day in and day out Sigrid worked to clean the rooms of the nobles that lived in the castle. It was during her daily routine one day that she caught sight of a belt buckle. Impulse hit her and she took the belt buckle and tucked it in her dress. Later that evening when she got home she went into the woods and found a place to hide her new possession.

While the job did help keep food on the table, a roof over the families head, and allowed Sigrid to collect belt buckles, she found herself becoming jealous of her father and brothers. They were able to do something that was more enjoyable than her job and that was fighting in an underground fight club.

Sigrid almost made it a year as a maid before she joined her brothers and father in fighting. It was hard at first learning what to do. Sigrid was smaller and others took advantage of it. With the help of her brothers and father Sigrid was able to learn how to use that to her advantage. Soon she was winning just as many fights as her siblings and father.

1035: New King.
War had taken over Norway for the last few decades. For the most part Sigrid and her family stayed out of it. Only when Magnus pushed to reclaim his birthright did Sigrid decide it was time to become involved in human affairs. She bid her family farewell and joined the army of Magnus.

The war to take the throne did not last long and soon Magnus was named the new king of Norway. Sigrid decided to remain in the city that Magnus claimed as his capital. Due to her help in the fight Sigrid was rewarded with a place in the Royal Guard of the king. Not only was she tasked with keeping the king safe but she was also one of the head guards that helped keep the city safe.

1043: Affair.
Years went by and Sigrid was slowly promoted within the ranks of the Royal Guard. She became one of the advisors to Magnus. At first their relationship was nothing but king and guard. Slowly it developed into more because they shared common interests. Sigrid began sharing his bed late in the summer. They never married because neither wanted it.

1047: Fae Realm.
The unexpected death of Magnus was a sad but convenient moment for Sigrid to move on. She had found out she was pregnant a few weeks before Magnus had passed. Nothing kept her at the castle and Sigrid chose at that time to return to the Fae Realm to prepare for when she would lay her eggs. Winter arrived and so did Sigrid’s eggs. She laid a clutch of three eggs and spent the next months caring for them.

1048: Daughter.
When the time came only one egg hatched. A daughter was ‘born’ to Sigrid and she named her Ragnhild.

Sigrid raised Ragnhild similar to her own upbringing. Even though her daughter was half human she still was able to do what most other dragons could. Sigrid provided all she could for her only child and did what she could to be supportive of her daughter’s wants and needs. The two shared a close bond as Ragnhild grew older.

1102: Empty Nest.
It was hard letting go but Sigrid knew that it was time for her daughter to move on. Instead of remaining in the Fae Realm, Ragnhild went back to the realm of men. A few years passed and Sigrid learned that her daughter had married a human man. They did not remain in contact. The last Sigrid heard was that her daughter was expecting her first child.

1656: The Return.
Centuries went by and Sigrid remained in the Fae Realm. She kept to herself for the most part but spent time mingling with others. As time marched on so did the annoyance of the male dragons that lived in the Fae Realm. Everywhere she turned it seemed the males wanted to take her as a mate. Sigrid was not interested but the male dragons failed to understand that.

Growing tired of fending off the males, Sigrid decided to return to the realm of men. She revisited Norway and started exploring the realm from there.

Sigrid moved south into the mainland of Europe and then over into Asia. From village to village she moved. In order to get by she took on odd jobs like being a cook’s assistant, a stable hand, lady’s maid, or barmaid. She was not picky on the work and needed the money. Time was on her side and she spent a few years in each town before moving on to the next.

1709: New Work.
For a decade Sigrid had moved down the peninsula of Italy. When she reached the city of Rome she found a new line of work accidently. Nights in the city were busy and there was always a new surprise around the corner. After heading down a side street she accidently came across a supernatural fight club. She did not hesitate to join and become a fighter.

It had been centuries since she had fought in a club and at first she had trouble getting her bearings. She lost several fights before finally finding herself once more. Slowly Sigrid became one of the popular fights because she was one of the few women to compete and successfully win.Sigrid became known as the fighter called Blue Eyes.

Before she left Rome a couple centuries later she had only lost a handful of matches but could boast a winning record that dwarfed anyone else that was a fighter. Those that frequented the fights were sad to see her go. Surprisingly there were few feelings hurt by her departure.

1951: America.
Sigrid has grown bored of the life she had made for herself in Rome. Since she had already explored Europe and Asia Sigrid decided to turn her attention to America. After selling all of her belongings in Rome she took a plane to New York City.

New York was not what Sigrid had expected and she felt rather let down after hearing all the stories about the city. Instead of remaining on the east coast Sigrid decided to move west and explore the United States.

Unlike her time in Europe and Asia, Sigrid moved more quickly across the country. It only took her a few months to cross the country. She came to San Francisco and finally had found a place that appealed to her.

Sigrid rented a small apartment and decided to take her time finding work. Being a fighter in Rome had made her a good amount of money and she was frugal. It was the first time, since coming back to this realm, that she was able to relax and not have to work.

1977: Fight Club.
Joining another fight club had never been Sigrid’s intention. When the rumors of one existing reached her it peaked her curiosity. She found out the location of the fights and went to be a spectator. After a few fights Sigrid realized she needed to get back into fighting. Not only was she having fun doing it but she could use the money. Soon she was in the ring once more. It was tougher this time around but she showed others that she was not to be messed with.

1982: Bouncer.
Sigrid had fought for years for in the SF Black Market fight club before she was noticed by Justin Warrin. Liking what he saw, he offered Sigrid a bouncer job at his bar. She was ready to turn down the offer when she found out how much he was going to pay her. The salary was more than she was making during fights. It also helped that it was a stable flow of income. Sigrid accepted his offer of employment and began working at ‘My Father's Place’.

1987: Promotion.
One thing she could always pride herself on was her work ethic. Justin seemed to notice it as well. Sigrid also proved herself to be very loyal to her new boss. A new position was offered to her to reward her loyalty. Without hesitation Sigrid accepted the offer from Justin to become his new head of security. She would not only be looking after the bar, but also all of the other buildings under Justin’s control.

2018: Present.
To this day Sigrid still remains the head of security for the SF Black Market. With Justin’s blessing she runs a tight ship and makes sure that everything is as it should be. At times she still steps into the ring to fight but these days her focus is primarily on making sure Justin’s business is protected at all times.

May 14 2018, 03:46 PM
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