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 Travis Fletcher, 45 | Shifter | Aaron Paul
Sep 10 2017, 10:07 PM
45 Shifter Juvenile Parole Officer
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Travis Orlov Fletcher
Character Basics
full name
Travis Orlov Fletcher
Trav, Toffee, Tof
age & D.O.B.
45 (January 3, 1972)
Juvenile Parole Officer
Play By
Aaron Paul

OOC Alias
Discord, PM
hair & eyes
Blond hair that is often kept short with blue eyes. Seems to always have a five-o-clock shadow
tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
A few old ones from his childhood (like one on his knee from falling off his bike and a stab wound on his upper arm)
No tattoos
Nothing worth mentioning

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Travis is a fighter, and would rather die for something that he feels is right than lay down and accept something he knows is wrong for the sake of living. He has always fought for himself and others, and that probably is not going to stop any time soon.

With that said, Travis also cares deeply. He is a lover as much of a fighter and tries to make those around him as happy as possible. He is quick to fill the role of older brother to those that need it, and often is willing to help newer shifters adapt and adjust to the new life. Honestly, Travis is the kind of guy that would try and make faces at children in line to try and get them to laugh. The shifter is quick to help others but is often just as quick to ignore the help. He is the clichè of a walking tough guy with a big heart. As much as he tries to solve issues with out fighting and would rather do everything by the book, there are times that the situation might call for a little bending of the rules. He's the one not afraid to bend the rules a little bit.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Seeing youths find something they care about in life, finding people's spark to motivate them, eating fast food (even if it is horrible for you), baking, watching moves (especially Cult classics and B movies) and milk shakes. Also the bottle, but he would never admit it to those around him, especially if they care about him.

Dislikes: Abusers, people who take advantage of others, letting things go, banana pudding, and riding in a car for a long amount of time. Also hates talking to people about his problems, often thinking people have bigger ones than to deal with his.

Quirks: Travis's face seems to be incapable of hiding his true emotions, so what you see is what you get with him. He also has a horrible habit of starting fights with people he thinks are taking advantage or trying to hurt the children or teens that are under his supervision and is not above killing them if he doesn't think there is any other way to stop it (but you know, accidents happen and he can't help THAT). This drive to fight for others who seem incapable of doing so often leads him having a few scratches and cuts on him despite the shifter's ability to heal.

Father & Mother
Mother: Catherine Fletcher (Alive) Sonya Hardy
Father: Daryl Fletcher (Alive) Edward Hardy
Seth Fletcher
None, but wants one
Travis was born in the early 70's to a mother and father who were barely able to scrape by and lived in a constant drug haze as though it would some how make their life easier. It didn't. Actually, it made life harder as they struggled to afford the cost of living, the cost of having a child, and the cost of making sure their fix was available. More often than not, the child was put on the back burner. These people were people who should not have a child, let alone two.

But they did.

About six years after Travis was born, he had a younger brother named Seth. It seemed that as soon as the baby stepped into the cheap apartment, Travis was the one taking care of him. He tried his best, but Travis would mess up from time to time, but he was only a kid himself. There was the time he accidentally burned his brother by having the bath water too hot, and there was the other time his brother bumped his head pretty hard from falling back when Travis didn't put enough pillows behind him. However, alls well that ends well, right?

Life got harder to balance when he had to go to school, but he managed. However, he and his brother found themselves more and more on the street. Mom and dad had more people over, and for whatever reason, it meant that Travis and Seth could not be inside. Travis did the best that he could during those times. He'd make up games, drag him to the theaters (sneak in really) and try and get food however he could. It was hard, and it sucked when he would get caught, but sometimes they really, really needed the food. Things only seemed to get worse as they got older. However, Travis felt that so long as he and his brother could be together, they could push through it.

He'd do it.

He could do it to make sure Seth was ok.

As they got older, his parents seemed to get more dangerous. No longer were the two just left alone, now they would be the target of anger when they could not get the drugs they craved or the item they needed. Travis tried his best to shield Seth and would often drag his brother off to the movies. Movies they were still sneaking into. It was a little harder now that they were older, but they managed. Travis found himself fighting in school more and fighting some kids who wanted to push him and his brother around more often. Still, things were ok. He had Seth and Seth had him.

When he was sixteen though, his life changed.

Someone must have finally woken up int he Atlanta School System because one day his parents were arrested and he and his brother were taken into the system. A system that really did not care that Travis needed his brother and that Seth needed him. Did not care what happened to them, not really.

At least it felt like that.

As much as he hated that he was pulled from his brother, he ended up in nice enough household. They some how got him on the right path and managed to get him to finish up high school with relatively decent grades. Travis truly believes it was because they took the time to listen to him, tried to work with him when they could and put their foot down when they had to. Even to this day, he feels that Mr. and Mrs. Hardy truly tried to get his brother away from the family he was with and in their own.

It never worked, but he truly felt they tried.

School became a little easier to deal with. As much as he missed his brother, with the removal of having to try and rush home to make sure his brother had food, to ensure that his parents would not get mad at Seth, or just to not have to go home and worry about getting hit made his life so much easier. This was reflected in his behavior improvement. At school, he started making a few friends and even started to come out of his sarcastic shell. One girl in particular seemed to notice that Travis was coming out of his shell by the name of Kathy. She was a quiet girl who often seemed content to allow other kids to walk over her. There were a few times he jumped in to get the others to back off, but he never took it as a sign of their relationship budding. Kathy did.

When he was 18, summer was just around the corner and so was college. It meant so much to him, to Seth. You see, there was a plan. Travis was going to go to college, get an education and then get a job. Once he got the job, he was going to get Seth out of foster care and take care of him, like he always had. It was perfect.

Mr. Hardy had talked him into going camping with him and the rest of their family a few week ends after graduation. It was meant to be a final shout out to the summer and the beginning of a new chapter in his life. The entire family was pretty excited and the week end was pretty filled. It was the perfect week end until Saturday night when Travis was mauled by a shifter, Kathy from school. Apparently, he had gained her attention while in school because he was kind to her. That kindness had managed to be misinterpreted by her as them being lovers, destined to be. She assumed that if she turned Travis, then he would be her mate.

It didn't happen.

But he did become a shifter. A cougar to be exact. He did not go to college right after, rather he found himself surrounding by other shifters who wanted to help him learn how to control himself. They took him to another town, away from the city where their pard had plenty of land. Honestly, Travis feels that was partially due to the Hardy's reaching out since they did not want Travis near the shifter who had mauled him. The pard that took himHow to deal with being a shifter and what some of the rules were and weren't. The Hardy family stood beside him the entire time, being as patient as ever and trying their best to encourage him when he felt it was too much. The pard and the Hardy family were there for him and helped him get back to his feet before he managed to start school again.

When he was twenty, he finally managed to have enough control that he felt he could be on his own enough to attend school. It also gave him time to try and track down his younger brother after having almost two years of no contact. It took him a while, but when he did find him, Travis hated to say that he was disappointed.

His brother had managed to find himself in a gang. The assholes had taken advantage of his brother when he was at his lowest and managed to get their claws into him. Managed to get him to join. Naturally, Travis was willing to fight for his brother, help him get out of whatever mess that he was in. The problem was, Seth had no interest in seeing him. He felt abandoned, unwanted, and that Travis had blown him off. Despite Travis's best efforts, their meeting ended in a fight. To be fair, it was mostly Seth swinging at him until Travis pushed him into a wall and told him to "Chill the fuck out." When all was said and done though, Travis left his brother, Seth telling him he never wanted to see him again

He couldn't help his brother, but damn it all to Hell, he wasn't going to let others suffer like that. He had not known what he wanted to do in his life, but that moment, Travis decided he was going to try and help out kids and teens that others left behind. That others forgot and quickly put under the rug.

Years passed and he stayed in Atlanta, joining a local pard with some caution. He mostly stayed to try his best to keep his eye on his brother. However, when Kathy started to show her face again, Travis decided to move and go somewhere else. First he went to Chicago, then a few other cities before finally settling in San Francisco. There is certainly enough work for him here. He enjoys it, and is bound and determined to try and help who he can here, like he had in other areas. So far, the first seven years have been interesting. Here is to hoping for more good times ahead.

Sep 13 2017, 01:46 AM
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