Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

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 Lamb In Wolf's Clothing And Vice Versa, @Eien/Ryan
Oct 3 2017, 12:05 AM
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What a nonchalant hussy. Dear lord. He couldn’t wait to see her gone. She’d not be a delight to work with-- thankfully, as the owner of this place, his contact with her and the other volunteers could be limited. But the petty side of him did decide she’d be better off eaten up-- her romance, her shrugs, her ennui since she seemed to conduct herself no more colorful than a bisque doll-- they all weren't worth much.

And then, cheekily, she put the glass back into his hand.

You seemed to need this more than I do?


Ryan narrowed his eyes on her--

Se kissed his forehead and nuzzled his cheek.

She didn’t get far at all.

Grabbed by her forearm, she was spun back, her chest to his and his eyes on her as he very, very clearly and simply said, “Never come back. I don’t want to see the likes of you here.”

He tossed her away, then. With a flick in his hand and the nonchalant gaze, saying, “You insult me, you insult my drink, you treat me like a scratching post. Good lord, I’d be a fool for employing you. You will need to google the fruit.”

His cold, mocking look landed on her, and he’d not seem to wear a smile for a long, long while. She was lucky, he supposed. For having the scent of pack cling onto her, a sure ticket to a safer fate than she’d have met otherwise had she been a rogue kitten. It curled Ryan’s lips into something mocking.

“Get out, love. I’m afraid I’ll be turning your gracious offer down. There are other volunteers. The door’s that way.”

He smirked at her, something cold and dispassionate, and shouted, “Jonathan.” It wouldn’t take long for a man to appear, blue-eyed, tall, and surely a handsome individual, with an air of calm about him that at once did something silly to Ryan’s stomach. Ah, his beloved Jonathan, a looker and his sireling. Ryan’s features reacted, a smile blossoming in his face, after all. He looked proud, briefly. Jonathan noticed the woman, and then gazed at Ryan. His hard, stern look looked gorgeous when Jon added a small smirk. Ryan was right to mirror it.

“Do escort the lady out. I believe it's your turn to take out the trash tonight.” He flicked his hand at Shy-- “I won’t be seeing you, pet. Have a nice day.”

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Oct 3 2017, 04:13 AM


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The shift was felt and inwardly she sighed as she studied him for a long moment. It seemed there was someone more damaged than she was it both saddened her and gave her hope. She shook her head and waited for him to speak. Was he dangerous, very much so, but she felt her fear of him slipping away. Oh she was still wary about him and she wasn’t so stupid to know that he wouldn’t or couldn’t hurt her, but she wasn’t terrified anymore.

Blue eyes widened when she was chest to chest with him, but that was the only sign of fear, it was more of surprise. Her head tilted a bit when he said he didn’t want to see her here anymore. ”Why?”

She stumbled back as he gave his answer and this time she sighed softly as she shook her head. ”If I insulted you that was never the intention. The drink was actually lovely but with the way you were drinking I was offering mine to you. I wasn’t using you as a scratching post, it was showing affection.” It hurt her heart a bit.

Shy glanced at the young man and then back at Ryan. ”Very well. I do admire what you are doing here.” Her attention turned to Jonathan. ”I can find my way out. I’m advanced trash I can actually walk away.” She headed out the door and headed home.

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