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 Itchy Feet, @Sarah / Adeline
Adeline Byrne
 Posted: Jun 21 2017, 06:12 PM
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You were sharp as a knife to get me. You were a wolf in the night to fetch me back. The wishes I’ve made are too vicious to tell. The devil, already he knows me so well.
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It cut through everything, that singular word, and for all the soft that had been before and all that could have been after it felt too poignantly there. Adeline would wish it not, the moment after it'd been birthed but it was beyond her control now. Her fingers were loathe to uncurl as he drifted himself backwards as she remained, their dragging quality would wind air down into her lungs, air that still scented like the other wolf, calmed her features as the distance she'd carefully placed there was finally replaced. The right wasn't always the favored, especially in the mind of Adeline Byrne, but neither was carrying around the weight of possible death on her shoulders either. Perhaps the thrill of it all made the moment better but the aftermath was something she must think of as well, something she'd offer to bypass but it seemed that this moment was all he'd allow of them. The calm of her features would drift into a soft and lazy smile as the smoothed shift of her tongue pressed to the center of her upper lip a moment, amusement that would see it gone in a breathy laugh.

"You sound like a jilted lover,"

A brow would rise as she watched him retreat, washing away all possible promises like they were filth clinging to dishes in a sink. Unwanted and yet she'd find no room for offense, shoulders shrugging lightly, her regard was focused and curious, painting him as some child who'd been swatted from another cookie before dinner. If he couldn't have this one, he didn't want any of them, then! She'd not chase him with promises after her promises, she was ever the type to make nothing she didn't intend to keep but then, he sounded none the trusting type. In the end it wasn't likely that her explanation would change his mind. Nor did she expect, if they did happen to brush against one another again in the future, that it would require them to introduce themselves and jog through all these paces again.

Chemistry was chemistry was chemistry. Not a thing you could fight and not something she would.. unless it came with the looming notion of murder, a sure fire mood killer if there ever was one.

"Suit yourself,"

Her tone was light and airy, amused.

His ability to quote Disney was noted before her attention was sidetracked to conversation, easy things that mentioned nothing of murder or proposed yes' clung to the air like the rain that seemed to be quieting finally, slowly, but surely as every fickle coast weather was wont to. "It's less about Aspen, really, just so long as you have good company," an obvious mention, though the snow did make the moment magical it wasn't the whole of it that made up her memories but rather the faces that the terrain wrapped themselves around. The quiet banter over topics that made no matter to anyone, laughed them all and drove them closer together, like no matter how hot the water was, the snow offset it enough to snuggle them into a pile of joviality. "Well, you've moved to a very good place for snow," her laugh was light and brighter, less just breath and more endearing to the air around them.

Dipping herself lower, rushing water to the edge of her jaw to fight off the chill that came with the lack of body heat the white wolf would eye the other curiously. "You seem to have a lot of time on your hands for someone tied around Viktor," curious was her tone though the cant of her mouth was playful. "Disney and now Wonder Woman? You really ought not whip all your nerd out in one sitting, impressive as it might be," smirking softly she'd lean herself back against the smoothed edge of the man-made pool. Adam seemed like the New York type, scrappy and carefree, though guarded enough to know the hardships of life as everyone forced into it did. She'd not help but wonder what he thought of her, some wayward no spitting painted woman he'd been tasked to ferry about like a possible mistress.

"Ireland, originally, and then... you know how wandering feet are, a bit of everywhere."

Pale eyes flickering back up, half sheltered before the softening rain drove her brave as they unfurled themselves to stare wide-eyed at the sooty heavens. "Chicago for a long while, Seattle, L.A., and-- well I'm sure there's a list somewhere, it's lengthy and unimportant. Irish, though, I think is the one you're on the hunt for," she'd never pictured herself as the type to look it, her mother did, and her older brothers but the younger two? Less so. When her gaze fell back to the other wolf it was quiet and curious once more. "Is this what you do then? Viktor's official chauffeur?" Of course not, though she'd not at all be surprised or bothered in the least if she weren't the first he'd had to ferry about under the radar. "You don't look the type he usually-- well," her grin would rush in under the guise of a soft laugh. "Neither do I, I suppose. Game, set, match, Adeline." The soft dimple in her cheek would burrow itself there as her smile pooled to one side.

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Adam Girard
 Posted: Jun 21 2017, 09:52 PM
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You see it isn't that Adam likes making trouble, it's just that trouble tends to like Adam.
The Artful Dodger

The commentary made him grin. Something that split his lips and showed rows of white teeth that would have looked feral had they not put a dentists kid through college at some point. "Nah, it's not like that gorgeous." Denying his jilted status with laughter still hidden in the small dimples in his cheeks. He moved towards the edge of the hot spring as he spoke and folded his arms over the edge.

"I just figure, y'know, women get a shit time of it. Guys wanting to fuck and everyone trying to tell them they need to be nice and smile and not offend. It's kinda bullshit." He didn't have the vocabulary to define it in smoother terms than that. "So I figure the best I can do is skip all that shit if the answer is no and get to the better part. The friend part." He laid his cheek against his forearm and looked at her with a cuteness in the crinkle of his nose as he said it. "Cause why not right? Life's too short for regrets."

He watched her a moment and the way the water beaded in her hair turning something that might be called simply blonde into a collection of darker honied hues, and golden streaks where the light hit it. Then his eyes returned to her face. "Plus, not for nothin'. But you are some kind of tempting so....you'll have to forgive me if my ability to keep the dogs at bay is only capable of so much." Again his smile widened, lit his eyes, and shone with a kind of childlike simplicity of joy that came from generally being unaware of any depth in his himself.

As they turned conversation towards matters of hot tubs and of snow he turned in the water and hooked his elbows on the ledge instead; letting long legs float out in the water as he watched her. But at her mention of snow his brows furrowed. "Wait. It snows here?" Genuine confusion written across his brow. "I mean I knew that inland...Tahoe and stuff...but here on the coast?...well shit." Unless she was kidding, and for a second he looked at her with an almost suspicious smile as though he suspected that might be true.

"Adeline the Omega and her promises of snow. Color me a Siamese kid at Misses Anna Leonowens knee."
Licking his lips he pushed away from the edge then and drifted towards her again. "I can quote Rodgers & Hammerstein too. Just gonna whip it all out and impress the shit out of you." Laughter, hints of it, taunted at the edges of his words until he stopped moving with his body still dipped low in the water and his eyes trained on her. "My cousin and I used to run around the city a lot when I was a kid. He'd sneak me into all the Broadway shows at Intermission." A soft huff of laughter then as he lifted water cupped in his palms and poured it over his head.

"Swear to God, I was an adult before I realized there was a first half to any of them." The memories warmed him. Made him feel more at home even here in this city so far from the world that was his usual stomping ground. "Do you miss it?" He asked with a slight canting of his head as he slid his hands back through the now slick surface of his black hair. "Ireland I mean?" Maybe missing his own roots a bit was making him contemplate such a thing, but for her that long ago home was even farther away.

"It's not...exactly what I meant. I mean...I kind of thought you'd be from somewhere else maybe." His hand flicked at the water softly and sprayed just a bit of it towards her playfully. "Aspersions cast at the South aside you've kind of got that whole...Southern Belle thing a little. Not the god awful accent but that same sort of...soft. Feminine. Lashes that could stop a man at twenty paces. Y'know that whole thing." Yeah, y'know, because certainly that was a thing, and a thing Adam, if anyone, was likely to have noticed in his tour of that part of the States. "It suits you. Even if you are Irish."

Drifting lazily in the water he enjoyed the soft feel of it against his skin as he moved, the way it grazed him, and the warmth of it compared to the chill of the recently rain swept air. Her gaze fell on him again and his smile softened as he made a gentle 'hmmm' sound in his throat. "Sometimes. Sometimes other things." It was about as much as he could say about the unusual arrangement. Viktor could give a more clear indication if he wanted, but Adam knew in this one regard that having a loose tongue could get him in hotter water than he wanted to be. An amazing thing since usually his ability to caution himself was lacking, but he had always been good at keeping secrets.

The next comment made him stop moving and really look at her. He watched the contours of her face and the play of emotion there like he could read it -- couldn't, but enough street smarts had made him at least somewhat capable of digging beneath body language. Whether she felt any kind of way about her statement or not didn't really matter. It still softened his tone into something momentarily serious. "Sure you do Adie." He nodded but mostly to himself.

"You look just like the kind of girl a guy like him...or anyone...would have a near impossible time forgetting. So, yeah, I can see what he sees in you." Adam cleared his throat, moved in the water again, and before shit could get too serious he cracked wise. Because god forbid he break his brain by trying to think too hard. "Now me on the other hand....I guess I'm sort of a special circumstance. I wouldn't say charity case but we definitely met under a perfect storm kind of situation. So, yeah, I doubt I'd be on the pay roll if I hadn't proved useful."

Stopping again he lowered his feet to touch the bottom of the pool and rose all the way so that the water now crested against his upper abdomen. The right corner of his mouth curled in a cocky half-smile as he extended an arm dripping with water towards her, hand turned up in offer of hers. "Come on, princess. Rains almost stopped and you have a Prince to meet, or y'know...a frog maybe. But let's not speak ill of the dead."


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