Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

summer event: june 10th - August 31st

Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Alexander Maddox Mortal 9-April 16 120
Augustus Letterman Mortal 28-August 17 56
Charles Whitman Mortal 4-February 18 46
Chris Hanson Mortal 23-December 17 102
Lito Silvestre Mortal 4-March 17 286
Mallory Trudeau Mortal 17-December 17 42
Rafael Rosales Mortal 3-September 17 160
Sloan Dysis Mortal 16-February 17 135
Tristan Willoughby Mortal 12-July 18 27
Vincent Hawkins Mortal 17-March 16 98
Wynn Ambrose Mortal 20-July 17 124
Xander Grayson Mortal 20-March 16 151
Zhu Mei Mortal 5-July 17 53
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