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a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity



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 A Shadow On The Sun, Hutton's dev
Apr 21 2017, 03:06 AM
1,415 Fae - Jinn book keeper & shadow thief
god must be a lonely man, sitting high up above in his chariot.
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Married to the niiiiight~
Hutt / Button


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she/her/hers | PST | 3/3/3 | Sarahroo#5726
Name: Hutton Dorian Abbott (Al-Amir Shihab Alfarsi)
Birthday: May 7th, 602
Nickname(s): Hutt, Button. Qalīl Layṯ (small lion)
Home Town: Persia (modern day Iran)
Nationality: Irish American
Languages: English -- several others he never uses

In Depth
Occupation: bookkeeper & shadow thief

Father: Afzal - unknown
Mother: Hala - unknown
Siblings: 6 in total, 4 older & 2 younger. Only one of any note -- Faris, older brother by 2 years
Children: none
Pets: Raven -- 'serapis' aka 'sera' -- trained to carry info

Sexuality/Orrientation: Gray-pansexual/Demipanromantic
Status: single

Height: 4'5"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: blue -- red
Tattoos: THESE SNAKES on his left ribs/side and THIS DAGGER on his right ribs/side.

Likes: women and their soft curves, red wine, information, technology, the underbelly of the world, being underestimated. Babysitting >_>

Dislikes: nicknames -- especially pointed ones, being considered incapable, people who treat him as a lesser, being chided like a child, undeserved power & its flippant usage, power play, boys who think they're men because they know how to swing their dick around. Babysitting =|

Quirks & Habits: tends to fidget with an old coin when thinking things over. Collects and has a deep love of books, particularly old books, and is easily swayed by the promise of old musty novels. Also tends to collect young adults? usually lost or broken, they flock to him as something equally misunderstood. Damn his bleeding hearts =||

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