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 Elijah Fawley, Dragon. Jared Padalecki.1697
Jun 13 2018, 02:58 AM
1697 Fae, Dragon Professor
Fire Dragon
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The Betrayer
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Elijah Fawley
Character Basics
full name


Human Alias: Elijah Fawley

Eli, Mr. Fawley, Vaathu.
age & D.O.B.
1697 (08 - 13 - 320)
He/Him, sometimes It.
Astronomy Professor.

Unseelie Court

Fire Dragon
Play By
Jared Padalecki

OOC Alias
GMT + 1
Moro #0975
Hair & Eyes
Brown hair. Hazel eyes, blue or brown depending on the lighting.
6 foot 5 inches. [6''5]
Tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
A small, thin scar in the shape of a half-moon is behind his left earlobe.
Miscellaneous Superficial

Spoken Languages: Latin, English, Danish, German, Russian, Japanese, Ancient Draconic/Dragon Tongue, Greek, Chinese.

The dragon is not too fond of flamboyant clothing, so when he dresses for casual meetings and every day, he will opt for simple colors, either a t-shirt or a dress shirt, paired with a pair of jeans or slacks. His clothing is of high quality and he will rarely be seen in cheap fabrics. He likes to keep his belly covered. When in a formal setting, he will opt for more respectable and high-quality clothing tailored to him. He wears a talisman for healing and protection, giving his otherwise fragile skin a boost, though it is a small defence, it is nothing like the scales of his unglamoured body.

His body is littered with small scars here and there, but the big and noticeable ones are the claws on his left shoulder, the brand of a star on his left hip, a long, thin scar running from the base of his skull and down the length of his spine. These are covered by the illusion magic provided by a ring.

When in his unglamoured form he is a large beast. His heigh reaching around 20 ft, making him one of the tallest dragons recorded, from snout to tail he measures around 50 feet, his form was once a brilliant deep, copper red, now his scales are dulled and scorched to the point where they seem almost back. His fins still carry the red color and run down his back from his neck. He has several horns protruding from his head, they can be used as both weapons and protects his neck and throat. His maw is filled with several rows of razor-sharp teeth. His eyes are smouldering embers of magma, a sign of the fire still burning strong within him.

Elijah has collected many artefacts and other powerful items over the years. These are mostly locked away if not worn or otherwise in use. Not many know of his collection, but he has everything from grimoires of powerful witches to powerful weapons.

The Fawley estate was given to Elijah by a dear friend and with it, its land. The estate is located away from the big, bustling city, and fields of green and large forests stretch behind it. The forests have been made open to the public even some of the estate's gardens have been made public for a small fee.

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Vaathu. Vaathunaax. Elijah. The Betrayer. The Scorched Beast. The Ardent. The dragon has gone by many names over the years, but the reason for the latter three has long been forgotten by the mortals and only those related to the fae might know of them and the reason behind them. Elijah can barely remember who he was before his exile, the sarcastic, gentle, and loving dragon he once only occasionally shows in him these days and the curse of his race has begun to take hold, only held at bay by Elijahs own will and constant mingling with other beings. While his patience is growing smaller for each passing century, he has managed to have an impressive reserve when compared to his elders.

That said, he is no pleasant being. He plays a dangerous game of chess and views himself as... Superior to others. As a player rather than a pawn. Nothing is below him, he will manipulate, deceive, and kill for his own enjoyment. After his exile from the Unseelie Court, he has not entirely been following the three main values he used to adhere to. While he is still passionate about his projects, he has grown more into a trickster than before, often holding people to their word and rarely ever promising or otherwise binding himself to others. He weights everything by gain. If he doesn't gain something, he is not going to act, while the gain might not be an immediate gain, he will always gain something in the end and even a favorable deal will turn sour when he is involved.

Exiled or not, he is still a fae and the remnants of the old values of truth and honesty linger, often simply neglecting to inform others of crucial details, so technically he is not lying. However, lying and selling an elaborate lie is not something he is unfamiliar with.

Elijahs mind is a dark place and while he is able to put up a convincing facade to lure people in, when it is stripped away it will reveal a sadistic, depraved mind. His subjects know his kindness and they know his fury and they would rather submit than fight him even when they go against everything they believe. His violence is only growing as his patience shrinks and violent outbursts are not uncommon for him, generally, they can be contained by Jonah's magic and ability to lull him into a deep sleep.

As much as he loves to make people scream an squirm, he is no stranger to pain and he can take just as good as he gives. While he favours being in the position that gives the pain rather on the receiving end of it, he can often find strength in it and not let it incapacitate him completely and he needs an overwhelming amount of pain over an extended period of time before his mind will give out and turn him into a blabbering mess.

As mentioned before, his kindness and favor are things to behold and the few who earn it will find he is a silent, clever being with a strange melancholy around him. He has seen destruction and seen both the land and beings reclaim barren lands. He possesses an incredible knowledge and wisdom, one which he rarely shares for free. He has seen his own kin perish and sometimes when wine and sweet tunes have lulled him into a state of peace, he wonders about returning to the fae kingdom and reclaiming his innocence. In these moments the dragon he once was peeks through and the violent, dark being gives way to one much gentler and forgiving Elijah.

Love is a strange concept to him, in most cases he views it as weakness. The closest thing he has ever come to love after the death of Galoumiir is the bonds he has with his pets and his victims. His sadism is somewhat linked to his idea of love and whoever he fancies will have to have to endure all of it unless they can trick him into making a deal with them. He is a hard being to love and you have to be special to earn a place in his heart, but if you do he will be more inclined to look past his own wants and needs to please you.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Powerful objects. Outdoors. Night sky. Stars. Fire. Jonah. Lucien. Chess. Weapons. Lilies. Torture. Wealth. He has a soft spot for lost things and beings. Bellyrubs?

Dislikes: Disobedience. Iron. Bad Manners. Being alone for extended periods of time. Sour candies. Being submerged in ice water for more than a few minutes. His belly is ticklish.

Quirks: He tends to lose track of time. He loves dramatic entrances. He will often carry something in front of his body, it is a subconscious attempt to shield his stomach[hands, book, plate, whatever he has in his hands]. Hoards Magical items/enchanted objects.

Ramirez Fawley [Fafniir], Dragon, Fire. Deceased.

Celeste Fawley [Purhaaniir], Dragon, Fire. Deceased.

Unknown Fawley [Jaeheira], Dragon, fire. Deceased.

Jeremiah Fawley [Melak], Dragon, fire. Deceased.

Unknown Fawley [Rauniir], Dragon, fire. Unknown.

Spouse / Mate
Mirale Fawley. Human. Deceased.

Serafina Fawley [Galoumiir], Dragon, ice. Deceased.

Asta Fawley [Avariih], Dragon, ice. Deceased.

He has had a few clutches, but all have met a tragic end or been unsuccessful. There might be a half-blood out there somewhere, that he doesn't know of, though.

Binding(s) / Thrall(s) / Pet(s)
Jonah, Witch. Personal servant and pet. Lives at the Fawley estate.

Lucien, Shifter. Personal servant, grounds keeper. Lives at the Fawley estate.

Elijah has had a few other beings enslaved but at this time, it is only Jonah and Lucien who are in his care.

Small beginnings

Age 0-30

Vaathunaax hatched from a vibrant copper egg with specks of black and green. His parents were proud when he and his three siblings hatched and turned out to be strong an healthy. The small family started a quiet and happy life in the high reaches of a mountainous part of the fae world. Content with their existence, the hatchlings learned to fly, learned the ancient tongue of the dragons and as time passed the universal language spoken in the Midworld and Fae World. Vaathu grew so very fond of his siblings and would make sure to always be there the second playmates overstepped or the game between them and other younglings grew too harsh. Back then he was very protective of his siblings, adamant about him being the only one who could tease them and yell at them for being stupid. Arrogant and prone to jealousy, his young mind hungered for knowledge and what other had. Already at this age he started to collect talismans for plants growth and other interesting things whenever they were out and about.

When he reached the age of 30, he saw his dear father perish in a dispute with an ice dragon, who thought the high reaches of the mountain range should belong to him and not a fire-breathing family. Sorrow wrecked Purhaaniir and she had to drag the younglings away for their own safety and search for a new home. While the children were still young, they learned to shift but preferred their original form.


Age 30-62

The family travelled and eventually, they settled down with a family of earthbound dragons. Another few years passed and Purhaaniir came home with an ice dragon. His name was Fauks and he fancied Purhaaniir, he tolerated her children but his disdain for them was never cloaked. The children never grew to like Fauks, even as they moved to settle down in a barren land of burnt fields and harsh winds, they followed their mother only to keep her safe and because they could not bear the thought of leaving her.

When they grew large enough to be on their own, Vaathu started to stay closer to home rather than going out for days like his siblings did. Fauks started to converse more with Vaathu and the two eventually grew to have a twisted bond. Fauks would take Vaathu with him out on small excursions, showing him just how fragile the world was, how the dragons should be feared and revered as the strongest beings. They were beasts and the masters of the sky. Of ice and fire. While Fauks started to twist Vaathus mind, he taught him how to fight ice dragons. How to heat up his body to the point where ice attacks would melt before it could cool his fire. He shaped him into a young, strong dragon who could fight better than his siblings and even better than Fauks. Things grew tense, the excursions with Fauks grew more and more bloody, while Vaathu never shed a drop of blood, he brought the victims to Fauks and he devoured them. Burned them. Vaathu learned how to place himself in the lives of others, dragon or not, and how to make them trust him. When he was 140 years old Fauks deemed him ready and sent him out to a small herd of unicorns. Vaathu mingled and he eventually fell head over heels for a unicorn named Shaecayrn. Just when he was questioning Fauks and his teachings, Fauks ordered Vaathu to kill the elder members of the herd and bring him the young ones. Torn, but loyal to Fauks and his family, he did it. He murdered the kind ones he had grown for call friends and Shaecayrn begged for her life, but in vain. Vaathu didn't manage to kill her, but Fauks freezing breath did. Fauks sold the young ones to a slave-trader and when Vaathu confronted Fauks about Shaecayrn they ended up fighting.

Fauks left Vaathu unconscious and when Vaathu returned home he found Fauks had chased his siblings away and was leaving with his mother. Angry and broken-hearted Vaathu fought with Fauks and used every trick in the book to win. He doesn't remember much, but when he came to he woke in a field of ashes and frozen dirt. Fauks was scorched and very much dead. Sadly, so was his dear mother. On his way away from the gravesite, he found Jaeheira, also dead, clearly frozen and pierced by ice.

A moment of peace

Age 62-181

Broken and hurt, Vaathu retreated to a large cave, where he licked his wounds and recovered from his loss. At the base of the cave and mountain, a small village was. It was often plagued by robbers and violent creatures. After spending 6 years by himself he approached the village and started to mingle again. He fell right into the role as a leader and protector. While harsh, he was fair. Lenient with some, but they were few and based on the situation. He helped protect the village and the livestock they had. It was a strange mix of creatures, but it worked. Vaathu got to form a few friendships and eventually became a trusted member of the small city council. The peace only lasted 20 years before Vaathu got bored with the village. The peace made him restless, he was still young and hungered for adventures free of Fauks and his cold grip.

When Vaathu ventured out again, he met and saw many new places. In the winter he even came across another dragon, another fire dragon named Zaun. Zaun had a venomous hatred towards all things peaceful. Thirsting for chaos Zaun and Vaathus paths ended up getting entangled. Zaun subjected Vaathu to a torture that would shape him and affect him for the rest of his life. Beaten, humiliated, and utterly defeated he bowed his head to Zaun and followed him as his loyal dog. Zaun was his elder and Vaathu had been raised to respect them, however, Zaun violated every inch of Vaathu and he still carries the scars to prove what he went through.

Rock bottom

Age 181- 383

For almost a hundred years Zaun worked on shaping Vaathu into the perfect tool and Vaathu grew so dependent on Zaun that in the end he could not fathom running away from him. Zaun had Vaathu in his grip for many years, before Zaun died in Vaathus arms. Vaathu had seen his chance and poisoned the dragon before working a dagger into his heart. He had locked away a small part of himself, but the sorrow from losing Zaun still wrecked his soul and left him in an unstable state. Together the two had built a small business which made most of its profit from slavery, assassinations, protection, and prostitution. The ones which had followed Zaun now followed Vaathu. Vaathu continued to stay under the radar and was only involved in the big decisions of the group.

Only one way... Up

Age 383-588

Vaathu had been slowly finding himself and even though he desperately tried, he couldn't find much of the old Vaathu. Broken and consumed by an ocean of darkness, he continued to satisfy the bloodlust Zaun had dug up and brought into the light. For years he was more of a mindless beast than a dragon. Eventually, he found a form of peace, he met an ivory dragon named Galoumiir. She took up most of his time and his killings started to stop. Not completely, but to the point where he could stay in a city for longer than 6 months. He was careful, he always disposed of the body, either by fire, or he cooked up a story of them leaving. There were even times where he ate them.

Sadly, Galoumiir and Vaathu ended up getting lost in a storm, which split them and left them searching high and low for each other. Sadly, they didn't find each other. Vaathu started to fall back into his old habits and the killings increased in numbers again. He grew more violent as well, often taking more than one victim and staying for a dangerously long time. He was closer than ever to attract the attention of the Court. In his search for Galoumiir he started to grow more fascinated with the night sky and so, he started to sleep during the day and admire the sky at night.

A new world

Age 588-590

Vaathu was wandering the world, the business he had with Zaun more or less gone. He started to explore more and one late evening he found a portal to another world. A weird one, that he couldn't help feeling drawn to. It was interesting. It lacked so much and its creatures were soft and gullible. He stayed for two years, which is no time for a dragon. He simply watched, didn't do too much to involve himself. He ate a few creatures and tested them. He returned home because he was bored and felt like the vibrant fae world truly was the best. Their sky was a little different from his own, so he spent night after night studying it as well as the creatures of the strange world. When he returned to the fae world he kept travelling from city to city, from village to village. Often leaving a body behind or simply leaving a broken soul behind.


Age 590-990

Galoumiir had grown to be an afterthought, someone who crept into his dreams at times. A wicked twist of fate brought them together again and they reconnected. Laughed and talked. Vaathu charmed her just as he had before, only now, his intentions were far from good. He played her like a fiddle and she danced to his tune. The relationship grew and they became mates. A pair. Galoumiir soon would find out she had let the devil in and he wasn't leaving. The two had their first clutch together. An angry Galoumiir who was trying to protect her eggs resulted in an infuriated Vaathu and in their fight they smashed the eggs.

As time passed Vaathu grew more and more abusive, after a few years they tried for another clutch, this one didn't make it either. However, after a decade a healthy dragon hatched. A son. The son was raised to be strong, to be ruthless. Vaathu wanted him to listen to him and no one else. Not even himself or his mother. Hungry for power Vaathu drove the young dragon mad with his training and the youngster met its end, before he could reach his 300th year, when he tried to swim in a panicked and stressed state. Vaathu took it as a sign that he had been too weak and was not worthy of being his son. After spending 300 years training his only offspring and son, things grew much worse for Galoumiir. The two travelled to the other realm for a few years before returning with a pregnant Galoumiir.

Perfect Home

Age 990-1132

The fresh breath of air the other world provided had been what the two needed. Vaathu grew more caring for Galoumiir, even tough his wrath was still the main motivator for Galoumiirs good and compliant behaviour. The two had their fourth clutch and from it, a healthy daughter came. Joy smiled upon them and for a while, Vaathu was the caring and storytelling father he was supposed to be. He showed his daughter how to glide on the currents, how to tell one fish from another. He told her of her creatures here and of the strange creatures in the other world. When she reached her 100 year, they visited the other world and lived among the creatures there for 20 years, before they returned. Vaathu still sated his bloodlust whenever he had time off from his family duties.

Courts and Coups

Age 1132 - 1278

When they returned a rumour about Vaathu and his former slavers circulated. They told, that Vaathu had been rounding up his former crew and was planning to overthrow the court. To steal the throne and bring chaos to the realm. When investigated, they found Galoumiir was playing the role of a good and loyal mate, according to her and the daughter, Vaathu had always been with them. Vaathu stopped all his meaningless killing for a few years, during those he started to direct his attention to Galoumiir and their daughter. Both soon knew that even the simplest mistake resulted in violence and terror.

Another few decades passed like that before Galoumiir interfered with Vaathus plans. Their daughter was prettier than most and a powerful ally had proposed that she should be gifted to him to strengthen their friendship.Vaathu was considering it, but when Galloumiir interfered she ruined the deal and she met her end at Vaathu's claws.

Quiet life

Age 1281 - 1361

He had nothing in the fae world, so he travelled to the other world. Here he started to study their night sky, he never became too involved though. He always kept his distance but fascinated he kept studying the stars. His daughter was with him and she too learned many things. She loved living with others so close, she loved the adventure, the new smells and tastes. Along with studying the sky, Vaathu listened to philosophers and often he would share a debate with them. He did his best to keep out of trouble because for once, he actually liked the life he and his daughter had built. But all good things eventually pass and the two travelled back home to the fae world eventually.

A new chapter

Age 1398 - 1485

The fae world officially joins with the other world and makes their presence known. It is a time of change and it inspires the old dragon to reach higher. So he plots and schemes. He weaves in and out of both worlds, expanding his hoard of magical objects and collecting followers. Once again he attracts the Court. He plans to make a grab for the king and queen, to push them down and see just how fragile they are. His plan never becomes a reality, but he is dragged into the court and accused of scheming against the king and queen. Vaathu denies everything and presenting evidence for his innocence. Having earned the Court's mistrust he is branded a rogue and escorted to the other world. His daughter follows him and the two settle down on a small island up north. They live near and in a volcano, which helped keep the cold at bay.

The two ended up joining a small village and lived for many years in that one. They enjoyed the northern lights in the winter and the mild summer. At the end of their stay on Iceland, his daughter wanted to leave. Vaathu didn't want her to and the tension was palpable between them. It all ended in them relocating to a larger land so that she could venture out into the world.

The weaver

Age 1610-1615

Vaathu found himself in Germany and as part of an advanced research group. The group performed experiments on humans and rats. It was mostly psychological, but they dappled in twin experiments as well. Vaathu found he was rather captivated by the twin experiments and grew to become an expert in the field, drawing on his previous knowledge about psychological warfare. He was with the group for five years before he was transferred to help out at a new facility in Japan called Army Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory, also referred to as Unit 731. He found himself at home in the strange land and surrounded by scientists who had little regard for lesser beings.

The weaver

Age 1615-1625

During his stay with the Unit 731, he participated in some horrific experimentations dealing with everything from vaccines to bombs. He was no stranger to vivisection but perfected the art so that his victims stayed alive for as long as possible. He was a prominent figure but never took the spotlight and most of his accomplishments had another named as the genius. He didn't mind giving up the credit as long as he had full access to the facilities and all of its prisoners. When the great war ended and the losers were counting their last days as free men, Vaathu managed to gain immunity and left Japan and Unit 731. He traded knowledge and valuable medical discoveries with America and in return, he was kept out of as many records as possible and given a small house in Alaska. He slowly started to fade and few still remember his face.

Settling down

Age 1679-1693

His time in Alaska was spent socializing and he came to the fearful realization that his mind was slowly slipping and he was losing control. Desperate to have the feeling of control back he invested in several self-help books and for several years he bothered his daughter with talk of meditation and how it was important to eat right and reflect on things. Their relationship had always been strange but as she grew older and only visited every few years, Vaathu started to keep his victims for longer. He started to pick them based on what they could bring him. If they could bring him peace, a smile, beauty, or power he was interested. When he got over his small crisis, he started to study the stars once again. This time, he studied physics and astrology and after six years he could call himself an astronomer.

Every now and then he would sneak back into the fae world and visit old locations and search for lost pieces of his hoard. Not always successful, but as he managed to collect most of the hoard he had been forced to leave when the court exiled him. When he had collected most of his hoard, he moved to San Fransico and applied for a job at the university. Thrilled to have him he was accepted and assumed the position as a professor shortly after his arrival. Besides teaching, his daughter moved back in with him. It was both a blessing and a curse. The two had grown apart and he could no longer control he the way he had before. His wrath could still make her meek and pliable, but she recovered faster than her mother. Meanwhile, Vaathu had taken an interest in a middle-aged witch. He initiated a relationship with her and she fell head over heels for his charm. They eventually married and Vaathu took the name Fawley, as opposed to before where he had been known as Elijah Murk. A year into their marriage Mirale fell ill and passed away, she left everything to Vaathu. Her estate, her butler, her maids, her wealth. Vaathu made a few modifications to her estate, but overall it remained the same. His daughter knew he had had a hand in Mirale's death, so she threatened to expose him and tell all who knew him how he had participated in the world war and what he had done when the war ended. Infuriated she would even think about betraying him, Vaathu dragged her to his dungeon and made sure she would never see the light of day or feel the air against her scales again. As a memento to his mate, his human wife, and his daughter he had three tombstones raised in the private garden.

Jonah and Lucien

Age 1610-Now

Years passed and a witch crossed his path. A desperate young boy. He had power, he was frail, he was beautiful. Vaathu sought him out and dragged him from the streets and clothed him, fed him, tortured him, and gave him a home. Jonah grew so dependent on Vaathu, that if he ever left for more than a week, Jonah would become desperate and scared that Vaathu had left him. The two had a twisted bond and to Vaathu, Jonah was a pet and his to do with as he pleased.

Every pet needs a friend or a playmate for when the owner isn't home. So Vaathu found a shifter. Lucien was stronger, but he too broke after Vaathu had had his claws in him. Lucien eventually earned Vaathu's trust and with a little bit of magic, Lucien was allowed to care for the grounds and enjoy the nature in his animal form. Jonah, however, was not. He did not leave the house unless explicitly allowed to and with Lucien in tow. Vaathu valued Jonah's magic the most, he was able to help the dragon sleep and keep nightmare at bay. He brought him peace and he became one of the few the dragon trusted to let his guard down around. Mostly because he knew Jonah would never dare betray him and because he needed someone to talk to, someone to help keep him in line and remind him to care for his mental health.

Vaathu still brought the occasional stranger with him to the estate and spent the evening in the basement, whenever Lucien and Jonah couldn't satisfy the hunger for flesh or when they needed a break. As he is approaching his final centuries he has become more silent and isolated, dividing his time between hosting a few annual events, teaching, Jonah, and stretching his wings once in a while over the large fields belonging to the estate.

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