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 Malakai Mercer, 155 / Shifter / Nick Bateman
Jan 9 2018, 07:03 AM


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Malakai Mercer
Character Basics
full name
Malakai Mercer
Kai, Di
age & D.O.B.
155 (April 2, 1863)
Interrogator / Underground Fighter / MMA Instructor
Play By
Nick Bateman

OOC Alias
Discord - Hex#1498 / PM
hair & eyes
Brown Hair, Golden Honey-Brown Eyes
tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
Lichtenberg Mark across Kai’s upper back and shoulders - one that formed upon his flesh when he became mated to Xue Lan.
Mated to Xue Lan-Mercer

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Malakai carries rugged good looks with strong, well-defined facial features, his jaw often showing a little stubble. His body type could be defined as athletic or lean - he doesn't carry huge muscles, nor does he particularly want to. Kai is equally as comfortable in a well-tailored suit or an old, mangy hoodie and ripped jeans, but prefers the latter.

As a white tiger, in his feline form, his body mass remains lean, not as bulky as perhaps others of his race. His ears are tipped heavily with black, as is his long, thick tail.

Kai tends to read a lot more from non-verbal cues, body language, scent and sound than he does from words themselves, however when he does talk, he is articulate and precise. He may not say too much, but what he does say is not guaranteed to be the truth in its entirety. In fact, it may well be in part or in whole, a lie. He sits back and observes those around him, watching the way they move, looking for information he can use and turn against them. He is also used to manipulating those around him, planting subtle hints to sway decisions a certain way, playing one party off against another. Kai also kills. For cash, yes, but also for fun. He enjoys it, and he has very little in the way of ethics about murder or torture. He is willing to do what needs to be done. He may be prone to violent outbursts despite that, for the most part, he is so calm on the surface, but he tends to show great loyalty to those he sees as close. One of his few downsides is his jealousy and possessiveness, especially towards his Mate, Xue.

Malakai has spent a lot of time researching the more fiendish aspects of his chosen profession. Weapons, torture techniques, the best and most efficient ways to inflict pain, interrogation techniques... This has extended to the best ways of evading the law, of kidnap, and of disposing of various leftovers of his 'sessions'. He has a varied amount of experience with handling weapons - blades, guns, fire, projectiles. He is also very adept at lying, again thanks to his chosen profession. A well-placed lie seems to roll off the tongue fairly easily for Malakai, surprising how little he seems to actually talk. Kai is also adept at martial arts, and in particular, can swing a bo staff expertly, mostly self-taught. This does tend to give him the upper hand in fights. Given that Shifters have keen senses, Malakai tends to rely on body language and scent a lot more than the spoken word. Pheromones are a useful indicator about how another is feeling, and during certain interrogations, he has used this keen sense to his advantage, being able to 'smell' fear, as well as being able to hear the quickening of his subject's heart during a lie.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Anything to do with his Mate and Daughter, and ‘sister’, Rose. Running free in his Tiger form. A long stretch after a nap. Coming up with new, inventive ways to inflict pain.

Dislikes: Any other male getting anywhere near his Mate, being lied to, being away from his Mate or daughter.

Quirks: Prone to very violent outbursts, growls when angry.

Father & Mother
Daniel Robert Mercer (Deceased) Ava Mary Mercer (Deceased)
Daughter - Mei Lan-Mercer (b. October 7, 2017)
Born back in 1863 in Chicago, Kai’s upbringing was typical of that period. His home life in the early years was fairly stable and his parents had always been open about his Shifter bloodline, preparing him for the day he would first transform. However, his life was shattered when a great fire took hold of the city in 1871, leaving many homeless. More than that, though, Kai’s father was badly burned in the flames that took hold of their home. He survived, but only just. It wasn't much longer after his father's injury that Malakai went through his first shift, something the family had intended to help him through with guidance and support, but given their upheaval from their home, it was tricky. The family fled as far as they could, but their belongings all perished in the fire. Life was already bad enough for the Mercers when fate had another cruel twist in mind - Kai’s parents were robbed of what little they had managed to scrape together, his mother and father both fatally injured, leaving a barely teenage Malakai all on his own.

A bloodsucker, Jamila, one who had always watched over his family, his ancestors even, honoring an ancient vow to protect them, exacted vengeance upon the ones that had murdered Kai’s parents, but the Tiger was left with an empty feeling within. Like simply killing the attackers hadn’t been enough… Like they had deserved worse. With nothing to tie him down, Malakai left for nearby St. Louis, Missouri, where even back in the early 1890’s, the Mafia were beginning to take hold. The power they offered, the sway they had in the town was a draw for Kai, and he fell in with a bad crowd, including Thomas “Snake” Kinney and Tom Egan, who would soon go on to lead the ‘Egan Rats’, a vicious street gang of which Malakai had become a member of. This gang was how he survived - the cash raised by their crimes was shared amongst its members, a little of it filtering Kai's way.

The violence of that life only offered Kai so much - his appetite for power and for violence grew quickly, and so he found himself enlisting into the army in 1917 to fight in WW1, hoping this would satisfy those urges that had built within him. It quickly became obvious that he had a certain talent for inflicting pain and he quickly built up a reputation among officers for his effectiveness in interrogations. Used against Germans when needed, Kai was one of the army’s most successful tools in gaining intel about the enemy. But he was still a Shifter, and every month, Kai gathered with others of his kind to obey their true nature. However, his bloodlust continued to grow and wasn’t sated by the time the war ended. Malakai continued seeking out ways to keep himself in check, torturing whoever he cold get his hands on whilst ensuring his crimes would not be discovered as he made his way across the country - hitchhiking, walking, even stealing the vehicles of his victims. He would routinely steal money from his victims to keep a little income rolling in, but it was then he discovered the underground fighting scene - where anyone could make good cash if they were strong and capable enough.

Returning to St. Louis after the war to seek out his old gang buddies, Malakai found that Egan, the crime boss Kai used to work for, was dead, with someone new in charge. The gang had turned to armed robberies, giving Kai another boost in income, but by 1925, most of the 'Rats' were done - either dead in federal prison. And so Kai moved on, fleeing from police who would seek to lock him up. For about 15 years, Kai used his fighting skills and competitiveness to his advantage in underground fights, moving West. By the time WW2 hit, Malakai had found his way to the America's Mid-West and had fallen in with the Barker–Karpis gang, notorious for bank robberies and kidnapping, with Kai using his interrogation skills to full effect. To avoid capture, he once more joined WW2 efforts to feed his hunger for bloodshed, once more earning a reputation for his gruesome talents.

After the war ended, Kai knew he couldn't return to the gang life - times had changed, and law enforcement had become stronger. But neither could he seem to settle anywhere. He would stay in a city for a year or two, using underground fighting to at least offer a little income to top up the cash he had saved from criminal activities, before moving on. But war was never far away. The Korean War saw Kai overseas, once more seeking out others like himself in his platoon. The Vietnam War offered the same. Kai even saw action at Panama. Eventually, the Tiger found himself in Seattle. The Big Cats there were disjointed, and they looked to a strong presence to fill the power vacuum, a strong male in a group mostly run by females. However, cats are notoriously untrusting of newcomers, and so it took about two years to gain the support and trust of the Pard in order for his challenge to take leadership to be accepted. But his role as Alpha seemed cut short - bombings in the city caused chaos, decimated their home and left Kai injured for a short time, bringing back memories of the fire that had injured his father so many years earlier. Haunted by those shadows of the past, Kai left the city in order to clear his head, but upon his return, found another powerful Tiger attempting to take over. A female. The pair butted heads, causing some tense and dangerous discussions but eventually, both would agree to accept the other’s presence, with Kai demoted to Beta under the new Alpha, Xue.

The Seattle Pard had become his family, in a way, and that attachment to them was more powerful than he had realized. This female Alpha …Xue Lan. Kai fought the growing attraction to her - they both did, but ultimately, they gave in to it, and eventually became mated to one another. When Xue Lan told Malakai that they had conceived, Kai realized just how far he had come, and while those violent urges still simmered beneath the surface, he knew that this female had been the tonic he had needed to get them under control, lest they burn him up from the inside. Yet the unrest continued in Seattle, and so the Tigers themselves seemed to band that much closer together, creating their own family outside of the Pard itself with the adoption of Rose as their sister, and decided to start looking for a new home.

On October 7, 2017 Xue Lan and Malakai Mercer welcomed their daughter Mei Lan Mercer into the world, aided by their sister Rose and Jamila, the bloodsucker who had watched over Kai’s bloodline for generations. With a newborn now to take care of, Xue Lan passed down the title of Alpha to another, one more able to better focus on the Pard as a whole. This new Alpha then picked their own Beta, allowing the Tigers to move on from Seattle, San Francisco being their intended destination. But Kai’s violent past always threatens to disrupt his new life - would a new city help him bury his demons, or set them free?

Jan 10 2018, 06:13 PM
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