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 Two For One, @Yukie // Bart
Bartimaeus McLeod
 Posted: Jul 23 2017, 12:41 AM
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“I wouldn’t be either,” Bart momentarily drifted his glance to the warehouse. He wouldn’t let his empire be ruined. Caution measures would be taken and the rails would be tightened. There was no doubt the Jinn would have things already started as the demon preferred it that way. Bartimaeus would agree that separately wouldn’t be the worst of their problems. He’s shift his attention back the dwarf, moving from one spot to the next with a bag in hand, his brows would furrow slight in interest of new opportunities. It didn’t seem like the slightly hassle that could interfere with his business, but it was interesting nevertheless.

A card up his sleeve and a possible angel to add, it never hurt to have such a thing. The odd description seemed familiar, however the demon didn’t’ recall a name or even a face. “Interesting indeed, Mr.Abbott,” he’s return his sight back over to the small man in a nod. “Dig a bit more, and let me know of what your findings in the near future.” Regardless of his first encounter with the brothers, it didn’t mean they were completely…useless. Thorns as the brothers appear, things could have a way of turning around, and who didn’t love a good twist?

With one spot to the next the wards and signs were cleverly places, making the demon grin contently. It wouldn’t be much longer until the Jinn has finished the last and returned to his boss’s side to admire their work. Maybe he should get out like this more often, however he doubt it would fully stick to the idea. Gesturing the path out, the archdemon would walk with his small skilled jinn. “I’ll put in a small bonus for you, Mr. Abbott. Slightly ashamed to haven’t listened to you before, let me know if you have anyone else you’d like to pay a visit to. I’d be more than happy to assist.”

Only a few more words would be exchanged as they made their way out through another projected portal. This time, it led to the alley in which would be near the car. A tap or two of his cane and he would returned to the safety of his vehicle. Offer given, the dwarf would either decline or take the offer to have a ride home, even if he didn’t require it. In the back of his head, the businessman would begin to make a list of future planes to further other options.

Perhaps if his friend found something more interesting, Bartimaeus McLeod would perk his interest in that direction

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