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 Roman Hieronymus, 886 | vampire | andrew lincoln
Jul 6 2018, 04:51 AM
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Roman Iain Hieronymus
Character Basics
full name
Roman Iain Hieronymus
aka Roman Jerome
aka Ivan/John Roman
"Call me Roman". Rome, Crusader, "Hieronymus" (For work. He never uses his real surname otherwise.)
age & D.O.B.
886 (February 14, 1132)
Owner/Manager, Hunter/Collector
Valdit Nest
Play By
Andrew Lincoln

OOC Alias
they? idc
Hair & Eyes
He has dark medium length hair and blue eyes. His left eye has Mydriasis: blown/dilated pupil.
5′ 10.5″
He rounds up to ~ 5′ 11″
Tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
Roman has plenty of scars from his life prior to becoming a vampire. He was once a crusader, smith, and mason, so most of his scars are in relation to combat or work. He has one under his left eye that is faint and mostly flesh color. It's hardly noticeable. The has several on his torso, neck, back, legs, etcetera, most of which in relation to blades. He does have a burn scar on his lower back, down his right side and right thigh. This was prior to becoming a vampire but close enough that he mostly healed up 'fine'. Most of it was in the healing stage and parts were infected prior to his death. It's still noticeable. It's almost flesh color but the texture of his skin is odd. He doesn't have a tattoo.
Miscellaneous Superficial
He wears sunglasses. Nearly always. He especially enjoys the dumb, fake, plastic glasses. Mostly he prefers a tinted view in the daytime and while he's accustom to the daylight, he prefers shielding at least his eyes from bright glares. It's less to do with the sunlight and more to do with eye injuries he had when he was human and the fact that wearing shades makes him less approachable. He's lovely.

His dress code deviates depending on the situation. He likes a simple shirt (t-shirt or button down) and jeans. He's fine with suits. He's comfortable with nudity and despite his scars, he's often shirtless when the opportunity allows it. Behind closed doors, if he isn't nude, then he has just boxers. He's used to armor and uniforms. While his body is well apt for carrying large items and enduring burdens, he always takes advantage of shedding. For the most part it doesn't even imply sex or arousal to him. He'll likely laugh at you if you make it about that.

He speaks several languages (and versions of those languages) fluently but he also has basic level of understanding in a handful of other languages - as well as a spattering of others. French, Italian, Latin, Greek, Arabic, etc. Because he grew up and started his travels in the High Middle Ages, his use of the language isn't entirely modern. It shows in some aspects though he picked up some refresher courses when he lived as a pirate and then when he lived in the South (ie, French, English, Spanish). He speaks perfect modern English and can replicate most accents (from South African to British, from the Caribbeans to the Southern States.) He adapts the accents of the areas he's in, but there's usually tints of a weird hybrid of French and Scottish. He's great at languages but not as gifted with accents. He's run across many groups of people but hasn't spent a long enough time around one specific group, so he lacks the nuances of their speech. It's not awful but he's clearly not from anywhere in particular.

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Pan- / Demi - / Leans towards polyamory
TRAITS: morbid, cerebral, hypocrite, deceptive, motivated, efficient, risky, violent, humorous, curious, philosophical, easy to speak to, 'gregarious', 'sociable', cynical, sarcastic, independent, secretive, funny, 'light-hearted', easily impassioned, hot & cold (*volatile -> calm af), crafty, manipulative, greedy, patient, spiteful, vindictive, disloyal, evasive, unconquerable, flexible, unreliable, unstable, dangerous, bred out of and for destruction.

Is he friendly or not?

Roman has a natural gift. He’s quipped with the people skills of a comrade. Though never the leader, for reasons that will be mentioned later, he possesses a captivating aura. In youth his glistening persona was drenched in glory and conquest. In retrospect it seemed directly opposed to his origins as a monastery orphan, and even as a dedicated page and apprentice. He seemed more dutiful and scholarly on first impression, but war attached itself to his dark and jaded side – a side that stemmed from apathy and disdain for those who died before him. He would later be called out for recklessly pursuing death as if it was itself an act and proof of glory. As a human this was precisely his motivation.

Despite this apathy and difficulty in creating a bond, Roman’s ability to collect people and build one-sided relationships is impressive. He’s been noted as being gregarious and friendly, and while that’s far from authentic, he does have some level of fondness towards those who fight alongside him… until they don’t. His ideal interaction is therefore a fleeting instance of comradely during conflict or amid a mission. This natural gift, as overwhelming and realistic as it may appear, is a subjective fallacy that has aided him in his 8-century long navigation of the world. Though ‘jovial’ is going too far, he has been tagged as: sociable, friendly, good humored, affable, and lively, but only when motivated by rather grim desires. It goes as far as the innocent victim feeling guilty or ashamed for thinking ill of him. To be frank however, Roman is far too bitter and apathetic to truthfully warrant any of those misappropriated qualities.

In fact, Roman’s sense of humor is not your fun, jolly sense of humor – though he’s rather keen on being told jokes and stories. He has gallows humor and while it's deeply uncomfortable, he manages in odd ways to sneak it into moments without notice. He also utilizes blue comedy. The difference is that blue comedy (ribaldry) is indecent and indelicate, while black comedy (gallows) resides in a world of death, violence, and other morbid associations. It's rather dark by comparison. Few people think twice when he gives an authentic comment. His aforementioned affable demeanor contradicts his darkness.

His ambivalence towards people is likely his most annoying quality, however that doesn't mean that he approaches individuals with the same level of indifference. There are traits he hates and it's usually related to their motivations - or lack thereof. The problem is that most people have sketchy and undetermined motivations that they don't bother to examine or consider. He's only interested in a person for as long as it takes to decipher their motivation. Those who show none at all usually earn an eye roll and a snicker. This is a minor point but it does explain his reasoning for shifting from one 'relationship' to the next, as well as his limitations in those 'relationships'.

Roman is a hunter and a collector. He hunts faes. This started when he was first turn by a nest of vampires in Levant who were traders and slavers. He fell into it in the way one falls into a hobby that they then become a master of. It became a sick passion of his to examine, study, trap, etc, the fae and their subspecies. This is where his most authentic self shines through. It seems appropriate that the real Roman would be an almost mythical nemesis under the alias of 'Hieronymus'. He is as cruel and ruthless as his victims deem him to be. He is as methodical and thorough in his assaults and depravity. Firstly, the hunt itself is mentally engaging and satisfying. Though you'd imagine him to be a mindless brute and warrior who fought for the sake of war, he's inspired by the tactics and strategy that exists in both war and hunts. Secondly, he's a greedy man and even if wealth is a subjective and foolish thing for an immortal to bother themselves with, he sees each coin and reward as a notch on his belt. It's a trophy. Thirdly, he enjoys the riskiness of battle. If death is around the corner, he's definitely taking a peek. This hasn't changed. His human and vampire life both exhibited a self-destructive desire for risk.

He has a nasty and obvious habit of ghosting the fuck out of people who make him uncomfortable or who irritate him in a genuine way. Avoiding people is a masterful skill he possesses. Despite the rest of his personality, and despite especially his desire for risk, he's not interested in emotional responses or a possibility of dependence. He'll drop things altogether. IE: he hopped the hell away from his sire without giving so much as a notice or a 'see ya later, dad'.

He's quick to call people friends despite not actually caring or interacting with them. It's a typical default mode for him since he can come off as friendly and easy to engage with. Roman is capable of authentic friendships but they're few and far between and were mostly built throughout many years - not necessarily consecutively however. Unfortunate true friendship bypasses the fraudulent layer of friendliness and he displays himself in full. If you can't handle him at his worst there's no real reason to try. Because of this any real friend is likely to be a supernatural person and even then that person would probably routinely doubt their 'friendship'.

His view on relationships (friendship, romantic, etc) is vague and cryptic. He functions at his own pace and is the last person to validate any interest though it's clear as day that he's at least curious enough to stay engaged until he's bothered by the effects of that supposed relationship. This is why his genuine friendships aren't typically constant people in his life. They meet every few decades or centuries perhaps but it's not something he willfully endures. There's nothing he hates more than people who matter to him. This carries over somewhat to his romantic life, though he evades the frustration by typically going after mortals. They usually die when he's with them; either because he killed them or because he's put them in a situation where death was eminent. Any linger romantic feelings for or interest in a supernatural being is avoided and repelled regardless of how authentic it is. This has kept him rather cool and unaffected in his private life, which is ideal. That said, he's content with dabbling in the pool of mortals. It makes him want to recite Seneca's On the Shortness of Life.

Truthfully, there's a lot more to Roman than what's listed above. He appears obvious but is not. His motivations seem clear but there's always another layer beneath. He seems sociable but judges the nature of people with disdain. He's old and wise but wastes his time with mortals. He's not easy to read and he isn't exactly an open handbook but the most important thing to note is that he fully embraces his own urban legend and as of now nothing else has mattered.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Roman & Greek philosophy, literature, theatre. trashy literature/plays, lamb, raw, masonry, building, using his hands / handiwork, jokes, stories, fishing, oral poetry, alcohol, getting shitfaced drunk, hunting fae, researching / stalking fae, outdoor cooking, the occasional petty crime (the lols), blood (duh, but he really treats it like a delicacy or like one treats different types and ages of wine), pink, coral, cheap glasses, storms, ass, sex organs, boobs, maps, fluffy stuff, the moment before and after battle, adrenaline rush

Dislikes: ice cold beverages, ice, beds, chairs, most people... even the ones he 'likes', useless unmarket-able fae, sweets, interruptions, quiet, peace, people who live within safe perimeters, the unskilled, the talent-less, the inactive or passive, authority, control, short and easy pursuits, wendigo, eternals, cold winters,

Quirks: prefers sitting & sleeping on the floor, maybe the couch. ace memory. he has a great singing voice and loves to sing. he's a theatre-kid... technically, so beware his quotes. steals/borrows books.

A crusader and an unlucky girl.
Remus, his deceased twin.

Spouse / Mate
Scattered bastard descendants, nothing of worth
Binding(s) / Thrall(s) / Pet(s)
requesting something
12th century: A Roman Crusade

In 1132 AD, Roman was born in Metz, France. His roots however are predominantely German and Italian/Roman.

His paternal line is stacked with a long patronage of Roman soldiers: from Ancient Rome to the Holy Roman Empire. However, his father was a random passerby and crusader, while his mother was a young woman not yet 16 who later died in childbirth. Her twins were later named at a monastery. Ultimately his brother died while still in infancy. At 12, Roman left the monastery to become a page, then an apprentice, where he worked in different mediums of construction (carpentry, smithing, and masonry). At 15, the Second Crusades began, and his master. left to join the conflict. This crusade ended badly and soured the relationship between France and the Roman Empire. His master was killed, but Roman continued work in Metz. In his mid 20s, after almost a decade in trade and training, he joined the military, then later the Knights Templar.

In 1177, he was severely injured during the Battle of Montgisard in 1177. It was at nightfall when he was separated from the army, and passed out due to a serious injury. He woke in the camp of the Bisha'a Nest, a vampire nest in a small Bedouin community in the desert. The Bisha'a were slave holders. Though the community was overwhelmingly human, the nest and their slaves were mostly fae. He saw first hand the capture/kill/sell process that transpired around him. He and the few other human slaves were fed on consistently as blood bags. He was a personal favorite of Sheikh An-Nasir, likely because of his stubbornness and almost daily attempts to escape. The attachment progressed past simple preference of flavor and became a warped kinship. The relationship was mutually complicated. They understood one another as men, yet were in conflict with the nature of the other and the power dynamics.

Roman and others planned an escape. On the night before, after several months with the desert dwellers, Roman was drained dry, then fed vampire blood by the Sheikh. He was left chained to human slaves. Without hesitation he fed on his co-conspirators and nearly leveled the entire lot of slaves. He cared as much about them as he did his dead brother - which is to say, not at all. He realized however that there was a bond between he and the Shiekh, who treated him - despite the situation - like his own son. He was already furious about being owned, especially as a grown man, a soldier, and a crusader. This new thing was control.

Their complicated relationship continued to roll around in a pit of angst, hate, kinship, respect, ownership, and more. If there was an opportunity to escape he did, and if he wasn't pulled back by An-Nasir, he would wander aimlessly before returning, often covered in dried, bloody clothes. He remained a part of the nest and became an important part of their raids and slave trade. He learned about vampires, but more importantly he learned about the fae species. They made up the bulk of their slave-holdings. The Bisha'a traveled within the Levant region and North Africa to sustain and provide their group's wealth and resources.

13th-15th century: A Never-Ending Conquest

Through the end of the 12th century to the end of the 13th, a slew of crusades and conflicts continued to ravage Levant and Turkey. The Bisha'a ramped up raids alongside the wars, at times stepping close enough to have been at risk multiple times and to have lost several members. Ultimately the group was wildly successful with their stock in faes. They manipulated the crusades to pluck out the vulnerable. Their preferred goods or source were the most profitable and easiest to bound; selkie, unicorn, phoenix, jinn. Roman's experiences observing, fighting, killing, butchering, enslaving, and selling fae created a developing expertise that would follow him for centuries to come.

Roman stayed with his sire for over a hundred years. Their relationship didn't become simple or less strained. They were still constantly clashing despite sharing a bond not just as master-slave or sire-fledgling, but as men with similar schools of thought and being. He decided in the 1330s that he would navigate towards Central Europe. He left the nest without notice and joined a free company of mercenaries started by former members of the recently disbanded Templars. He reached France during the Hundred Years' War and joined the conflict alongside the mercenary group.

The war was messy but Roman was made for war. He parted from the mercenary group but rejoined infrequently throughout the war, each time with fresh new faces welcoming him. The mercenary group (and groups) he joined and rejoined were small nests of Vampires. Despite his involvement with nests and other vamps, he had a difficult time sticking around.

He didn't discriminate on the sort of person he would feed on, he never did. Even when the bubonic plague ravaged Europe he was eating healthy and satiating his lust. At the end of the war, Roman was in Scotland, as the Scottish had fought on the French side and by then the mercenary group was filled mostly of Scots, some who started as members of the Garde Écossaise. It was a natural progression westward.

16th and 17th century:

From the late 15th century and throughout the 16th century, Roman shifted back into hunting down fae. He stayed typically in the same region, travelling, hunting and selling throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Though he wasn't necessarily making a load of wealth, it was during this time that his interest and specialization in faes were expanded. It was also where he interacted with more werewolves. Throughout the past few centuries he met them sparingly but knew very little about their kind. He spent the mid to latter part of the century in London where he was a staple in the theatre circles, where he became a theatre actor. Hundreds of years later, he would be able to recite the entirety of Shakespeare plays.

In the 16th century, Roman built his persona as a bounty hunter, trader, and collector, under the name of Hieronymus. Though somewhat anonymous, he was a somewhat mythical figure among fae communities who saw him a prolific hunter and slaver.

The bubonic plague hit London in the early 17th century. This put a damper on his theatre career. Luckily another war broke out. There were several conflicts throughout the 16th century but the Thirty Years' War broke out he was far more focus on his own exploits to take part until the Bohemian Revolt in 1618, just several years after the plague smashed through London and pushed him towards selling more healing goods across the country. He fought on/against both sides during the Anglo-French War. He continued forth throughout all the interventions, even purposely going against treaties. War came naturally to Roman and he led his life like the cruel mercenary he was. Disease continued to ravish the lands and he went out of his way of course to continue his hunting and gathering of Fae's, selling them as cures even if he'd gone as far as to use any part of them regardless of their benefits or lack there of. He took advantage of a messy 'market' and watched yet another bubonic plague epidemic smash through Europe. Roman was aided by the witch hunts in the 17th century, though not because of the interactions he had with witches, as much as the propaganda he helped to spread out of sheer excitement and thrill. He helped/enslaved some witches for the use of their skills, but the interactions didn't last very long before he returned to the Kingdom of England in the late-1640s with more knowledge about his targets.

Soon after in 1650, Roman traveled with merchants to the Americas. He stayed however with pirates and continued to live the nomadic and violent life, among different crews, ships, and leadership. He spent the entirety of the Golden Age of Piracy as a pirate (1650s to 1720s).

Save for the attacks and typical fights, this period of his time was rather calm. He spent it travelling throughout the Caribbeans and joining different pirate crews. In the late 1690s, there were East Indian vessels who were vulnerable and it was there that he came across his sire An-Nasir and the Bisha'a Nest, who had navigated out of the deserts and to open sea, where they were clearly employed for security. It wasn't a welcomed meeting and it wasn't necessarily amicable but they parted fairly easily. Since then however they continued fleeting correspondence after centuries of silence.

With piracy on a decline in the early 18th century. For the rest of the century he worked entirely in the Transatlantic slave trade as a captain, slaver, etcetera. He had been sparingly involved between his pirate voyages and expeditions in the 17th century, but he was immersed in the world. His work ranged from trading, transporting, purchasing, wrangling, etcetera. According to historical records, half of the entire slave trade took place in the 18th century, which meant he had plenty of work. It was during these couple of centuries that his skills as a merchant and trader sharpened. Towards the end, and around the turn of the 18-19th century, his trips were limited to only transporting slaves for companies. During this century he started dealings with a demon who later became one of his most important associates in his business as a supernatural 'collector'.

19th and 20th century:

In the 19th century, he lived a rather strange and unstable lifelife. He was scattered between heading merchant ships, returning to masonry, and working as a mercenary in Africa. It wasn't until the 20th century that his time became more focused. He spent the 20th century navigating and fighting through the World Wars via the battles in Africa. It had been centuries since he had picked a side in a war and stuck to it. So even in the conflicts between African Nations and European colonizers, he fought against all sides. For the most part he used war to navigate through lands and get to his targets; ie, communities of fae. After the war he stayed in South Africa until the early 1980s. Between war conflicts and the frequent 'break'/period of boredom, he continued his work as a hunter, but on a commission base format through requests only. Still, despite the spotty usage, his name as Hieronymus remained as a legend, one either of mythical horror fantasy as some kind of boogie monster, or a noted, real enemy. The range of knowledge about him was widely spread across different circles, mostly because of the wide span of ground he covered over the many centuries he had 'lived' through.

21st century:

In the late 20th century he finally made the move towards North America. Being a fan of the drier and/or warmer weather, he stayed mostly along the gulf coast before navigating his way to San Francisco in 1990. He worked legitimately as a bartender and bar manager in between stints. He purchased a bar/pub soon after. He used his knowledge, and the lively community of supernaturals in San Francisco to fulfill his commissions. There are some fae (Unicorn and Phoenix) that he goes after regardless of commissions, and those are creatures whose body parts have important use. As such, he has somewhat of collection. For the others, it's typically the motivation of his clients that drives him. For the most part his clients have particular tastes that he doesn't question, and it's typically with the intention of enslavement or healing properties.Though it's not completely avoided, he has of recent years killed a string of obstinate fae who managed to find out his true identity. He utilizes the name Roman Jerome (And has for centuries) but continues to work under the alias Hieronymous. Today some faes have decided to come looking for him, and he's currently rejoicing in the free fun that comes with embracing the archetype of 'boogie man'.


While he lived a nomadic life, Roman would jump around to different nests, however those nests were typically transient: mercenary & pirates. The instability of nests has some relation to why and when he returned to hunting/collecting; ie, periods of extreme violence and mayhem in between nests. It's one of the few traces anyone can use to find him or at least track his movements.

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