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 Rahim Ramel, 1606 | Dragon | Wentworth Miller
Rahim Ramal
 Posted: May 13 2017, 09:50 PM
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Rahim Ramal
Character Basics
full name
Rahim Ramal
Ra, draak (online handle when he uses one)
age & D.O.B.
1606 (December 13, 410)
Unseelie Court
Play By
Wentworth Miller

OOC Alias
hair & eyes
Black hair (shaved), intense blue-hazel eyes.
tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
Has some tattoos of cathedral-style arches on his shoulders, as well as a few places where scales have been randomly tattooed onto his skin.
Darkly olive-toned skin that in America has often landed him with the label "exotic", but in general no matter where he travels has him considered some variation of "mixed". Has a compact body that's well-defined but not overly muscular; he's been getting thinner lately, but what can you do. Nice hands and fingers. A faded scar (in human and dragon form) across his lower abdomen.

His dragon form is an array of darker reds, with burnished gold at his underside; both colors were much more vibrant several centuries ago. He is four-legged, with four claws to each foot, and is capable of flight.

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Loner. Formerly good with people but now tends to come off as a very strange and extremely intense guy that may or may not be planning where he's going to bury your body. Quiet, and oftentimes now finds himself at a loss for words, no longer sure what will get a desired reaction from someone. Deeply afraid of aging and how he's aware that his mind is beginning to slip. Finds himself thinking about the past more and more, rather than being excited for what the future might hold. In need of a muse, but feels consistently disappointed on that front (probably because one's stalker-ideals of a person can never really live up to the reality of them). Has developed OCD over the last few years, and although he's no Howard Hughes it is starting to interfere with his daily life. Paranoid about being watched and followed, or that people will steal the things that are valuable to him, and is always changing where he hides his hordes because of it.

Hordes/collects: lachrymatories (even though they've largely fallen out of use in the modern age), grimoires (everything from real ones to B&N books of spells to journals middle-school girls write love potion ingredients in), and murder scenes (a la Abattoir, a great deal of his money is spent acquiring real estate that houses a murder scene and taking that room out to relocate to one of several homes-in-progress before flipping the original site). His most prized possession is the grimoire of Pope Honorius, which he keeps under Fort Knox levels of security.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: Multiples of 3. Computers and being on them. Coding. Digging into information on people that he shouldn't normally have access to (he's a bit of a stalker, sorry). The things he hordes. Work. Doxxing people.

Dislikes: Loud noises. Things being out of place. Going outside. Crowds. The feel of dry paper. Enclosed travel-spaces (cars, planes, etc). Doctors. The Necronomicon -- the debate over whether it's real or not makes it an itch that he just can't scratch re: his collecting and it drives him nuts.

Quirks: OCD and getting worse about it; both that and his general paranoia are at clinical levels, but he's hardly going to seek treatment. His agoraphobia is slowly getting there as well.

Father & Mother
Probably a couple, considering his age, but he's never met them and doesn't have an interest in them if they exist.
Rahim was born to a small clutch in the fae world, where he spent most of his early years. He wanted to travel to the midworld before his mother was ready to let him go, and had to stay back and watch as his brother and sister, one by one, disappeared into the world of the mortals and eternals. She loved them all, but he was her favorite, and he didn't truly mind staying by her side. Flying with her, hunting, learning his history and lore, remaining largely unglamoured because there was only need to change forms unless they had business in a town whose roads wouldn't easily accommodate dragons moving through them. He was curious though, his young mind engaging and excitable, and he wanted to be out getting to know not only his world, but the other which seemed to hold the promise of adventure.

When he was 100, he finally got his wish. Word had come from his sister that their brother had been killed, and his mother -- lapsing into her older age and wanting to be left to their aerie cave more and more -- agreed that he should be allowed to leave with his sister to go and avenge the death. It was a demon that had done it, and though he and his sister were young there were other Unseelies that had loved ones killed as well, and they banded together to take the demon down. It was a greater one though, and strong, and his sister ended up poisoned not only by its iron weapon but by its blood. He went with her after to her home in Egypt, taking on her last name. Her death was slow, and painful, but he took care of her through the end of it until he had to return her body to the Fae realm. His mother's mind had continued to deteriorate, and to spare her pain he never told her of her daughter's death.

He returned to the midworld to stay, after that. He opted to live in various parts of northern Africa and southeast Asia, tending to move around as wars and religion brought destruction to the areas. He had a quick mind and convincing, charismatic air to him that helped him climb social ladders, always wanted at events or to consult with mortals that held positions of power. He was gifted a grimoire by an elderly witch with no family coming behind her as thanks for his friendship, which was what started his collecting of those.

As the Dark Ages faded he made his way into Europe. He had little to no interest in the artistic expression born of the Renaissance, but the struggle of mathematics and science against the religion of the time fascinated him. He fell in love with a mortal man, who left him when fear of persecution grew too great. Rahim found a tear-catcher along with a letter saying goodbye, which began his second obsession. It was around this time that he went back to the Fae realm, knowing that his mother was nearing the end of her lifespan. He didn't stay to see her die, knowing that she wanted to be alone, but left a vial of his own tears with her, and stayed at their mountain home for the next few decades, grieving.

He travelled through central Asia next, having no interest in the New World until it began to go through its industrial revolutions. He went by boat to the east coast of North America then, but the grime and dirt of the cities was repugnant to him and so he instead opted to live outside of them. He amassed real estate and made a living that way, hiring on engineers and architects to create the buildings used to house so much of the growing industrial machines. Although commercial real estate was where he made his money and how he invested his earnings, he remained most interested in invention and creation, maths and sciences, and tried to use his investments to help underfinanced inventors continue to progress the world.

He moved to California with the tech boom, finding computers and, eventually, the internet to be fascinating. Being able to create something by putting a string of symbols in the right order was like alchemy or witchcraft made accessible to the masses. He was no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but his lifespan making him able to study things as they came out helped him to advance along with technology rather than having to catch up on decades of things missed out on. Although he's kept his ventures with real estate going, he primarily subcontracts that out now, focusing his energy on programming and digging through various deep net wormholes. With his advanced age he more and more wants to remain anonymous with the things that he does, and so he generally will program or create, sell the product, and move on rather than retaining shares and the like. His most successful venture was the creation of Shiftr, an app in the vein of Tindr and Grindr that's focused on the inhuman population. Now, he's passing his time with his obsessions and his avoidance of his increasing mental problems, while he waits for inspiration on what's to come next.

 Posted: May 13 2017, 10:22 PM
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