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 Lumen Yue, 414 | Kitsune | Fan Bingbing
Mar 4 2018, 12:11 PM
414 Fae Contractor / Triad Boss / Accountant
Yako Kitsune
Woman as a honeycomb— sickly sweet, riddled with empty spaces
Black Dragon Syndicate
Lu, Lume


She / Her | EST | 3/3/3 | aimee#0546
Character Basics
full name
Lanfen / Lumen Yue
Lan, Fenfen; Lu, Lume
age & D.O.B.
414 (April 10, 1603)
She / Her / It
Contractor / Triad Boss / Accountant
Seelie Court
Yako Kitsune
Play By
Fan Bingbing

OOC Alias
She / Her
Hair & Eyes
Shifting from obsidian to a silvery white; her eyes are deceptively warm almond, concealed gunmetal beneath, a shade of near-black with lighter brown flecks dotting the irise.
‎5′ 6'' (168 cm)
Tattoo(s) & Scar(s)
Faint peach-colored huadian marking on her forehead; a handful of faint scars due to incomplete healing of injuries (back & arms) from past abuse and fights, a singular unhealed burn mark situated on her lower back.
Miscellaneous Superficial
VOICE: A soft timbre of voice, that of silky smooth velvet with husky edges.
SPOKEN LANGUAGES Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English and many other languages.
ATTIRE: For her work as a hitwoman, she wears mostly black, with shades of maroon, purple, navy and dark grey. For daywear, it's neutral or nude color palette of blacks, peach and creams with a little gray or brown thrown in for good measure. Fitted jeans that accentuate her long legs, an array of loose blouses of white or black that show off a bit of collarbone, aviators, christian louboutin heels, leather boots, leather jackets, black gloves, sophisticated blazers and white button up for day work/formalwear. Elegant designer dresses tailored to fit her voloptuous frame, trench coats of form and function, the occasional few intricate rings of silver and gold, polished silver cartier watches and necklaces.

Personality & Orientation
Romantic Orientation
There are two protean faces to Lumen: one is the sarcastic, playful, confident and frivolous young accountant who likes to indulge and contend; the other – shaped by the centuries, her tribulations and trials in life – is an abrasive, hard-headed, enigmatic fox with a impressive kill streak, who advances her repertoire of skills when given time alone and walks with an unflappable, regal air of purpose and something to prove. Although she rarely shows it, she does have a sense of empathy and is probably softhearted somewhere deep down that salt and stone shell of hers. The woman just can't afford being seen as weak. However, you'd probably be playing right into her little hands.

POSITIVE TRAITS: intellectual, athletic, playful, adventurous, polite, charming, determined, independent, methodical, approachable, level-headed, passionate, hardworking, adaptable, ambitious, diligent, generous.
NEGATIVE TRAITS: impulsive, impatient, satirical, sadistic, deceiving, remorseless, aloof, whimsical, hedonistic, flirtatious, unpredictable, insouciant, domineering, workaholic, insecure, possessive, scelestic.

DEADLY SINS: lust / gluttony / greed / sloth / wrath / envy / pride
HEAVENLY VIRTUES: chastity / temperance / charity / diligence / kindness / humility

Estj's command a situation, with the sense that they know how things should go and are ready to take charge to make sure that it happens. They are task-oriented and put work before play. Confident and tough-minded, the estj appears almost always to be in control. estj's appreciate structure and often begin to organize as soon as they enter a room. They want to establish the ground rules and make sure everyone does what they’re supposed to.

The chaotic neutral character follows her whims. She is an individualist first and last. She values her own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. She avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, she would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from herself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but her behavior is not totally random. She is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. She also holds tendencies to fluctuate towards the neutral evil alignment, being the unpredictable person she is. At times she is shown to value her friends but on the other hand, with only a small amount of remorse, is willing to sacrifice those friends to achieve her ends.


The adaptable, success-oriented type. type threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. ambitious, competent, and energetic, they can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. they are diplomatic and poised, but can also be overly concerned with their image and what others think of them. they typically have problems with workaholism and competitiveness.


The choleric temperament is fundamentally ambitious and leader-like. They have a lot of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. They like to be in charge of everything. however, cholerics also tend to be either highly disorganized or highly organized. they do not have in-between setups, only one extreme to another. as well as being leader-like and assertive, cholerics also fall into deep and sudden depression. essentially, they are very much prone to mood swings.

Quirks, dislikes & likes
Likes: getting what she wants, independence, respect, business, blood, men, women, tattoos, gore, classical music, jazz music, rock music, sex, casual nudity, thunderstorms, practicing magic, swords, knives, firearms, toxins, going out on long drives, putting people in their place, bubble tea, green tea, japanese cheesecake, east asian cuisine / desserts, spending money, parkour, exercise / training, challenges, reading, painting / illustrating, singing, red lipstick, lingerie, incense, cosmetics, travelling, researching, computer technology, jewelry, designing clothing and weaponry for specific "assignments."

Dislikes: losing, humans, not having the upperhand, being underestimated, authority, hierarchy, her brother, incompetence, easy tasks, sugarcoating things, religion, demons and angels

Quirks: If she's yelling, she's usually in Chinese instead of English; takes small, non-lethal doses of some of her own poisons to build an immunity, and has for years now; uses mundane items as toys (e.g. bottle caps, straws, chopsticks); always has change in her pocket to give to beggars or homeless; readily puts her self in the way of danger; cracks her neck and fingers all the time; mutters spells and curses under her breath; never speaks unless spoken to; doesn't beat around the bush; sometimes grunts for ”yes”, snarls for ”no”, shrugs for ”maybe”

Bingwen (brother), the rest are dead

Spouse / Mate
A daughter
Binding(s) / Thrall(s) / Pet(s)
When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows. But it also devours.
— Raymond Carver, Late Fragment

If you ask where she’s from, she’ll say Beijing, China, and describe it as “a congested metropolis”. She’ll brush a stray lock of dark hair behind her ear and absentmindedly glance out the window, not delving much deeper into her history. Not to you. Some research shows it was completely fine. It was completely average. It was just the same as everybody else. That's only if you followed the paper trail she left behind. Lumen Yue is a labyrinthine, tangled web of red ribbon. Try as you might, you won't connect the dots. There is no map to guide you. Keep going, keep going, and keep going... if you dare to seek the truth.

A select few like her know who she is though outside of her daytime play as accountant for a San Francisco firm.

Lumen was the fourth in the litter of two legendary foxes who were the harbingers of war and chaos during the beginnings of the Sengoku Period of Japan. She could never know how to express that being with two so dangerous was last time she ever felt safe. Her mother was a hardworking trickster. She was unorthodox. She was more of a friend than a parent. She didn't smother her instead sought to help her build her own image. Her father was the opposite. He was tough as nails and controlling with all things considered and all things accounted for. He also wanted her to be independent and take nothing less than she deserved. Tenacity weaved into her genes – she learns to bare teeth first. Run before she walk – read before she can speak. Manipulate before she became the victim and to take everything and give nothing in return. It is an utmost asset and necessity as they prepared her for entry into the mortal world.

When she left the fae fold sometime after five years, she came out around a listless time in Japan. Not the time her father and mother had talked so fondly of with its chaos. This time was largely free from both external threats and internal conflicts. She chose to observe those living on the fringes of society; the merchants, the thieves, the rebels and the prostitutes. It taught her how to survive in the city as an outlaw through pickpocketing, blending in crowds and sometimes knowing how to fight.

Like them, she became rather bored with peace and tranquility. The Edo period was stale, stagnant, unmoving, unchanging. It had an elaborate social structure, in which everyone knew their place and level of prestige. It had a strict regime. It lived this way until she wanted to make a difference. She wanted to make the Gods and these humans suffer for this monotony, so she began to sow discord among the others. It was small things at first, like tricking them into embarrassing situations, stealing ancient artifacts, impersonating various authority and officials and then stealing their lovers, creating confusion and sometimes even rebellion in order to quell this boredom. She relished in this form of entertainment for a time.

To bide her time, she had a job in a kabuki theater in Yoshiwara’s red light district but not as an actress but as a backstage assistant. She called herself Cho She would take the first form of a Japanese woman who was especially beautiful, with white skin, long black hair, and charming features. Months later, she was afforded the chance to go on stage and then offered a job as a professional actress, due to the audience's initial adoration of her when she accidentally appeared on stage and improvised. She would be subsequently given formal education in acting, dancing and singing skills in order to form a troupe which she would lead. It would be during this time she would attain her first tail.

Chō grew even more popular with both the audiences and the critics who describe her as, "the dark-haired rogue who steals the hearts of the men and women in the third and fourth acts." Her life in this period would go perfectly for her and she is genuinely happy though she notices a mysterious white face with yellow eyes in the audience that is continually watching her every performance. Like all things, happiness would not last. The Shogunate at the time was never partial to kabuki and all the mischief it brought, particularly the variety of the social classes which mixed at performances. Kabuki would be banned and led only by men.

Not one for rules, Chō decided operate an underground kabuki house. A mistake on her part, but it wouldn't be the first time she'd be in prison and it wouldn't be the last. Someone managed to infiltrate the still heavy guard upon her cell and someone who, much to her surprise confessed themselves a fan. And wouldn’t you believe it? It was ol’ Yellow Eyes and he needn’t be persuaded twice for her release. But upon release, she would be taken against her will and smuggled out of Edo to China to evade the Shogunate and his men.

Qing Dynasty, 1736
this mysterious man, she learned, was called the Dragon or Lóng. He was someone who knew of her kind and captured many like herself. It turned out that Lóng captured other foxes to train them as elite assassins, spies, things people in high ranks would need and once they were fully trained he would sell them. Intrigued, she decided to see where this endeavor would lead. Day one a weapon was placed in her hand and she is rebranded as Lanfen for her notable orchid fragrance her body naturally produced.

For the next five years, from sun up to sun down, she and the other foxes were trained. Martial arts, swords, knives, poisons, and when she showed to have a talent for illusions and magic then that too was added to her arsenal. Lanfen would become a proficient practitioner of endless weapons and fighting styles and mistress of most if not all; she would be been seen utilizing a wide variety of armaments. These include broadswords, chuis, sickles, guandaos, staffs, polearms, rope darts, fire wheels, and spears. Her close association with the lower class left her seasoned and comfortable with almost anything she may pick up - all manners of weapons both native to both Japanese or Chinese culture and not. She would also attain her second tail.

Lanfen became ambitious, horrendously so. The best way one can think of describing it is if she’s filled with a cavernous, all-consuming ache to strive and be better than that which came before her. She became engrossed in the previous and current Dynasty's history of combat and invasions from the north and south. Her free time was spent sneaking into the Imperial library, speaking with scholars, and watching the Generals command their troops on the vast plains outside of the capital city. She is incredibly intelligent, a tactician by nature, and a born commander and fighter. She strikes fast and unpredictably, quick as a viper, breathing praise and reassurance to her closest ones in training as easily as she snarls hate and reproach.

While on a final assessment mission to the oasis city of Kashgar, under the illusion guise of a Uyghur woman who was the daughter of a leader, she was discovered by the Qianlong Emperor who was captivated by her scent and immediately sought her as an Imperial Consort for his harem. She declined, but the emperor was persistent with his advances. She declined him at every turn. Not one used to rejection, the Qianlong Emperor decided to take her against her will. Outnumbered by his men, Lanfen would be carefully escorted all the way to the imperial palace in Beijing; being washed every day along the road in camel's milk to preserve her mysterious fragrance. Upon her arrival at the imperial palace, she was given a garden and a luxurious chamber as a sign of the Qianlong Emperor's devotion. If she stepped a toe out of line, it’d be the end of her. Normally she wouldn’t be frightened at the prospect, but the emperor’s men had their swords of iron. She employed her stealth and illusionary tricks to get out by the next week and return to the assassin bureau, unknowing that she would solidify herself in legend as the Fragrant Concubine.

To Lóng, Lanfen might have been the epitome of what he meant to produce – quick on her feet, decisive, innovative, seemingly heedful of her superiors – had the favorable traits not shared center stage with several vices. She was hard-headed, snarky, temperamental, obstinate and quick to a challenge. She was also quick and sharp with her words as she was with her weapons and she had a point that no one could challenge or ignore. Despite these shortcomings, Lóng described her as a natural leader, being able to understand others and assess situations well because of her flaws. She would become the top tier assassin and ideal spy, but it would be difficult to sell her out to anyone. Not because of her vices, but it was during her training and assessment missions that she would become attached to her mentor and he with her.

She was, perhaps, the only individual to see his highs and his lows. She could handle him well enough. He was tenacious and stubborn, as fiery in bed as he was in conversation. He had thought she was just another assassin to potentially trade. Oh, how wrong he had been. A pitched battle in the outskirts of the county nearly killed Lóng when an assassin slipped into their ranks pounced on him with an iron blade with direction to his abdomen. It was only because of Lanfen's interference that Lóng didn't fall that day. She too finally realized her real purpose in his life. The confessions are brought to the light, Lóng, now known to her personally as Jun, and Lanfen's relationship blossoms. Once friends, they now become lovers and the two begin a secret affair. Jun owned her and only him she’d serve. She never thought herself impressionable or even attainable to anyone, but she allowed him like no other. The unusual pair would be inseparable for centuries to come.

The next few years would become exciting for the Qing Dynasty and for her as well. There would be wars to invest their skills in. The first and second Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion, Boxer Rebllion. It was also during this time that they expanded their “business” onto other countries outside of China. It took time and a few years to establish these separate factions with those they taught while also partaking in conflict, but it'd work in their favor. And eventually wanderlust would take over, and Lanfen made arrangements for her arrival to Europe. By the time she had come to the western border of Russia, the First World War had broken out.

So when the war broke out, she went to the only place where she knew that the government would never care about her: The front lines. Before that though, she assumed the name and masculine face of a conscripted fae who came to the wrong place and wrong time. She took a station as a soldier in his place, because she knew what she was doing and she suspected she wouldn’t get killed doing it—just as she hadn’t been killed before. And she was right. She was deployed on the eastern front, moving with the troops in a style of warfare which was quite miserable, but still less miserable than the trenches of the First World War. Or so she thought until she saw what the latest artillery could do—not just to soldiers, but to women and children at home in their beds. She had a bit of an insubordination problem when it came to taking the lives of children. But inevitably, she came to the conclusion that she'd be doing them a favor by allowing them not watch the horrors of the war unfold and what it'd done the world they once knew. Innocent lives were bled and lost. She continued that way until the 6th of December, in which, essentially, the Germans got their arses handed to them just outside of Moscow. The orders were to retreat, and leave the wounded behind.

Her movements increased both by the new technologies available and by her ever growing natural speed, Lanfen flitted across continental Europe as wars were waged and raged around her. She figured that the politics of humans were not her to influence, and she had no taste for even trying to after the early years of her existence, yet she couldn't help but get involved in certain, extreme situations, seeing the ever darker growing heart of humanity. You could say she finally picked her side of the kitsune coin. The Yako. As the final decade of the 20th century neared, Lanfen settled down in Berlin, finding the city perfect for her to indulge, once more, in some rare stability for once. She'd attain her third tail by that time as well.

It would be here she would reunite with her old flame, the Dragon. During a birthday dinner that night in Berlin, she would learn the business that they built together had been brought down during the conflicts and she'd also learn that he also moved on to other things and other women. But the engagement ring he had on his finger didn't stop her from getting into bed with him that night. The old torch was still there, she'd take advantage of it. However, it wouldn't be without karma or consequence. It was that night that changed everything. She'd become pregnant with her first child. Up to her old trickery though, deeming the child to be his problem, Lanfen ditched it on his doorstep in England weeks after it was born in the Fae world and created quite a rift between his new wife and bring about his old life with her. She had no room in her life for distraction now. Selfish as she was, she wanted more time devoted to herself. She'd dodge all attempts for contact from him now.

Watching the Berlin Wall fall, watching the country begin to patch itself up, and seeing the effects of the world wars slowly begin to fade, finally, into that aftermath phase where they started becoming memories, and remained as lessons that were to be well learned, Lanfen found herself inspired, and so she began participating more in the life of humans, an easy feat to do in such a metropolis as was the capital of Germany. She rebranded herself as Nina Fuchs, but it wouldn't be easy this time around.

Modern communication recordkeeping made it increasingly difficult for someone like her to pop up out of nowhere. To create her new identities, Lanfen had to employ the help of supernatural benefactors; immortal beings who had manufactured their own means of keeping their true identities hidden. She never asked about their methods, but it worked. The only problem was that by becoming involved with supernatural con men, she had made herself subject to their mischief and problems. It was a habit of theirs to show up on her doorstep carrying problems with them. They knew who she was and what she did. How they knew? She figured it was the Dragon's way of getting back at her at first, but it turned out that wasn't the case.

It was her brother, Bingwen, who'd been shadowing her every move from the moment when they left the fold. She always knew he was more of a follower than a leader like she. Spineless bastard. Lanfen didn't want to be bothered, but there wasn't much she could do. Besides, it gave her reason to employ the vast amount of skill she acquired over the centuries, it fed her appetite for chaos and the jobs she acquired helped her get her back on her feet to financial stability. She had a hope that she'd carve a path to a seemingly mortal and modern education and life to go with her identity of hers and with forged paperwork, of course. It was a sort of blessing in disguise.

Or so she thought until her brother crept out of the shadows and knocked on her door with her cross-breed daughter in tow. He had the bleeding heart of an idiot zenko. He had secretly taken her under his wing when the Dragon could not provide for her. Her brother explained it was for the better as the Dragon had some mental health issues he needed to sort out. She had half expected her brother to have spoken ill of her to her, but he hadn't. He simply glossed over the shady and gory details of her endeavors, painted her as some sort of heroine that left her daughter to her father and uncle's care because she wanted her to lead a life safe from the life she had led. That was a kneeslapper for Lanfen, but it also reminded her of their late mother too. She would've been rolling in her grave if she seen Lanfen now. While she could deny this image, she didn't. In a rare maternal move, she decided to become involved briefly in her daughter's formative years and try to pass along whatever advice she could to guide her as her mother did with her. She'd become attached to the brat for some time until she had to let her go to find her own place in this world.

Wanderlust would be ever present for the next decade. Tired of Asia and Europe, she'd hit up the great 50 States and the great white North of Canada before she went back to her roots in China. She collected many acquaintances and not many attachments this time around; only those who she saw as useful to her goals. She kept two things consistent with her many lives and faces, she'd be woman of dark hair and fair skin every time and she'd bring about her wiles and her wars. She has a devastating effect on those who aren’t careful enough, who don’t keep a close eye on themselves. But she’s a kitsune; she’s half of this world and half something else, a dazzling spectacle to behold, haunting enough to follow you around for the next fifty years of your life and subtle enough for you not to realize she’s there.

In China, She'd go by the name of Lumen Yue, a 26 year old international from Beijing, China who just graduated from Tsinghua University with degree in Economics and Management and with licenses, certifications and stellar field experience to boot. She is making strides establishing herself in a promising career in accounting with the RINA Accountancy Corporation in San Francisco.

Boring, isn't it? Now that wouldn't be her without excitement. Beyond the textbooks and work, Lumen would reestablish herself in China again. Not as an assassin, not as a concubine. Those days are long gone. She'd establish herself in a triad. A Chinese crime syndicate, so to speak. She felt that she needed to do more. In the recent months, gang-related violence has been on the rise in Beijing and Shanghai. The police are aware that the city's crime is not localized in one area, but rather spread out around the city, amidst a number of warring gangs. The Black Dragons are the ones moving in now, and the ones to be particularly wary of. It was them Lumen had to keep a close eye on. She would be nothing to them initially, but a fine piece of ass. Humans were so stupid and simple and that worked to her advantage. She clawed her way up to the top, from a Black Dragon prostitute to a Vanguard who oversaw operations.

Lumen always liked power. She wanted it all. She never got it. No, it was meant for the greatest rival -- her mortal lover who was the Dragonhead of the Black Dragons and it was him who she bagged at the first opportunity. He landed himself in jail by unforeseen circumstances and being his Vanguard meant she had to step in for him. She keeps his tin soldiers in a row, she holds the fort down and she tries show that she can be the better boss in charge than her pathetic excuse of a man can ever dream of being and it isn't even her first time.

Only difference being that she aims to both prosper the business and herself, leaning more towards herself than the Syndicate at times, which is not necessarily a good thing. But she's been taught, and lectured, to put family first before everything else. So she tries. It's just that, sometimes, her wants and the Syndicate's needs overlap and she goes fucking gung-ho for what she wants for a change.

Those mortals and insubordinates believe her to be the downfall of the Black Dragons. She wrongs them. Out of that hefty labor, she earned respect and admiration from her soldiers, acquaintances and associates. She might look demure, but there were teeth behind that pretty expression of hers and a mischievous glint of fire in her eyes. A charmer, a politician; cunning, controlling and manipulative. She had Beijing in her hand once more. And now she's on her way to establishing a small faction in San Francisco which she hopes will grow. While she recruits and waits, she can get rid of your problems for you. She doesn't wanna get rusty.

Mar 10 2018, 08:58 PM
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