Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

summer event: june 10th - August 31st
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  • Basic Spellcraft for witches
    (I) = beginner // (II) = Intermediate // (III) = Advanced // (V) = Expert // (S) = Supreme

    Basic & Spells Spellcasting: Every witch will learn the ability to mix potions, cast simple spells, wards, hexes and curses when in school. The basis for all spells is requires at least two of the following: a reagent mixture of some sort (potions, poultice, etc), an incantation of Latin, an imbued item and or a series of specific runes and lines (offer drawn in chalk on a chalk mat).

    Minor Appearance Charm (I)
    A charm to change simple features, this is a spell that is cast per feature and does not encompass the whole face like its more advanced versions do. This is most commonly used to change the color of hair, eyes or a single feature. Once cast it will last for upwards of five hours and requires no upkeep.

    Requirements: Incantation & concoction (paste)
    Basic Healing Spell (II)
    This is often the most commonly used spell among witches and is something taught very early on in their education. While it doesn’t require a lot of skill it does require a great amount of energy to be drained over the course of the spell and can leave the witch extremely fatigued by its end. The basic healing spell requires a poultice like salve to be smeared over the afflicted area before the lengthy Latin spell itself is read. Once this is done the last two lines of the spell must be chanted until the spell is complete. While the witch chants the salve will seep into the skin and cause the witch’s magic to stitch together the area, this process does cause discomfort in the injured party but it’s a far faster method of healing than even shifter healing. Stopping at any point before the area is healed and the spell is completed will often cause more damage to the injured party and on occasion can cause magical backlash which inflicts mimicked physical damage to the witch as well.

    Requirements: Incantation & concoction (paste)
    Camouflage Charm (II)
    Second tier spell in the invisibility spell line, this one is slightly stronger than the Disillusionment Charm in that is allows the caster to move while transparent. This is not a fool-proof means of movement as it can be detected, creating a slight ripple in the view of whatever is behind them, this ripple is only apparent when the user is actually moving. Generally speaking it’s something that you can get away with unless someone is paying particular attention to the area in which you’re moving. Much like the Disillusionment Charm this one also requires an object to be carried around though unlike the other the Camouflage Charm wanes after the user and the item have been separated, offering a small few minute window to get to safety before the spell is dropped completely.

    Requirements: Incantation & imbued item
    Deflection Energy Shield (I)
    A simple one sided shield that is created by pure energy and pressed in a direction via an open palm. This spell is strong enough to withstand most other directional spell casting or objects though the amount of power it requires to both cast, deflect and maintain is directly related to the size, duration and size/energy of object or spell it’s deflecting.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Disillusionment Charm (I)
    The first of the distorting and invisibility spells, this one simply cloaks the features of a person and allows them to pass as something they are not. This spell requires a mixture to be adhered and thus imbued into an object which must then be in the user possession at all times for the spell to work. If the user and the object are separated the spell will drop almost instantly.

    Requirements: Incantation & concoction
    Dispel (I-III)
    The act of dispelling another spell from an object, place or person. Depending on the spell, curse or hex you’re trying to remove and from where you’re trying to remove it will determine the rank of the spell that must be cast. Curses will always be advanced while most hexes will be intermediate and most spells will be beginner.

    Requirements: Incantation, concoction & gesture
    Illumination (I)
    Creates a small orbs of pure illuminated energy that lights the surrounding area while following the caster at shoulder height. This spell lasts approximately 5 minutes and requires no upkeep nor does it drain the witch after it’s cast. Once it run its course the spell must be recast.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Invisibility Cloak (III)
    The highest of the invisibility spells, this one is near fool-proof and allows the user a completely invisible get away. Like all spells this can be detected with a detection spell and the user will still trip wards when/if moving over the top of them but beyond this it’s a seamless spell. Like the other two it also requires an object to be carried but the effects will last for up to ten minutes after the object is separated from the user (this can be reversed instantly by a reversal spell).

    Requirements: Incantation & imbued item
    Location Spell (I-V)
    Like the name states this spell allows a witch to locate something, usually an item or person. This spell requires several objects, a map, a scrying crystal on a silver chain along with the incantation. While the incantation is spoken the crystal is dangled over the map allowing its end to point to a general location on the map where the object or person is currently located. The results can be strengthened, making the given location far more accurate, if the witch is touching something that is associated with whatever is being located.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Levitation (I-V)
    A rather simple spell this is one of the first spells that witches are taught. The object the witch is trying to levitate will dictate the degree of difficulty for the spell, the larger the object is the more focus and energy that is required and thus the harder the spell itself. Living objects are the hardest as they move and squirm which requires counter correction on the part of the witch.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Lock & Unlock (I-S)
    Another simple first level spell. Unlocking objects is often far harder than locking them and to that end the more intricate the lock the harder the spell. Even beyond the simple unlocking of a lock, if the lock is warded of locked with a spell instead of a key (also known as spell-locked) the degree of difficulty is upped exponentially. It is possible to also ward locks themselves causing even more issues but on a general scale the typical door or vehicle lock is rather simple to both lock and unlock.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Memory Binding (V-S)
    This spell essentially pushes unwanted memories to the back of the mind and locks them there so that they can not be accessed by the mind itself. This can be undone, though reversing this spell is far harder than the binding itself and can cause damage. Because this dabbles with the mind there can be devastating repercussions and on occasion damage can be done to the mind itself. This is not a spell that should be attempted by just anyone and is generally left for the higher/older members of a coven if not the Supreme themselves.

    Requirements: Incantation & concoction
    Muffle (I)
    The ability to muffle a conversation beyond a small radius of about three feet around the caster. Typically used by gossiping teens though it can be useful in back-alley meetings as well. This does not silence but rather muffles and distorts the voice slightly the further away the listener is from the caster.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Object Command (III)
    While this spell is rather simple in its overall form it requires a lot of control and offers a steady drain on the witch’s energy making it far harder than it appears on paper. In short this spell allows the witch to command an object to do their bidding. This spell only works on inanimate objects and is maintained, meaning it drains steadily over time. If not watched carefully this spell can cause more harm than good as it will not stop until it’s reversed or the magic it’s working off of is drained.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Reversal Spell (I-S)
    Another common spell for witches and one of the few that is a requirement for all first level witches to learn is the ability to reverse spells. This spell is as it sounds, a complex manner of undoing something that’s already been done and thus its degree of difficulty is wholly dependant on the spell it’s reversing.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Sleep Spell (I)
    A simple spell that puts the target to sleep, this spell works on both people and animals and is one of the first to be taught to all witches who attend school. This spell lasts approximately an hour but can easily be ended with a reversal spell.

    Requirements: Incantation & gesture
    Unbreakable Vow (V-S)
    The Unbreakable Vow is not something that should ever be taken lightly. This is a verbally spoken agreement that binds two people together to a common end, which in and of itself sounds harmless. What the vow consists of or how it’s enacted is really rather trivial in comparison and can be just about anything. When and if the vow is ever broken, the person breaking the vow will perish the hour. This is one of the very rare spells that simply can not be reversed so entering into a vow with a witch is something to be taken very seriously.

    Requirements: Incantation, concoction & gesture
    (I) = beginner // (II) = Intermediate // (III) = Advanced // (V) = Expert // (S) = Supreme

    Basic Hexes: Hexes are another basic form of spellcasting that most witches will dabble in and learn in school, while it’s not something that’s encouraged in its usage the knowledge of how hexes work can come in handy when dispelling them and warding against them and to that end witches are taught how to wield them. The basic hex requires an incantation and an object, beyond that a few of them might also require a concoction of some sort, typically a potion that must be ingested.

    Banishment Hex (V)
    The Banishment hex is a tricky little spell that requires a very precisely trained Latin tongue when casting as its blowback can be devastating to the caster. The hex itself will temporarily teleport and then bind the target to the pointed location (must be a known already location), its effects lasting 12-24 hours depending on the amount of energy poured into the item linked to the spell. If the incantation is uttered wrongly at any point it has the ability to banish both caster and target (leaving behind the item it’s linked to) leaving no room for reversal. This hex can be broken before its time runs out simply by destroying the object the hex is linked to.

    Requirements: Incantation & object
    Befuddle Hex (I)
    A fairly simple spell the befuddlement hex confuses the person it's cast upon leaving them in a state of temporary memory loss. This hex requires a potion be ingested by the intended target, the effects lasting only as long as the liquid remains in the system, typically 30 minutes to an hour. The potion has no lasting effects and once the liquid has been expelled the lost memories will fade back in slowly.

    Requirements: Incantation & potion
    Burning Hex (II)
    The Burning Hex lasts for approximately 15 minutes causing everything the target touches to burn the skin. This burning will not actually harm the target, leaving no lasting effects but instead causing severe discomfort and pain when in contact with anything outside of themselves. This discomfort will extend to the ground they’re standing on if the target is barefoot. In order for this hex to work the target must ingest an easily disguisable flavorless potion.

    Requirements: Incantation & potion
    Dream Hex (III)
    Hexing dreams is relatively simple as there is no barrier to fight against when the hex is activated, the mind asleep and unconscious as it is while dreaming. The hex itself starts with a colorless bitter potion that is ingested by the target, this potion must be chanted over to imbue it with the hex itself, once ingested the hex will seep into the bloodstream and remain dormant until the target falls asleep, once the brain lapses into R.E.M. sleep the hex will activate to plague the target with terrible nightmares that can not be woken from for upwards of three hours. The dream hex lasts in the system for approximately 12 hours.

    Requirements: Incantation & potion
    Hair Hex (I)
    One of the first and only hexes taught in school this hex is what most witches consider child’s play. This hex is rather simple in its execution in that it causes the hair to slowly fall out at the roots. In order for this hex to be completed a potion must be introduced to the hair, this is usually best done through shampoo or other haircare products or directly thrown/dumped onto the target. The hair hex lasts for 3-4 hours and generally causes about ¼ of the hair to fall out. This can be stopped with an antidote that consists of witchhazel.

    Requirements: Incantation & potion
    Sensory Loss Curse (III)
    The loss of a sense is something that is not only terrifying but can also be fairly stunting to any target. This hex targets one sense and eliminates it, essentially turning it off and leaving the target without until the hex is ended by the caster. Unlike other hexes this one has no end time but rather must be ended by burning the effigy it’s tied to. Like the tongue-tying hex this one is also deeply rooted in primitive voodoo practices requiring a small effigy to be made, materials do not matter beyond the addition of something personal of the target’s, this is typically hair but anything from their person will work. In order to target the sense the witch must then place a pin in the area of the desired sense.

    Requirements: Incantation & effigy
    Silence Hex (II)
    Another relatively simple hex, this one simply pins the tongue to the roof of the mouth disallowing it to be used in speech. This hex lasts for roughly an hour and requires a clear odorless sweet potion to be ingested by the target.

    Requirements: Incantation & potion
    Tongue-Tying Hex (III)
    Unlike the silence hex the tongue-tying hex doesn’t bind the tongue but rather stops the target from speaking of a specific pointed memory or thought. This hex is often combined with unbreakable vow spells in order to silence the target and the speaking of said vow. Unlike the other hexes this particular hex is derived from ancient voodoo and requires an effigy with a binding element around the head. In order to cancel this hex the effigy must be burned.

    Requirements: Incantation & effigy
    (I) = beginner // (II) = Intermediate // (III) = Advanced // (V) = Expert // (S) = Supreme

    Basic Curses: Curses are something that are not actually taught in school beyond the fundamentals needed to understand how they work and or how to reverse or stop them. The actual incantations are extremely hard to get ahold of and are often found in high priced black market books, outside of this every coven has gathered and has access to these curses via the coven grimoire but forbids the transcribing of them. Most curses require a set of runes written in a circle on the surface of whatever the witch is trying to curse or on a surface that will not be otherwise disturbed, these runes must remain intact until the spell is finished or the curse will be overturned.

    Overturning a curse is a fail safe born of the neutrality of magic itself in which the target can destroy the means of casting the spell (often these runes, effigy or altar), once destroyed the curse will reverse itself and instead mark the caster. A reversed curse can not be overruled or stopped as the runes by which to do so will have been destroyed. If the witch destroys the runes themselves the curse will simply fizzle and cease, it’s only with the cursed magic of the target that a curse’s runes can be overturned and reveresed to the witch.

    3 Nights of Hell (V-S)
    The 3 nights curse is one of the worst that can be cast by a witch, requiring almost all of their energy and lasting for the aforementioned 3 nights. Generally speaking this curse is cast in revenge and usually by a coven so the energy impact is spread out between several witches rather than one. This curse encompasses a few of the others (most notably the fear actualization curse). This curse can be cast on both a specific target as well as an object, usually a house or room and sends the target(s) through a myriad of terrible things beginning and ending in fear. This curse can not be ended though it can be dampened by certain witch abilities.

    Requirements: Incantation & blood written runes
    Curse of Destruction (III-V)
    A difficult spell to weave and one with destructive endings to be sure, this curse causes whatever it’s placed on to be completely and utterly destroyed. This curse will only work on inanimate objects so never fear, you can’t destroy your friends but their personal belongings are fair game!

    Requirements: Incantation & runes
    Death Curse (V-S)
    The curse of death is something only the most practiced witch should ever cast and in almost all cases is only ever cast by a supreme and bound to the coven as a whole, this isn’t to kill the entire coven if it’s overturned but rather to allow the coven itself to shield the supreme as the curse would divide itself and inflict damage upon them all but not retain enough power to kill any of them. This curse gives the intended target 12 hours before they die. When cast a mark will burn into the underside of both the target and the casting witch’s wrist, a painful but small rune about the size of a U.S. dime. If the curse is allowed to come to its end the target will die and the mark on the witch’s wrist will fade, this death is not painful but rather just an instantaneous cease of the heart. To reverse this the target must find the witch with the matching rune on their wrist and either destroy the rune or convince the witch to destroy the circle of runes they made to cast the spell.

    Requirements: Incantation & runes
    Luck Curse (I)
    This is the curse that most witches learn from in school as it’s simple and fairly safe. The luck curse does exactly as it sounds, curses the luck of the intended target, this is not so unlike the jinx of the unicorn and simply makes the target extremely unlucky for approximately 3 days.

    Requirements: Incantation & runes
    (I) = beginner // (II) = Intermediate // (III) = Advanced // (V) = Expert // (S) = Supreme

    Basic Wards: Wards are, simply put, a means for a witch and or coven to shield themselves from outside forces. All witches are taught wards and most are taught quite a few over the course of their schooling. Wards are the most efficient and trustworthy way for a witch to protect themselves against outside magics and there are a few that will even repel curses and hexes.

    All wards require a circle of specific runes to be written on the area the witch wishes to ward, this is most commonly done around doors and windows but can be done anywhere. Once a ward is written it will seep into whatever it was written on and become invisible and therefore unbreakable unless detected by other magic. Wards will last as long as they’re not broken, even those that are triggered will remain working until the runes that make them are actually destroyed. All wards are automatically tied to the witch and regardless of what they actually do they will alert the witch once triggered, this alert will be similar to a mental shove and will always wake the witch if they’re asleep.

    Alarm Ward (I-III)
    A simple ward that can be magnified to something almost incapable of detection or breaking. The alarm ward is, as to be expected, a ward that creates an incredible amount of noise to both deter intruders and warn those within the vicinity.
    Anti-Hex Ward (II-V)
    As the name states this ward repels most hexes and is always written on every side of a coven’s house to ward from every possible side. This doesn’t repel (I)all(/i) hexes but even the ones it fails to repel it will diminish the effects of the hex by a noticeable amount.
    Combustion Ward (II)
    The combustion ward is one of the most physically damaging wards as it lights anything that touches it on fire.
    Freeze Ward (I)
    Unlike the immobilization ward the freeze ward freezes the entire target, coating them in ice and keeping them frozen for about 10 minutes at which time they will begin to slowly thaw.
    Immobilization Ward (I)
    The immobilization ward is one of the most common and simply freezes the target’s legs restricting their movement for approximately 30 minutes or until the runes are broken. This rune is often combined with a levitation spell to suspend the target in the air and then freeze them where they are.
    Protection Ward (I-V)
    Protection wards are generally used to create near unpickable locks but can be used to seal things shut even without a physical lock present. If placed on the floor a protection ward can also be stood within creating the same seal-like barrier around whoever is standing inside it, protecting them from all outside elements.
  • Businesses & Area Map
    Don't let the cheeky name put you off or you might miss the most authentic English fish and chips in town! Located on the western end of Crissy Field the little pub might as well have been plucked from the streets of England herself. Providing a casual indoor/outdoor dining experience with local and imported beer on tap, because really, what are fish and chips without a pint?
    A Salt & Battery
    On the lower south side of the district sits one of the only places in the city to get just about anything mechanical fixed. It's not shiny or new but its employees are incredibly knowledgeable and its customer base is long standing and loyal to this locally owned and run business.
    Blue Moon Garage
    Owned and operated by a long standing local [i]mistress[/i], Bottoms Up is [i]the[/i] premiere strip club of San Francisco boasting several floors of entertainment, VIP rooms and weekend showcases. This club has something for everyone as Wednesday and Sunday have long been declared 'ladies night' where the role of clientele and customer are reversed.
    Bottoms Up
    Strip Club & Bar
    Crissy Field, a former U.S. Army airfield, opened to the public in 2001 as an official addition the SF park system. Under Army control, the site was afflicted by the dumping of hazardous materials which have since been scrubbed from existence. While most buildings have been preserved as they were in the 1920s, some have been transformed into offices, retail space, and residences.
    Crissy Field
    Park, beach & Recreational Area
    Consisting of 1,017 acres, the Gold Gate Park is one of the largest urban parks, similar in shape, look and feel to Central Park in New York City, this park is actually 20 percent larger than its famous cousin. At its core it's a reminder of the natural landscape while also housing several museums, flower conservatories, science buildings and an expansive Japanese garden.
    Golden Gate Park
    Park, japanese garden & Recreational Area
    Nestled near downtown sits a dim little bar that has long since become an institution among its customers. While it does primarily function as a little hole-in-the-wall bar for the locals of the area it is also home to the black market. Used as a front, it's cheeky name offers a good cover to the unsuspecting while it's loyal patrons maintain its anonymity with shifty gazes and nightly rounds.
    My Father's Place
    Like many of the businesses in the area this little store is fairly long standing, it's quaint interior housing fashions from every era in brightly colored racks and discount prices.
    Out of the Closet
    San Francisco's Chinatown is not only North America's oldest but also holds the largest community of Chinese outside Asia. Established in 1848, Chinatown is an enclave that continues to retain its own customs, languages, places of worship, social clubs, and identity. There are two hospitals, numerous parks and squares, a post office, and other infrastructure.
    shopping & dining
    The Civic Center is an area spanning a few block radius that contains many of the city's largest government and cultural institutions including city hall and the War Memorial Opera House, where the U.N. Charter was signed in 1945 and the Treaty of San Francisco was signed in 1951. It has two large plazas (Civic Center Plaza and United Nations Plaza) and a number of buildings in classical architectural style.
    Civic Center
    City Hall and Government Buildings
    One of the busiest and well known tourist attractions in the western United States, while also maintaining the flavor of family-owned, decades-old businesses in the area. Other attractions in Fisherman's Wharf area are the Hyde Street Pier, the USS Pampanito, a decommissioned World War II era submarine, and the Balclutha, a 19th-century cargo ship.
    Fisherman's Warf
    shopping & dining
    Located within the radius of the Civic Center, the public library has a sorted history, surviving 2 major earthquakes, the first of which caused a loss of about 140,000 volumes, nearly 80% of its holdings, while the second damaged the building to the point of rebuilding. At over 376,000 square feet and with six floors above ground and one below, the new library is more than twice as big as the building it replaced.
    Public Library
    At Pier 39, there are shops, restaurants, a video arcade,street performances, the Aquarium of the Bay, virtual 3D rides, and views of California sea lions hauled out on docks on Pier 39's marina. The marina is also home to the floating Forbes Island restaurant. A two-story carousel is one of the pier's more dominant features.
    Pier 39
    Pier, Aquarium, shopping & dining
    Union Square is a 2.6-acre public plaza while also referring to the central shopping, hotel, and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. Today, this one-block plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, upscale boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and beauty salons in the United States .
    Union Square
    Downtown business park
    The University of San Francisco (USF) is a Jesuit Catholic university that started as a one-room schoolhouse in what would later became downtown San Francisco. The main campus is nicknamed "The Hilltop", and part of the main campus is located on Lone Mountain, one of San Francisco's major hills.
    USF - University of San Francisco
    This long standing, fairly unassuming business has quickly become the premiere Middle Eastern restaurant in the downtown area of San Francisco. Located near the famous Pier 39, Up In Smoke offers its customers a whirlwind tour of northern Africa and the middle east via the ever popular tiny plate (tapas) experience. From ten to eight this little corner shop houses an array of five star chefs, pumping out delicious perfectly spiced dishes before the space is transformed into an equally inviting hookah lounge.
    Up In Smoke
    Middle Eastern Cuisine & Hookah Lounge
    When most people think 5 star restaurant they think of stuffy dining halls attached to hotels but the 5 Star offers all the taste (and price) of the any other 5 star rated restaurant with a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Featuring two stories, a basement pool room and a full bar this has quickly become one of the up and coming hot spots for the younger generations.
    5 Star Bar & Grill
    AT&T Park is a baseball park located in the South Beach neighborhood in Soma. Since 2000, it has served as the home of the San Francisco Giants, the city's Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. The park stands along the San Francisco Bay, a segment of which is named McCovey Cove, in honor of former Giants player Willie McCovey. 
    AT&T Ball Park
    Baseball Stadieum
    Surrounded by the city's top theaters, restaurants, and shops, Dover Street Suites hotel welcomes you with luxurious accommodations, unmatched amenities and signature Destination Hotels hospitality. From an on-site restaurant with award-winning cocktail program, In-room spa services, pet-friendly rooms to the bicycles rentals to explore SF the DSS is sure to impress.
    Dover Street Suites
    The Farmers Market is a California certified farmers market operated by the nonprofit. The market is widely acclaimed for both the quality and diversity of its fresh farm products, and artisan and prepared foods. It is renowned throughout the country as one of the top farmers markets to visit. On any day, especially Saturdays, some of San Francisco’s best known chefs, and most famous farmers, can be seen at the market.
    Farmer's Market
    Locally grown farmers market
    Thistledown is one of the oldest apothecary shops in the greater SF area. Located in the Soma are and slightly off the beaten path this little hole-in-the-wall shop offers a wide variety of aromatherapy and natural remedies, soaps, perfumes and body products. Thistledown, however is most prominently known for both the common and harder to find spell ingredients and grimoire spells for the local covens.
    POTION SHOP & Apothecary
  • Conception Chart
    Human Spellbinder Witch Shifter (s) Skinwalker (w)
    Human human 60/40 (w) 30/70 (h) shifter 75/25 (w)
    Spellbinder 60/40 (w) witch 80/50 (w) 50/50 75/25 (w)
    Witch 30/70 (h) 80/20 (w) witch 50/50 75/25 (w)
    Shifter shifter 50/50 50/50 shifter 60/40 (S)
    Skinwalker skinwalker 75/25 (w) 75/25 (w) 60/40 (s) skinwalker
    Ghost, wendigo & vampire and all unbreedable species
    Sb = stillborn
    All emptied/grayed squares = impossible combinations
    H C Drg Dry Hrp Jinn Kel Kit
    Na Nym P Sal Sel Uni
    Human Shif Cen 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 80/20 (m) W nymph Pho Sal Sel Uni
    Spellbinder Shif W 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 80/20 (m) W nymph Pho Sal Sel Uni
    Witch (W) Shif W 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 80/20 (m) W nymph Pho Sal Sel Uni
    Shifter(sh) Shif W 1/2 blood 50/50
    Shif 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 65/35 (m) Shif nymph Shif Shif Shif Shif
    Skinwalker (SW) Shif W 1/2 blood 50/50
    1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 65/35 (m) Sw nymph Pho Sal Sel Uni
    Hybrid Shif
    Centaur Cen 50/50 50/50
    harpy Cen 1/2 blood F = K
    M = C
    Cen Cen father
    F = P
    M = C
    F = S
    M = C
    F = SL
    M = C
    Dragon 50/50 Drg 50/50
    1/2 blood Drg 1/2 blood Drg 50/50 Drg father
    Drg Drg 50/50 50/50
    Dryad 50/50
    dryad w/harpy 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    1/2 blood
    Harpy 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood harpy 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood
    Jinn Cen Drg 1/2 blood
    Jinn 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 50/50 Mer Jinn father
    50/50 50/50 Sel 50/50
    Kelpie 1/2 blood 1/2 blood 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood 1/2 blood Kel 1/2 blood 1/2 blood father
    1/2 blood 1/2 blood
    Kitsune F = K
    M = C
    Drg 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood 50/50 Kit Kit father
    75/25 (k) 50/50 50/50
    Merfolk 50/50 50/50 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood Mer 1/2 blood Mer Mer father
    50/50 50/50
    Naga Cen Drg 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood Jinn 1/2 blood Kit Mer Naga father
    Pho Sal Sel Uni
    Nymph father
    nymph father
    Phoenix Cen Drg 1/2 blood
    harpy 50/50 75/25 (k) Pho father
    Pho 50/50 50/50
    Salamander Cen Drg 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood 50/50 50/50 Sal father
    50/50 Sal 50/50
    Selkie Cen 50/50 1/2 blood
    1/2 blood Sel 1/2 blood 50/50 Sel father
    Sel 50/50
    Unicorn 50/50 50/50 50/50
    1/2 blood 50/50 1/2 blood 50/50 50/50 Uni father
    50/50 50/50 50/50 Uni
    NOTES: * Sb = stillborn * All emptied/grayed squares = impossible combinations
    Nephilim Valkyrie Fallen Angel Seraphim Archangel
    Human (h) human 50/50 - h/w stillborn human nephilim nephilim
    Spellbinder 50/50 - H/W 50/50 - h/w stillborn human nephilim nephilim
    Witch (w) 50/50 - H/W 50/50 - h/w stillborn human nephilim nephilim
    Shifter (s) 50/50 - s/h 50/50 - h/w stillborn 50/50 - s/h nephilim nephilim
    Skinwalker (w) 50/50 - w/h 50/50 - h/w stillborn 50/50 - w/h nephilim nephilim
    Fae (f) 50/50 - f/h 50/50 - h/w stillborn 50/50 - f/h nephilim nephilim
    Nephilim human 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Fallen stillborn stillborn stillborn stillborn stillborn
    Valkyrie 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w
    Angel human stillborn human 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Seraphim 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w stillborn 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Archangel 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w stillborn 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Cambion witch twins 50/50 - h/w
    Incubus/Succubi Antichrist 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w
    Demon human
    Greater Demon human 50/50 h/w human human
    Archdemon human 50/50 h/w human human
    NOTES: * Sb = stillborn * All emptied/grayed squares = impossible combinations
    Cambion Incubi/Succubi Demon Greater Demon Archdemon
    Human (h) human 50/50 - h/w human cambion cambion
    Spellbinder 50/50 - H/W 50/50 - h/w human cambion cambion
    Witch (w) 50/50 - H/W 50/50 - h/w human cambion cambion
    Shifter (s) 50/50 - s/h 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - s/h cambion cambion
    Skinwalker (w) 50/50 - w/h 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - w/h cambion cambion
    Fae (f) 50/50 - f/h 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - f/h cambion cambion
    Cambion 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Incubus/Succubi 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w
    Demon human human 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Greater Demon 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Archdemon 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb 50/50 - h/sb
    Nephilim witch twins 50/50 - h/w
    Fallen stillborn stillborn stillborn stillborn
    Valkyrie 50/50 - h/w Antichrist 50/50 - h/w 50/50 - h/w
    Angel human
    Seraphim human 50/50 h/w human human human
    Archangel human 50/50 h/w human human human
    NOTES: * Sb = stillborn * All emptied/grayed squares = impossible combinations
  • Extended Eternal Lore
    Hell, heaven and the purgatory are three realms attached to ours that exist to resolve what happens to souls after their mortal vessels perish. They’re not so much different from our world except they have their own rules. All three of them alike can only be entered and inhabited by eternals. This does get a bit tricky, non-eternals can be introduced to any of them provided they’re dressed in the according demonic or angelic protection. However, walking in heaven protected typically exposes the person to the heavenly host that doesn’t stop playing in its background, and it will turn them insane in time. Taking someone to hell is similarly a bad idea, as protection aside, a fleshy living organism in there will only draw the attention of demons that will whizz past and threaten.

    Going into purgatory is ill-recommended for every non-eternal alike since the place is considered a true neutral ground for those wandering. Whilst demons and angels can enter it, they normally do not, and when they do, that one rule they all respect is not fighting each other in that world.

    Angels can enter hell. Considering what a vile place it is which leaves even then blackened, most won’t. Only Archangels would be resistant for a longer time but hardly foolish enough to try. Demons cannot enter heaven. As a consecrated place of all the things right, it simply burns demons on spot. Only Archdemons could withstand it, going up in flames immediately but they could.

    There are twelve Archdemons and twelve Archangels. Heaven and Hell keep six in their realms to govern over them, and six on Earth. Earth Arches versus those who reside in their realms have different duties entirely though matching beginnings and the process is the same for them. Only, some will be chosen to remain above/below either because they’re too valuable (heaven) or not at all (hell).

    Hell is a she. Heaven, too. But calling them ‘it’ also works, if you’re not an eternal. For angels/demons they’ll always be a she.

    And the Devil typically a He. It’s just a popular way of calling Him. Likewise for God. And The Devil/God an entity, a being; the neither has a body, a mind, and therefore no voice to speak with, and yet anyone listening would claim they did hear a voice; their presence manifests simply as so, otherwise perceived as an energy, though if you asked anyone to have the voice described, they’d not know how. Simply, when either is speaking, all those who’re meant to hear it will and those who aren’t will perish; their death will be unpleasant, and not quick enough. Also, only eternals and blessed non-eternals can hear God/Devil without automatic death, though as a rule of the thumb anyone hearing Devil is fucked.

    As another important note, God and Devil represent opposing ideals though if you're looking to slam them down with a personality and a face you're shit out of luck. They are concepts, they're built off ideas: God is love, grace, acceptance, unity, uniformity, order. Devil is discord, disorder, pain, suffering, upset, anger and loneliness. God is: giving. Devil is: taking. However, they're not people like you and I, there's no cackling going on when you fuck yourself over with a crossroads deal, it's merely a means to an end or in this case, souls help fund/support hell and heaven. They are however two very strong forces they overwhelm, impress, suffocate, God is right and Devil is evil meaning there will be always decisions made to further the sides they represent, heaven and hell respectively.

    God keeps the Preceptor and Executioner close, they're his left and right hand whereas Devil keeps the Gatekeeper and Banker as his absolute closest.

    Appearance wise, heaven is stereotypically bright, a place of light and effervescent, cosmic power present all around. It loops around, so just when you think you’ve reached the end of it… you loop back.

    But its size isn’t set, it’s more of an unevenly shaped land if we had to define it with nine layers to it, each as wide as the Earth's circumference. it’s a rough estimate, these three worlds don’t lend themselves quite well to exact dimensions, even the lines between each layer are blurred and no thinner than a small country. Or sometimes, as thin as a needle. Things are relative in all these three realms, but heaven’s famous for going up; wherever you are in heaven, you can always go up, up, up, until its endlessly bright above reveals a rising gradient of dark as the space give way to the naked universe stretching above. It breeds the impression that Heaven and the rest of the realms are in fact parallel to ours, attached to our world to fill some place because each has this ‘end’, this direction you can keep walking in until you find yourself on the edge of the black, dark universe.

    Time there is relative, but the place is a friendly and generous one usually, and so one year there will be almost a year on our planet. Half a year, really. Although the farther up you go the more this increases, until a minute there becomes a year in mid-world. Heaven itself is a landscape, no clouds (like ours), typically under saturated if not brighter to the eye, and it has no celestial objects on its sky; no sun, no moons, no stars until you do travel far up. Teleporting within it is possible and easy.

    A place of order, navigating through its layers is actually easy, and it feels wispy on touch, the place, and relaxing, with clouds of energy moving about, some invisible, some as big as America, in general though the feeling of the place is vaguely nice. Its city, the only one that exists, is guarded heavily by the Illuminated and is reported to house God. Only his right and left hand, the Executioner and Preceptor can enter it on an invite. It’s a huge palace as it should be, God wouldn’t settle on a log cabin.

    Most people there can wish for a world they’d prefer to live in and it’ll manifest. Many angels do like to do so, many souls too; they’ll picture a place they’d called home and keep it sequestered off in this oddly endless and yet not so place called heaven (and their haven will be accessible only by them and Archangels and God). Its souls may sometimes be seen as orbs of white energy, sometimes they’ll choose to look as they once had. To them, it always feels very visceral and physical, it’s just how they choose to be viewed that changes if you see a disk of light or a person. Any soul may always choose to return below to be reincarnated, or remain up there. However, staying in heaven has two possible routes; going angel, or choosing to lose own consciousness and become recyclable source of energy for heaven to draw from. Eternity in heaven isn’t a lie. It’s just not portrayed truthfully.

    Where heaven is all the things pleasant, hell is its opposite. A realm akin to heaven, it’s a place oddly desaturated, with no color standing out too bold and everything seeming grayer, with a strange, green-ish tint and shadowy looks. There's a lot of dark. There’s some light. It’s dim and has no obvious source as it’s the hell itself and its dark magic running through it, its fast flickering causing the place to feel gently lit. You can touch on ground, there. There would be an incessant, sharp wind filtering past, apparently of no origins either but as a mere reminder that the vortex of the souls that runs along the middle of hell and upholds it like its only pillar, while not always visible is in fact always present. Hell is similarly a horrifyingly endless landscape, seemingly so as has edges and they offer the same view; the actually endless, cold black universe.

    It’s rockier as a ‘land’, such is the impression gleaned by those who want to view it; a lot of jagged, pointed rock, a lot of unpleasant sights to behold and vision in hell is very bad, it’s like however hard you try to glance at the horizon your eyes blur, and fog creeps over your vision. Hell is built to confuse, a maze-like machine that doesn’t care for order though reliably destroys. Teleporting there is also possible, but it’s almost fuck-off helpful since navigation in hell is non-existent. Going up can damn you, going down too. Generally, if you do go down down down, you do meet the edge of hell where it links to the cosmos and where its demons are usually trained in a small army of everyone’s worst nightmares, but you may also… not. If you want to move in hell, if you want to get somewhere you have to have a demon with who knows the place.

    Archdemons are expected to know it quite well, the Gatekeeper knows all of it and the Devil does too. It ranks of something vaguely depressing though doesn't have a specific scent, and it wears its corruption without shame. Even to demons themselves not all of the nooks of hell are familiar, and not many are open for a visit, and many shouldn’t be. As a place vast, horrifying and dark, it’s absolutely and subtly hostile by means of its ever present corruption and the presences of demon kind ever guarding it. Demons walk between its nine levels, which are a mirror of heaven’s; where one begins and the other ends you never know until you’re there. But anyone venturing in, any hopeful young eternal would just get lost unless supervised, and forever after wander through its lands, aka however long it took some demon to find them. Minutes. Some places in hell lead to others. Overall a confusing place of shit and all the things gross. Do not enter. Time there is also relative, not to mention space but a hundred years in hell is a single year on Earth. This is roughly even all across, with mild fluctuations but otherwise maintained throughout.

    In the past, many wars were waged in hell itself, always led by its fearsome Legionnaire.

    Undecided souls that originally wind up in purgatory cannot enter in heaven or hell-- they literally cannot, those places are inaccessible to them and forced entry would destroy them and waste them. So they don’t try. Purgatory itself feels like a one-dimensional realm without a lot of depth to it. No sky, but a firm land. It feels vague as well. A straight landscape with woods, with trees and a chunk of the world that has a gray fog seeping between its obviously fake elements. It feels murky. Almost wispy as well, gray and dim and uncertain like those who occupy it. Everything does feel blurry as far as its appearance goes, but then you’re not meant to like what you see or even see enough to linger. The souls there all either eventually choose a side, by choose meaning that their behavior there affects their end. Or they are simply reincarnated, there’s a time limit but nobody knows it.

    The souls there can act well or horribly, they may interact after all and if they choose to hurt each other or disrespect the passing reapers and cambions, the ground quickly swallows them up to show them where they belong. If they’re kind and altruistic, they ascend. It’s a land of wandering, otherwise. It’s vast, almost impossibly so, stretching to every direction sans mountains, sans elevation, like a flat land where if you dig too deep you find yourself in hell and if you climb too high heaven spits you down. If. You cannot as stated above, but if you could that would be the result. These muddied waters and lands of the purgatory do however carry a bit of danger, and a lot of the souls there before falling through to their next destination: hell spend some time being generally horrifying and bad, posing a threat to those that welcome this place of respite and quiet. However, all of them alike bow down to, and the guilty one hide from passing reapers who they respect, and cambions who they fear.

    Creating an angel is simple; you die, you go to heaven, and you either choose it or you are chosen. How is hard to define; purity, courage, some souls are born for this purpose and go angel upon ascension. Some do take a while to decide but the general process is very friendly, kind. It’s painless. Upon going angel, the new angel may choose to return to Earth to be among us mortals and learn how to be, or remain in heaven, protecting and defending it. Creating a demon is horrifying and visceral.

    Upon death, the soul goes immediately in hell, delivered to the vortex of souls along with others where it’s expected to spin for all of eternity until becoming gentle dust, but a power to base hell on. Or it will become food to other and stronger souls, those devouring to blacken themselves enough with the hurt of others to separate from the vortex and become a demon. It is how a demon is born; the soul must devour others and gain enough strength to separate as a tarnished entity, upon which they’ll ascend to Earth as a black, noxious smoke possessing others. That’s not the tough part.

    In hell, every soul is perceived as an orb of energy. Or as a cloud of energy, which is their true and overall appearance of souls. But to each and every soul the experience is entirely different; they perceive themselves as full-bodied, they feel the body they don’t have any longer, they oddly feel no hunger, thirst or the need to sleep, they don’t realize this or have the capacity to think about it but they feel pain, they feel loss and suffering and grief, which is what they experience. The souls there are put through torture, and hell itself enforces it. There’s no real asshole with a pair of pitchworks poking folks in a pot with boiling water. Hell itself forces the suffering, corrupting the souls with pain, with misery which they experience on a very, very visceral matter. And they are all unaware of what’s happening.

    Detached from reality, these souls normally have zero recollection of their previous lives-- this is the norm, for souls that do recall their life, the torture gets all the worse. Normally they don’t, rare cases are abound enough though if the person died particularly upset and haunted by their passing.

    They experience themselves in isolation and the present, having no concept of the past or the future just the sense of now. Sometimes, they experience their time in hell as their old rooms or homes riddled with corruption with themselves in the middle. They understand the place is familiar. Sometimes, they cannot even imagine solid space. But most importantly, the feel pain. The torture they sustain is a largely spiritual experience, it’s not literal but due to how they see their bodies, arms and legs, it means there is damage to be done to them and they feel that as though it were real.

    Lop off an arm, beat them with it, jokes aside their torture is extensive and immense and typically experienced in flashbacks and not really full on scenes as though from a movie; they don’t see who is doing it, they don’t see faces, or hear mean whispers of presumed devils saying they are in for a drive. They just feel the pain, see the legs kicking them, the sharp knife grinning back before they’re cleaved open and their insides fucked. It’s horrifying. And it’s endless. In a realm without food, water or sleep, there’s no rest for the wicked, and no reprieve for the poor souls. It’s intense. It has no end. And they’re raped, and butchered, and hurt, and used and abused in such an experience all are driven insane at a point… and find no escape from that, as well.

    And yet… their experience also includes those rare glimpses of the reality, of the vortex they are a part of, of hell, of the world. It’s these that they need to be strong enough to be on the look out for, that they’ll need to elevate themselves above their hurt for, realizing what is going on and the state of their being, gaining awareness to pull away and begin hunting souls to really become free of this place. It’s subconscious, immediate, and it blacks them a soul at a time for a simple reason: devouring souls means torturing them. Hurting them. It’s not done literally, it’s pressing their presence over them in malice until the soul shatters and becomes absorbed though to the soul this is usually experienced as only added pain/rape/torture to those already present. In fact, even the hopeful future demon can see their suffering, has to to remain awfully aware of where they are since a moment of hesitation would snap their mind back to the lashing, horrid torture of pain shattering them and rebuilding them every other moment. And that could mean forgetting where they are, plunged again in the depths of pain... Whilst eating others, they're not tortured; in hell you're either the one getting hurt or hurting others.

    And this stains them, this as they do this in repeat, one after another until a hundred later what emerges from the vortex is violent, black and noxious, a demon that’s immediately spat on the world, free to possess others. Usually they do remember who they were, the basics anyway, but are detached from it, even incapable of understanding what emotions they have and what’s going on, and thus impartial to it, keen on murder and hurt even if their minds are still rattled from the experience and not entirely warped. Usually they’re not. But regardless of this all the demons without exception commit crimes after they rise above. All.

    It does take them a while to settle into their twisted nature, the tie to hell makes it a given and as their corruption grows so does their recollection of who they were, naturally summoning back their relinquished humanity a sliver at a time. At the time of the corruption being at its absolute high, no amount of humanity will stop a demon from being a demon. Exceptions are those demons who had their humanity even during the transition. Those who died with such a strong, powerful emotion that often the memory of their passing or what surrounded it will follow them to hell and remain with them throughout the experience; enhanced, twisted and augmented as in to torture them as well with memories of everything they were. Attached to a past and identity and a face, aware of who they’d been at a point, it makes the torture all the worse on every level. These demons are particularly vicious.

    Eventually, all souls in heaven become reincarnated, and those who've wandered in purgatory long enough, too. They make may choose to become reincarnated immediately and willingly too, likewise for those who find themselves in heaven. The case is somewhat different with Hell. Archdemons are pushed to reincarnate, though this is perceived as punishment since hell will always find a way to tie their lives back to itself; Archdemons were likely Archdemons even in their previous life. If this is their first rodeo, then it isn't the last. Demons and greater demons remain in hell forever, unless they're permitted to reincarnate which is also possible, the permission of the Devil given. The souls that are there, however, are another topic entirely: they don't. That's the point of hell. You don't get out unless you're a demon, or you get released.
    The knighting of Archangels is thankfully a kind process though at the core of it the same; there will come a time when a seraph has attained too great of a power. They’ll feel it. They will feel beyond just powerful. They will teleport to heaven on own accord and just to the right place. All angels similarly know when an Archangel is about to be knighted, but it’s considered to be a very private ceremony. The seraphim in question always knows where to go, it’s intuitive, and it’s the true edge of heaven where the presence of God is such it cuts right through all its layers, and its tail end is where our world begins and the top where the sun shines. Or so the angels whisper.

    It’s there that the seraphim faces a very strenuous and painful task of accepting a piece of God onto themselves, and it hurts even them and similarly can kill and vaporize them if their will power to defeat the pain isn’t strong enough. If it is, the power melts into them, requiring a sacrifice all of the power they had on their own but the payoff is having a constant and eternal source of power at hand, and then access to heaven’s as well. If the process is successful, the Archangel manifests their pure energy form, blinding and glorious, receiving their duties in a whisper they will remember forever after but not be able to describe.

    Still, mortality is high and this path isn’t for everyone. Most Archangels were angels for a long time in the past-- for their kind, it’s possible to go from angel to seraphim within a day, though it’s those who took their time and did their service as plain angels first that make for the best and most patient Archangels. For them, the path to power is steep-- they grow in power as they fulfill their duties, protecting, saving and thus eventually all seraphs are placed in front of their God in a test of whether they can make an Archangel or not. With all this being said, Archangels and Archdemons alike are extremely rare. Most demons live up to 500 at the longest, and angels are no better, killed off before 300; as they’re less cruel and the demons are more, they tend to be outweighed by own grace and tenets.

    How can one lose their grace? Fucking a demon isn't fine by God and yet slutting it up AF doesn't warrant a loss of grace. Mostly, it's doubt. We could translate heaven's organization easily using earthly terms. It's like a military organization, blinded, unquestioning loyalty of the troops is a hard given and the lack of it isn't forgiven. Though angels don't hunt each other down, they don't trust those who don't closely follow the tenets of God since it's never possible long term. Doubt, as in doubting God, doubting their purpose is a deadly weapon, and the laws are merciless. Any doubting angel finds that upon having their doubt exposed, out loud by others or via their own understanding of their power, their grace will abandon as so and without ado. It can be regained, but again trust is needed, repentance, faith-- faith is crucial to angels, they maybe not enjoy some of God's decisions and they're open to disagree with them but they may not doubt God. Angels can even go against God in some part but here it gets tricky.

    Angels are ruled by tenets, do this and do that, so going against them any harshly, against the key tenets that make up heaven would be a costly and fatal deal: if an angel went on a killing spree, raped, murdered, tortured their end would be quick. But despite the apparent strictness of heaven, a portion of defiance is encouraged, it's just not widely known since nobody actually believes it. God, however, has an understanding that a change is necessary and natural and thus for the higher good, for the genuine higher good angels may go against the rules... but again, how and when this applies is varied, fluctuant and thus angels will just support the notion of bowing their heads and doing what they're told instead of taking their chances. Archangels, for example, they're very heavily duty-bound, and yet even they have a bit of a wiggle room which most won't chance to explore but it is there. One of the biggest 'going against the heaven' steps after all is redeeming demons, another is permitting nephilim scum to live-- and yet, supporting the notion all life is precious, even that of an angel bastard ranks well enough not to snuff it aimlessly.

    Hell is disorganized chaos. Heaven is orderly. Hell doesn't really give a shit if order is broken, you're on your own whereas heaven wants to work as a cohesive team standing united for the same reason. It's also why one of them stepping out is punished-- it could ruin the entire time. But in cases of the intentions being good, and the act itself not causing any random and gratuitous suffering, it's permissible.

    As an interesting note, although it's highly unlikely, a demon/angel pair is possible. It's a sin, it's wrong, the angel in question would be ostracized greatly but love is God's favorite emotion and provided said angel didn't dip toes into evil, it would be okay... outside of likely being hunted down by own... of course. Which means, too, that an Archangel/Archdemon pair would be possible, too, just both heaven and hell would hate it but to the God who promotes love and to the Devil who'd view it as an opportunity to poison the angel ranks from the inside, it wouldn't be as bad. Again, it depends on the situation and if said Archangel/demon had been slipping or the actual circumstances surrounding this union. But with the usual demon/angel dynamics, it's all moot.

    Angel bonds:

    Exactly like Archdemons, Archangels have the same option of this all-encompassing gorgeous bond they may embark on together, swapping life forces, same rules applied. The process has to be conducted between two Archangels to avoid death, them ripping out pieces of their souls and inserting them in the other. Archangels have always been more open to this option (though not as open, continue reading for more), as their bond is a centered around harmony and respect, a painless, awing ritual that yields the two a deep tie that melds two souls into one. However, it remains largely unexplored by their kind because for all the virtues that the angel kin supports, angels remain very wrapped up in themselves and what most would dub arrogant; sharing their essences is often a cheek to suggest, let alone hope to perform. Regardless, they're free to and indulging in such a bond would blur the lines between two souls and make them belong to each other like partners.

    Though the bond's intended to be platonic, it may develop wherever the users will permit it to and always does exceed the expected. The bond wouldn't twist them into anything they already weren't, there'd be no real change to their behavior or anything ill of nature. They'd be able to tap into their powers and be able to slip into each other's body and enhance, double the other's powers from great distances, or even temporarily into a single being though only in heaven... and there'd be no coming back from it. They could swap memories, drive each other's body in the absence of the other's consciousness, will (consent would have to be present), or even temporarily swap their archangel duties/abilities, existing essential as one being in two vessels. Unbeatable and matched only by an Archdemon due of the exact nature.

    They'd feel the natural drive to protect each other, although some documented cases claim that some Archanges pairs have proven that compatibility prior to seeking this kind of bond is a severe must; pairs that formed it for the sole purpose of it couldn't force the unique nature of the bond to yield as it was meant to, and found that the benefits were halved, if not even lower. Ultimately, it's a tie of respect and honor that makes the Archangels feel very, very human and caring towards one another, which is also why it's so unpleasant of a thought to many; Archangels are not humans, but this bond both elevates their abilities about the norm, and ties them in a bond that easily and almost always develops romantically in time.

    The detail('s in the works):

    -- Why aren’t there more angels around? Most souls that go to heaven don’t become angels. Half of angels remain in heaven. Most angels choose not to become seraphs since they know the path to power is steep, and seraphs too can face the dreaded illumination. Most seraphs and angels are killed before the age of 200y. Most seraphs summoned before God to go Archangel die in the process.

    -- For angels, acquiring power is a burden and a curse. It’s why most don’t attempt. It’s why many are killed. However, where demons overwhelm the angels with brutality, Archangels overwhelm the Archdemons with theirs; trained to the vicious and unfaltering in their belief, Archangels are an organized group willing to rain death on all the sinners. They are only hindered by their duty to humans. Archdemons have none. In questions of morality, one clearly prevails over the other. In power, they’re more or less matched, depending.

    -- From the living to a floating soul to an angel to a seraph and an incubus or a succubus, this change is possible and as little as 48h can pass from the passing of the person and their awakening as an eternal hybrid because of how the angel lore works; going an angel is encouraged, going a seraph is available to all the angels since conception, and falling, too, can happen easily.

    -- Seraphs and Archangels in particular are privy to an ability of sharing their essences, again Archangels may use it on each other to gain that special bond, but in general Seraphs and Archangels may use their energies to manipulate their bodies and the souls of others. They may consciously stop their healing, it requires constant focus and drains their energy, even twice as more than is required to heal it since the healing is automatic, but they may do it. Additionally, they may share their energies with non-eternals, in small amounts this would permit them to travel through heaven or such and not... die. But any larger bursts of energy would not go well for the people, mostly with Archangels their energies are highly overpowering and intense and though in small amounts shared will leave the people experiencing a mild, euphoric high. The energy of an angel is programmed to protect/cleanse, much more so if it's an Archangel whose being is anointed with the power of God and thus even a lick of their power may make the person feel overwhelmed and humbled. For larger amounts, the death would be imminent, and kind of immediate: the person would just explode. Archangels may choose to shove their energy on demons and great demons and obliterate them as so, in short to these eternals energy is a currency too. Angel kin normally use it to cleanse the world.

    -- What would happen if seraphs swapped soul pieces like this? It simply wouldn't work out. They'd recoil back in hurt at best, die at worst. With an archangel/seraph, it would destroy the seraph.

    -- At any point, God may speak through the mouths of his Archangels, though would not assume control in any manner comparable to possession-- the option, however, is there, it just goes against much of heavenly tenets. He'd usually choose his Left or Right.

    -- Though upon conception, every demon leaves hell, there are plenty demons in hell. Most of them were sent down under via exorcism, many were summoned back in time and some returned willingly. Some didn't even make it to the surface, too weak as demons.

    -- All of angel ilk that die (you know, die die) either return to heaven as some aimless energy, or are reincarnated. It's not a choice that's conscious, it's largely subconscious, the last of the person's will before they're killed and their consciousness disappears. If they reincarnate, heaven doesn't control their lives, and will leave them to live out the next life they're born into and choose whether they'll walk the same path or another. There's the inherent trust that once an angel always an angel, although history has proven it wrong. Once an Archangel always an Archangel is however true; those who have reincarnated have always found themselves naturally seeking out their old path of righteousness. It's a path once walked and forever chosen, even if there have been those who actually chose against following the same road. Heaven, being all about consent, permitted it. Although how its individual members will treat their reincarnated old friends is another topic entirely. Will they remember it, though? Unlikely, unless a meddlesome Archangel (or a stronger seraph) makes them.

    -- The Illuminated aren't permitted to reincarnate. Drone-like, robotic ex-Archangels of cosmic powers, they do disappear into the far reaches of heaven and eventually spread out their energies to form the walls between individual levels of heaven, or other kind of heavenly building material.

    The crowning of an Archdemon is a social event, as social as Hell can get. When it’s about to happen, every demon kin senses it and may teleport below to watch even if they don't know who the "lucky" greater demon is. It begins with a greater demon whose powers, after having grown too large, begin to fluctuate. Their precious control begins to collapse, which they note quickly, immediately, and usually this isn’t a thing of a days weeks or months; within hours from the last bit of energy the greater demon attained, their powers begin to harshly react in a whiplash, a detriment to them and as well as the surroundings. It’s always a sign or the sign. Hell knows. The greater demon is teleported immediately to Hell-- they’re tugged back, but they always do understand almost intuitively what is happening.

    Below, in parts of Hell that aren’t open otherwise, the greater demon finds themselves on a platform of stone, hanging prominently over a yawning, blank below that surely leads to the end of the universe. The greater demon walks this platform, stood in front of it, the Devil. If they resist, they’re killed. They might resist. The Devil takes a piece of himself and inserts it, melds it with the greater demon, right into their heart. It’s a cruel and painful process. Whilst demons are generally accustomed to pain and even living below, the Devil is an energy beyond our understanding of powerful and wrong. And so, feeling his energy kills the greater demon on spot. It deconstructs them, almost literally, drenching them in a moment of pain that nothing in the world will compare to. Not all survive this process. Many do not.

    Many greater demons will stop amassing power, though some will chance it, wanting to see if they will survive the crowning. Other demons can observe as this goes on; regular (in the form of black energies), greater (with their bodies) and Arches, who are all automatically present for every crowning. While many greater demons do not survive this process, it’s performed because of their ability to; with as many souls as they have amassed, they have enough energy and power to heal their collapsing bodies. Sadly, this does waste everything they’d spent centuries amassing on surviving, but it also anoints them with the power of the Devil, keeping him always in their heart, in their mind. The survived greater demon ascends to the highest rank available to demons, becoming Arch and there on spot receiving their new duties and powers. The duties aren’t listed. They’re more or less a knowledge they find themselves in a possession of, suddenly there, though to them it feels natural.

    Arches should be understood as more connected to the Devil than hell itself. It is why many of its laws do not apply to them. As children of the Devil, Arches are elevated above the rest in duties and power. They borrow the latter directly from the Devil, though may also take from Hell. Devil’s energy is more infinite. The crowning itself is flashy, and loud; the greater demon will scream for a long, long time until their throat bleeds raw though their over-amped healing will heal it over time and over again until the crowning is finished. Usually, it wraps up with the new Archdemon manifesting their full demon form. In Hell, it’s impressive; as wide as the wingspan of seven dragons stood side by side, and a tall malicious column of black, the new Archdemon first loses their body before piecing it back together after. Then, they are considered an Archdemon. To call it a crowning is wrong. Hell has a sense of humor.

    Demon bonds:
    Archdemons or demons overall don’t have mating or anything akin, but they have the option of parting with bits and pieces of their energies or even souls. A regular demon would never do this. It would destroy them. A greater demon might. An Arch, whose energies are endless, can whenever; they can rip pieces of themselves and insert them in others indefinitely. It would kill anyone. It is how redemption works. It wouldn’t kill a seraph or an Archangel. But if performed with a fellow Archdemon, it would tie their forces together, melding them two like one soul living in two bodies. Comparing it to the mating bond would be perverse, it’s far worse and more invasive than soothing. As Archdemons themselves are hell’s perversions, they have the ability to meld their souls together to erase where one begins and the other ends, yielding a horrifying caricature of obsession and evil that builds up off itself, like a tennis ball bounced between rackets for all eternity. Because their souls are twisted, and ever hungry, they feel an overwhelming need to possess and own each other, attached at a hip like brothers.

    They’d be able to experience each other’s presence as intensely as intense can be measured and immediately topple somewhere towards suffocating and unhealthy. If there wasn’t an obsession prior to this, there would be one. Perhaps for a good reason a union between two Arches isn’t recommended, but hell may give a push if she finds it humorous. They’d read each other’s emotions, desires, whims, and be able to feed off each other as an endless source of power; by the mere presence alone consummated often in sex or blood, in the other’s suffering, pain, love, arousal and every feeling, they’d feel sustained and energized, though also maddened and vividly insane.

    They’d be able to find each other, protective, and summon each other mentally. They’d hear each other from across any distance, overhearing conversations as though they were spoken a foot away. Rather, they could choose to hear each other, just as they could choose to let the other’s heartbeat change their own, or have it pound in their ears forever. It sounds kind of romantic if you pull it apart though at its core it’s very damaging and destructive… not even to the Archdemons themselves entirely, but the world they face. In history, there’s only one documented case of Archdemons advancing to this stage. They ended up killing themselves out of the pure and deranged need to only have each other to look at. But before that happened, this duo was widely used by hell to push its agenda; where they walked, chaos went up. Their noxious, dangerous auras have added effect of naturally corrupting those who linger around; a single ugly thought you’d entertained this morning becomes an obsessive conviction in their presence that you should go gut your cunt neighbor for her horrid hairstyle. It fades in time, but the weak-willed or very young will bend in their presence, spreading this chaos elsewhere.

    Two Greaters doing this wouldn't yield much, just death, basically, their souls would try to consume each other. Alternatively, it would harm them both and make them feel pretty stupid.

    Demon redemption:
    A greater demon or an Archdemon will relinquish on a piece of their soul and give it over to a seraph or Archangel also ripping out a piece of their own. They swap these pieces, and they meld in them. On both ends it has to be consensual. On the angel’s part, they do feel like their world is now not as bright as before, although generally they don’t obverse behavioral changes. It helps stop their illumination, as the raw emotional chaos of the demon kin is the missing ingredient in their control over their grace. For demons, the exchange does feel quite unpleasant and overwhelming, and for those not too ready to face their crimes, even damning; dying during redemption isn’t unheard of, in which case the angel could either be dragged with too or still benefit in way of stopping their illumination. It depends on their strength.

    During the process, the two do link minds and can see into each other, surface memories wheezing by in a blur, giving them a better understanding of each other. Afterwards, the duo may feel remnants of a lasting connection, something like an eternal mutual understanding unlikely to pale in time or space. After the two have exchanged their energies, the skies do literally split open and the heavens do shine down on the ex-demon, cleansing them so their batty, half-feathered wings turn gray and full-feathered (if it is an Archdemon; a greater demon would just grow wings). It is in this part that many fate their death-- the heavenly host sings with a punishing vigor in the ears of any demon, and it’s a lot to accept onto themselves, a lot with the added guilt of the past crimes and the stern and unforgiving clarity of mind that is attained only when the demon’s connection to hell becomes severed.

    Demon corruption:
    Demon corruption is caused by hell itself. In the center of Hell runs a vortex of souls, which is in fact its pillar running all throughout this dark dimension. It holds up Hell and keeps it alive as a throbbing, beating organism. All its souls are the damned either conned to Hell, or brought down under on their own accord. And every demon kind has a tie to hell, a mental link that’s centered and anchored by this very vortex. It keeps the corruption in Hell a steady, undying presence, and makes it that those who are connected to Hell can’t very well be shining examples of humanity regardless of their tries. Hell does leave its stain, it’s like a smudge on the soul that never fades. The demons don’t just feel it, they also do hear, however faintly, the screaming of the souls in the vortex. This never goes away. They learn to live with it, and some learn to regard it as a song; a faintly playing song on a repeat. It’s too easy to get used to. Otherwise, Hell is a cradle of pain and horror, which it utilizes well in every manner.

    Dealing with the devil:
    AKA how a deal with a demon works, you have two clear ways; you summon a crossroads demon, or you just ask one. The former is the official route, depending on your request you will get ten or fifteen years before your soul is reaped. It can be canceled, shortened or extended only by the Banker or Devil. Dying prematurely won't matter; your soul now belongs to hell. Forever. No demon will murder someone who made a crossroads deal.

    The other route is the unstable one as the contracting demon has no larger entity above themselves and their rules on what to do. A demon, once it has your agreement to get your soul, may go against the deal and claim your soul immediately or wait a day, a week, forever if they wish it though most collect the soul immediately. No other demon will attempt to claim it but you may still get murdered by them. There's a bit of an etiquette with this involved, demons won't kill you if you sold your soul to a greater demon or an Archdemon though it's not much of a relief. Contrarily, Archdemons aren't fussed by rules, and if they seem someone's soul has been sold to another demon they may still do as they will and take it. If it was a crossroads contract though, they may have to argue this out with the Banker. The unspoken rule is that you don't step on the Banker's (or the Gatekeeper's) toes but what do they care sometimes?

    A crossroads deal is sealed with blood. A regular contract too, or the soul. Either or, if you have sold your soul then it will show to all the eternals. Either deal sends your soul to hell, it's simply a rule that it has to happen though some demons may hold onto souls in themselves even if it's forbidden.

    (the devil's in the) Details:
    -- Demon teleportation is a nasty trick of Hell to keep its denizens forever corrupted. Not capable of teleporting directly, the indirect method of transport via Hell in fact ensures that Hell’s Archdemons and greater demons always remain perfectly corrupted since every visit, however brief, furthers that blackened spot on their souls. It doesn’t matter they’re usually long corrupted. It’s a trick, it works, and additionally it works generally on everyone who comes to hell, protected by such or such. Even angels will be shy to visit it, and though they have the ability they won’t. Most won’t. The young ones will.

    -- Demons eat souls to gain power which means the soul doesn’t go to hell. Not all the people they kill ascend or descend, and not all the souls they acquire are devoured. There’s no such as a thing as hell getting a cut, not really, but demons are expected to both grow in power and send souls to hell which thrives off them. Not all the souls can be devoured, some too pure, some quickly reaped by a reaper or a valkyrie.

    -- Demons run from valkyries. Greater avoid them. Archdemons tend to, too.

    -- For demons, acquiring power is mostly a privilege. Going Archdemon… a fear. And a thing of ego.

    -- Why aren’t there so many demons around? Most souls that go to hell remain in hell, becoming either food to other souls or the general source of energy that maintains hell. Most demons that do abandon hell don’t even make it past their 500th year, let alone become a greater demon. The median demon longevity is 400y. Most demons don’t become greater demons. And majority of greater demons don’t live long enough to try for Archdemon. And almost all of those who do die in the process.

    -- Greater demons and Archdemons in particular are privy to an ability of sharing their essences, again Archdemons may use it on each other to gain that special bond, or both may turn to it to redeem themselves, but in general Greater demons and Archdemons may use their energies to manipulate their bodies and the souls of others. They may consciously stop their healing, it requires constant focus and drains their energy, even twice as more than is required to heal it since the healing is automatic, but they may do it. Additionally, they may share their energies with non-eternals, in small amounts this would permit them to travel through hell or such and not... die. But any larger bursts of energy would not go well for the people, mostly with Archdemons their energies are highly toxic and even small amounts shared will leave the people awfully sick for days. The energy of a demon is programmed to corrupt, much more so if it's an Archdemon whose being is anointed with the power of the Devil and thus even a lick of their power may make the person feel very regretful that got curious/power-hungry at all. For larger amounts, the death would be imminent, though not immediate, and not painless. Archdemons may choose to shove their energy on seraphs and angels and obliterate them as so, in short to these eternals energy is a currency too. Demon kin normally use it to poison the world.

    -- At any point, Devil may enter our world by possessing one of his Archdemons. Seeing as they are infused with his powers, this would not kill them even if it would not be a pleasant experience. Devil would normally choose his Left or Right hand.

    -- Though it's not widely known, once an Archdemon always an Archdemon is a bitter rule of hell some have been sorry to discover. If an Archdemon is killed, or somehow orchestrates their death, or perhaps if their body is destroyed and they are sent to hell to remain there, hell will simply send their soul back into the cycle and reincarnate them... And then, find a way of making them return as they were before. Hell stalks its ex Archdemons, there's no rest for the wicked even if you'd assume you could have it. As far as demons go... they'll always be kept under as energies to keep hell powerful-- same goes for greater demons. Simply, hell cares about numbers and power, and Archdemons are the promise of the latter. The rest can fuck off.

    Incubi/succubi and valkyries are absolutely unique creations that combine both hell and heaven, serving both at the same time for a split second and then neither for the rest of their existence. Incs/succs are less hellish than anything, and hold a specific position in hell of being mostly her fuck you to heaven-- beyond being trophies, though, not much: trophies and assassins. Valkyries more or less serve the universe itself, and though they are God’s pawns they also do tend to answer to themselves since the calling of heaven isn’t as loud in their ears. But the most unique thing is the tie between these eternal bastards, and the fact that of their union only an Antichrist would be born. A valk and an inc/succ form two halves of the same piece. Their dynamics and mechanics aren’t as well discovered as heaven and hell would like to admit, but the ignorance is mutual and conscious on their part because of how the two species fit together actually, snapping as well in all the places like something meant to belong.

    Bereft of the old master, not as attached to the new one, they’re self-reliant, both, answering to the Devil and God, but they stick out, too different with their origins and powers to fit in with their new home. And so they fit together, so different they find each other the same. Incubi/succubi don’t tend to flock together, they’re not herd animals randomly though will feel kinship with each other the most, likewise for valkyries. However, incubi/succubi and valkyries do flock together, this is simply a given and natural for them because they find peace in each other beyond what their new masters offer. Beyond that, they tend to create a complete circle; if there is anything like missing your other half, incubi/succubi and valkyries are each other’s missing half that snaps them together into a single and cohesive piece there’s no shattering.

    Already drawn to each other, choosing to indulge it in full would create a tie that would make them aware of each other as a missing part of their soul, bound on an astral plane, spiritually connected. It’s a calling of souls to each other to such an extent without one the other would choose to die. It’s sensing each other, and being able to feel each other as though their bodies have been swapped. An inc/succ and a valkyrie pair have a unique ability of undoing much of the hell’s/heaven’s harm to and reach over them, capable of separating entirely from hell/heaven and being considered true eternal rogues that depend only on each other. This would in fact end all of the valkyrie’s duties towards heaven, though they would likely continue them regardless as they feel natural and at times represent that conscious desire to repent for their past. It would also separate the inc/succ from hell. It also means they'd no longer need to go via hell when using their teleport, and be able to resist the pull of hell to do whatever they want. This is why hell targets such pairs and doesn't forgive them.However, because inc/succ are detached from hell, they cannot be dragged under by the power of the Devil which all of hell naturally succumbs to. They could hear the calling but, frankly, ignore it. Demons could not.

    In this, the potential inc/succ and valk pair is... huge, vague threat to the world for being so entirely self-sufficient. Weren't valkyries, incubi and succubi rare to begin with, perhaps it'd be larger than it presently is. It's also why valkyries tend to get absorbed in heaven by its duties to prevent their straying, and why hell punishes its incubi and succubi for shacking it up with a valkyrie.

    Most incubi/succubi were ones seraphs, and most valkyries were once greater demons; due to how Archdemons/angels are made, it’s impossible to fully purify/remove the melding with Devil/God that comprises the core of going Archdemon/angel. It makes ex-Archdemon valkyries a rare, unlikely sight logically perceived with mistrust since they’ll never actually shake their tie to the below-- the one with Hell is gone, but the one with Devil remains, forever and beyond, even to their next incarnation if they choose it. Just the same, it’s impossible to detach God from Archangels, making Archangels going incubus or succubus nigh impossible. For these eternal bastards, their no going back route makes them fitting into their new species twice as more difficult than it already is.

    Ex-Archangel succubi/incubi will always crave their old home like the only true time of joy they had. Their draw to valkyries will be many levels more intense than observed otherwise, fueled by the almost maddening sense of not being complete. They'll not be too susceptible to corruption, actually, in fact more likely to resist it but just as well more likely to be mocked and teased and summoned below at any turn for some cuppa corruption. Depending on dedicated they are to hell, stepping on consecrated ground will yield either them feeling a flare of their old angelic abilities, nothing specific, just a vague sense thereof, or they'll go up in flames since fuck you, how dare you betray heaven. God will never forgive them or rather they'll never forgive themselves if they choose to linger on their guilt. But if they embrace their corruption, they'll be unbeatable. Most Ex-Archangel succubi/incubi have been claimed by Devil and turned into his personal whores/assassins that seldom leave his side. Most. Not all. Which is my way of saying if you're interested in pursuing this path though hard pass on the whore thing, not to worry. Most, after all. Not all.

    Ex-Archdemon valkyries will find that there's a dark spot on their soul where the tie to the Devil exists. They'll be plagued, forever too, by their past, by the visions of hell as bright as they remember them. They'll be attracted to hell. To visiting it like an old, loathsome home they'll suddenly see in another light, in a stark contrast to before, full of truly blackened spots and surprisingly a lot more color and noise. Being sworn to obey the universe, they'll see the worlds as they are sans the pretense every realm is usually cloaked in. Hell used to be a place of color and emotion. They'll feel the putrid stench of grief, the color of suffering and they'll be drawn to taking vacation there and forever struggle against venturing out to the center of it where the Devil would be more than glad to have a "talk".

    These valkyries may feel a bit more hellish in character, no doing of their own but their stain will always be felt by those who can sense hell-- eternals, some witches, you name it. They may resist it entirely or sometimes succumb to their old ways depending on if they ever to visit hell or how often. They may, however, in case they have them at all, rely on their incubi/succubi partners to walk their dreams and remove the presence of Devil, or protect them against it. It's a shit experience overall that pushes and tests their limits and makes their freedom feel incomplete and like a fucking sham. Escaping from hell? Kk. Devil? Never.

    Magical doppelganger:
    The presence of conflicting magics from the fae, the witches and the mentioned three realms, each one of them being a perversion of a different form of magic, has created a phenomenon that's known by the people though not really understood so well; it's possible for there to be two people twin in appearance and whose lives will often mirror each other's at some points. Their species will be different usually, it's not a must for them to share everything, names too but they will be linked, however, unless one of them is an eternal, this link will not be noted or exploited by either. If one of them is an eternal however, they'll be aware of it enough they could track it down to their other half but if said eternal is located somewhere in hell, heaven or purgatory they will be able to swap places with their doppelganger even if temporarily.
  • Extended Fae Information
    Fae Courts & Judicial System:
    The fae people have forever been divided into two distinct courts, the Seelie and the Unseelie, that are based on a set of founded beliefs or tenets to which everyone within their court is held accountable. Which court a fae belongs to is determined solely by their species and not the individual fae themselves.

    The physical courts themselves are located within a centralized castle. One half holds the seelie, the other, the unseelie. This castle is surrounded by the biggest neutral metropolis within the combined fae kingdoms, Thilmora. This city is the one true melting pot for the fae within their realm, modeled after the modern human city of New York in look and feel, though it sprawls over a much larger area, boasting far more natural resources than New York City could ever hope to encompass. Within this central castle is a circular room that holds every town hall portal within the human realm, providing a single location for travel to and from as its central wing remains open to the public. The monarchy and their advisors reside within this castle most of the year, branching off to their respective court castles around the time of their solstice festivals.

    Both courts are ruled by a single leader in a monarchy format; the king belonging to the seelie and the queen to the unseelie. Standing as the deciding factor for everything within their respective court, the king and queen have always and will always work for their people while staying true to their tenets. Much like modern governments, the courts do not rule individual lives but rather the king/queen of the court have several advisors, who have several advisors of their own. These second tier advisors are the heads of provinces (akin to acting mayors) within each courts given territory, and feed the will of the people up the ladder to their governing monarch.

    While the tenets are broad and only loosely dictate the personalities and way of life for each fae within the court itself, there will always be some that go against the grain, known simply as rogues.

    The court demands obedience from its members and in return gives protection, territory and order. There is some leniency even in the court, as there must be to govern over such a wide array of people and magics, however the fae courts try and sentence their wrongdoers just like the mortal realm does its own population. Many non-fae find this unjust, as fae are not held accountable through the mortal judicial systems but rather through their respective fae court itself. The fae would argue in turn, that as bestial creatures their natures are broad, requiring flexible laws. For example the punishment for a murder committed by a unicorn and one committed by a wendigo would differ slightly as the nature of their respective beasts also differ and this must be taken into account in order to keep peace.

    The biggest difference is the primitive and exact nature of the fae judicial courts. Their judicial system is not one that offers any bend in its ruling, no repeals or lengthy court precessions for the fae. Its final ruling is hard and fast and without mercy. The crime depending, the fae are a wild people and their justice is very much akin to that of the medieval era-- an eye for an eye, steal and you lose a hand, etc. It’s a practice meant to dissuade via fear and respect, and within the fae realm it works well. Its reach falters a bit when it comes to the mortal realm, as that realm is only marginally policed by comparison. Within the fae realm however, crime is almost unheard of between its own citizens. A utopia by many standards, though in reality, in a realm where most of nature itself has the means and will to see you dead, so who really needs to steal a television?

    Note: it should be noted that the overall fae populous makes up about half that of the mortals in numbers, and typically speaking only half of the fae ever cross over to the mortal realm. Meaning that there are roughly 1.6 billion fae in the mortal realm, to the 7.6 billion mortals/sempiternals.

    Court Royalty & History:
    The fae courts are ruled by a monarchy system, though whether or not the ruling fae has been there since the beginning, or the title has since been handed off to their children, is almost as mysterious as the fae themselves. The king and queen are seemingly as old as time itself and little it known of them beyond their public faces. Regardless it’s common knowledge that they are the last people you’d like to trifle with, sharp and like a knife, they’re ancient and powerful and should be heeded.

    The king and queen are not bound together and they stand as singular entities, forbidden from marriage as it would splinter their focus, instead they each hold several concubines by which they continue their lineage.

    The old tales of the fae history state as such:

    In the beginning the courts were determined strictly by the seasons, the seelie holding rule over summer and to some lesser extent spring, while the unseelie ruled over winter and autumn. The married king and queen, naturally favoring one seaons over the other and determined to rule as equals, took to ruling their chosen time of the year. Each taking their momentary spotlight, however their ruling differed too much, their tenets and view of the world starkly contrasted left the people in an odd limbo. As time waxed on, this was quickly realized as something that simply couldn’t work. The species themselves began to naturally drift to their favored sides and ruling style. A century of this and they enacted a change that divided their people into groups dictated by their species.

    The king and queen parted ways, for the betterment of their people, sectioning off the realm into three portions. One territory for each court and a neutral land in the middle for those who had the want to mingle, a land of peace. Over the centuries the fae would squabble, wars as devastating as our own World Wars (though not coinciding otherwise) as boundaries were pushed upon by either side.

    The central land was fought over tirelessly, raised and rebuilt countless times over the years. It wasn’t until the seelie court Jinn discovered a realm beyond their own and drew the first inter-realm portal, that fae began to modernize. The old learning from the new. The fae learning from the humans.

    The fae entered into a new realm, a veritable melting pot of constant change and it was here they’d thrive as one once more.

    It was then, some two thousand years ago, that they’d begin to divide their lands into provinces. Each one divided to provide a specific species with everything they needed. Provinces were traded between the courts like playing cards and over the centuries bred a means of cohabitation that has spelled realm-wide peace for the last eight centuries. The central lands became the hub of all things transportation and trade and would eventually the monarchs would build a sprawling castle from which they ruled both courts.

    No one’s sure if these monarchs of old are those of current, though finding truths in the annals of time is almost impossible when concerning the fae. Each court does still hold dominion over their respective seasons, holding celebration and annual festivities on the solstice of summer and winter. It’s then and only than that you can catch rare sight of the king and queen seated side by side.
    The Seelie Court:
    King: Alexandros, played by Tilda Swinton -- unicorn (NPC only)

    Ruled over by the fae king, the seelie court holds dominion over light, illusion and above all, beauty. The species of the seelie court are often the more benevolent type, associated with spring and warmth they’re pushed to use glamour freely and abundantly. This isn’t to say they’re less dangerous. The seelie are tricksters, incredibly cunning and shadowy, they’re the type that pour great meaning into words and word play and will almost always stab you in the back if you show it to them.

    Their king is no better, an androgynous and beautiful creature, he’s a man of quick wit and silver tongue. Never one you should drop your guard around unless you don’t value your life. The seelie court has long been known for their oddity in collecting or demanding payment for things in a manner that maims and lessen the beauty of those they’re toying with. If you find yourself caught in the trap of the seelie, don’t be alarmed when they ask for a payment of fingers or eyes. The lesser attractive you are, the more they are.

    Species: kitsune, merfolk, phoenix, selkie, unicorn, jinn, dryad, nymph, unicorn Seelie Tenets:

    Honor: the fae of the seelie court take their promises incredibly seriously, far more so than those of the unseelie and because of this reneging on a promise is often as shameful as a rogue status attached to their name. In some extreme or delicate cases a broken promise can actually be tried by the judicial system and or lead to death.
    Illusion: glamour is a way of life for the seelie, a court surrounded by the need for beauty they are pushed to use glamour freely. Seelie fae tend to hold better control over their glamour and can switch between glamours with little to no hassle or loss of energy. Beyond even this they will often use their glamour at any offered advantage.
    Deception: along the lines of illusion, the seelie court tend to be secretive people, their age, species and daily lives are often unspoken of in social situations marking them as mysterious and beguiling creatures. They are also a careful group, tight lipped and cautious when it comes to the usage or mention or promises or the slipping of glamour.

    The Unseelie Court:
    Queen: Lysandra, depicted by Shohreh Aghdashloo -- dragon (NPC only)

    A queen rules over the unseelie, a people fixated on the bestial or natural side of the fae. The species within this court are often feral by nature and tend to be far more malevolent than that of the warmer court. Associated with winter and its inherent chill the unseelie are encouraged to live their lives as proudly and naturally as possible, thus they tend to live and thrive within the fae realm itself where they shed their glamour and live as intended.

    Bold and brash, the queen is blunt and overtly forward, just as her people are. She rules with an iron fist and a raw feral nature that is both cold and quick. On her surface she is deceptively calm though rarely holds her tongue. As one of the oldest living dragons know to date, she’s in a constant struggle with her own species’ drive to turn to stone, leaving her irritable beneath the surface, though you’d not know it of her simply by glance.

    Species: centaur, dragon, salamander, wendigo, harpy, kelpie, naga. Unseelie Tenets:

    Truth: the unseelie species tend to be those bent to the will of truth, unskilled with deception they tend to be incredibly honest people who often hold an aversion to lying. They are generally very upfront people though this doesn’t mean they will answer every question or offer information freely they do tend to find hindrance in leaving questions unanswered.
    Passion: to act with passion is to understand yourself and what you want. The unseelie rarely if ever do not take the proper steps to follow what they want, regardless of the rocky road in front of them they will almost always remain true to themselves.
    Honesty: right in line with truth, honesty is a tenet that better describes their way of life. They are a natural people and they live honest natural lives, encouraged to be as beastly, ugly and otherwise unfit for the human realm they will often hold main residence within the fae realm itself where they are unjudged for adhering to this credence.

    Membership, Classes & Duty:
    The fae courts and social structure in one equipped to help and support their own above all else. Working very much like small cities, the courts offer housing, lands, funding and typical social service care to their members. Fae, above almost all else, are a society that take care of their own without question. Membership is automatic, though choosing to remain within the court is at the whim of the individual. All fae are cataloged and kept tabs on regardless of their membership status. Much like shifters in this regard, rogue fae are often far more dangerous than those who are not accounted for and are watched more aptly because of this.

    Each species holds a specific duty within their respective court and while not all of its members adhere to this, those that reside largely within the rae realm, typically do. All members of the court must adhere to the tenets as well as assist their courts when called upon. This calling can be anything as simple as judicial duty, to something as heavy as a call to arms. Either way, the members of the court are at the court’s beckon call. This isn’t usually as ominous or invasive as it sounds, though still required of all membres.

    The delicate social structure of the fae is one that closely resembles the social classes of bygone eras and while one can certainly rise or fall outside their typical standing, for most fae their standing is just that; typical. Social standing is largely dictated by the worth and contribution of the species in accordance to the court rather than based on the individual. This can be a hindrance or a help, depending. Rarer species are often higher on the ladder, though the deciding factor is almost always the usefulness of their magic.

    The below outline is the generalized/loose social ladder within the courts, this doesn’t span outside of the court itself and is old and outdated as far as the way things are viewed, hinging on war tactics no longer readily needed. All the same, fae cling to the old ways more readily than most.

    Seelie Classes & Duties:

    Upper: Kitsune, Jinn & Phoenix
    Kitsune -- the espionage experts, they’re the seelie’s equivalent to warriors. Immersive within the courts, they’re an outgoing sort who works well with everyone.
    Jinn -- the portal masters, working in conjunction with the kitsune, these two are a deadly combo in war. As a species largely based in the human realm, the jinn are often used as informants.
    Phoenix -- the healers, rare and touted, though weak otherwise are still invaluable.
    Middle: Dryad, Merfolk & Unicorn
    Dryad -- the blockade, though illusive, they’re the seelie’s line of bark-lined defense. When called upon they surround the castle offering foliage coverage. Their standing would be higher if they were more involved with the court itself.
    Merfolk -- water warriors, thought not the strongest their dual citizenship with water and land makes them highly useful along the coasts and rivers. It also hinders them in terms of court involvement, settling them in the middle.
    Unicorn -- the lucky, often used as archers or alongside kitsune, the unicorn’s luck has lead to many victories. Much like the dryad, the unicorn have minimal involvement with the court and thus, remain middle rung.
    Lower: Nymph & Selkie
    Selkie & Nymph -- the negotiators, both of these do well with war talks, though they don’t provide much in the way of offense. Their people’s general nature to remain separated from the courts also slides them down the list a ways. Generally, they’re largely detached from court involvement.

    Unseelie Classes & Duties:

    Upper: Centaur, Dragon & Salamander
    Centaur -- the grunts, hardy and stubborn the centaur are the front line and first offense of the unseelie. Slight detached from the court they still hold a high standing due simply to their usefulness.
    Dragon -- the air support, dragons serve as both offense and defense, raining death from above. Typically antisocial, their long-standing tie to the queen has settled them into the midst of the court.
    Salamander -- the forgers, their weapon mastery has funded and equipped every great war over the years. Much like the phoenix, they’re weak otherwise but still touted as invaluable
    Kitsune -- the espionage experts, they’re the seelie’s equivalent to warriors. Immersive within the courts, they’re an outgoing sort who works well with everyone.
    Middle: Harpy & Naga
    Naga -- the poison darts, the maker of all things poison and subtle infiltration, the naga are often trained in the art of archery, dipping their arrows in carefully made poisons for maximum impact. A rarer species, they’re slight court detachment lowers them down the ladder slightly.

    Harpy -- the soothsayers, with the ability to see and sway the future the harpy are deemed more important than their disinterest in the court.
    Lower: Kelpie & Wendigo
    Kelpie & Wendigo -- the janitors, the meat eaters of the court, these two are typically seen as the last means of keeping wars tidy though they’re also excellent negotiators, if you consider the loss of pieces, as negotiating. Wendigo are generally frowned upon across both courts and tend to be the typical shunned outcasts.
    Rogues are a tricky subject for the fae as it’s a label given by the courts alone, however it should be noted, first and foremost, that this label does not indeed erase you from the court entirely but rather simply cuts your ties and any future help from fae society.

    Upon birth each fae or halfblooded fae is recorded within their respective court’s manifest placing them under watch for the duration of their life. What this means for rogues is simply, that the fae in question will not receive help of any kind from the court or the general fae populace, but more importantly will not be judged by the court’s judicial system and instead left to the blanketed judgement of the overworld and their human laws. Rogue status will also make travel through the fae realm extremely difficult and unsafe as this status marks you as an outlaw and ostracizes you from everyone, it can be attempted but it’s an unwise decision.

    Defecting from the court is not up to the personal decision of the fae.

    The term rogue is one of the most shameful titles a fae can be given. This title is only given to those who have done wrong or harmed the court, fae populace, or their people and stand before the court without plausible proof to see them executed. In our own realm this would stand as anyone who’s jury came back as hung. Example: a murderer who seems guilty but there is a lacking amount of hard evidence to convict them, would be charged with a rogue status. Upon gaining this status the fae is escorted to the mortal realm and essentially, banned from the realms beyond it. As vast as the fae lands are, they can’t police this, but generally speaking, rogue fae avoid the realm on their own as it holds nothing for them any longer.

    Rogue status is not a permanent or lifelong against any fae, though regaining citizenship within a court is often a lengthy process that requires the rogue to be tried for the crimes committed during their rogue years. Some species, most notably those of the honesty bound unseelie court, will often ostracize returned members from any and all future involvement regardless of an overturned ruling.

    Returning to the court is often easier than returning to your own people.

    This status does not affect the family of the fae in question. Children, siblings and spouses will not be ostracized over the crimes of their own family members. It should also be noted that children can not be deemed rogue until they are of legal age (fourteen by both court’s standards), at which point they are deemed capable of making and processing adult decisions for themselves. This is a court wide ruling that moves to keep children safe and protected above the crimes of their family members.

    The fae realm is a land entirely separate from the human realm, existing in another plane entirely and only accessible by walking through a designated portal located on the mortal realm or by a gate produced by a few select fae species. The portals in the mortal realm are stationary things that are constructed by the courts themselves after an area is decided upon by both parties. If located within a city the area surrounding the portal is always sanctioned as a city park, to keep the area safe for fae and mortal alike.

    Most long-standing portals are easily recognizable as they tend to be decorated or placed between objects to give them clear delineation from the surrounding area. The portal itself is always a shimmery, pearlescent, slightly opaque area of roughly five feet by seven feet, that resembles a disturbance in the area not so unlike heat waves or disturbed liquid.

    There are no shortage of portals the world over, most large established cities have at least one and every capital city has three (seelie, unseelie and neutral castle).

    The San Francisco portal is the second largest in the United states, located in Golden Gate park. The largest established portal being that of Central Park in New York City. While the portals in the fae realm are as equally scattered over the land, within each court’s established castle (as well as the central castle) resides a room holding temporary linking portals to all the overworld capital city portals as well as a singular stationary portal that holds no true link. This stationary portal will hold a location for five minutes at a time, allowing the user to change its link by verbally announcing the area or city they wish to travel to. This room is publicly available allowing all court aligned fae its use. Because of the security risks of this room the portals are all temporarily linked and can be shut down at any point to close off access to the castle itself.

    Lands, Transport & Residency:
    The fae realm is not an ever expanding place, rather it’s a singular continent within its very own ocean. Resembling our own pangea map, you can cross it from one side to the other in a matter of a weeks. The fae realm is wild, largely untamed and heavily touched with magic. For the fae it’s dangerous and for everyone else it’s a veritable death sentence. The weather is fairly temperate at its center and changes little from seas to season, whereas the far ends of the continent tend to vary drastically, spelled to cling to their favored season the unseelie end tends to be chilly and rough weathered while the opposite is true of the seelie end.

    Flora and fauna are similar to the mortal realm, though nearly everything within the fae realm is equipped to readily and willingly defend itself, even the flora is wild and largely carnivorous. Overall the realm is nothing fit for anyone without magic and even those with, they need to tread lightly or take a fae guide with them if they hope to survive for very long at all.

    Travel is a bit like the rest of the realm; primitive. Vehicles are nothine the fae have, nor do they typically care for them at all. When traveling in the fae realm it’s done by foot, ungulate or some sort of ungulate-driven cart or carriage. As glamour isn’t required and often unused, fae can travel freely and slightly faster in their true forms. This isn’t applicable to all fae, like merfolk and naga who generally need glamour to move about the lands freely. This generally makes travel slow and unsavory, which accounts for a lot of the stationary life of some fae. Once they put down roots it becomes almost impossible to see them moved again. While those capable of faster travel tend towards more nomadic lives.

    Residency in the fae realm can be either sole or secondary for any and all court aligned fae. Where each fae lives is entirely up to the individual fae themselves and while homes in both realms is fairly common among those that venture to the mortal realm regularly. In short where they reside is all personal preference and interchangeable to fit the fae and their own comfort levels.

    The fae realm has cities, though generally speaking their lands are dotted over by smaller villages, which hold only a few hundred, to a couple thousand per. With such a sprawling land and such a small populous the fae have spread themselves out readily. The more herd/group bound species that travel back and forth typically face no ill will for this movement. This isn’t always the case as social standings within a grouping are dictated entirely by that group.

    Promises & Wordplay:
    Fae are a tricky sort of people that tend to take wordplay very seriously, reading into even the smallest of insinuations and offers. When talking to fae you must always keep your word selection in mind as even the smallest hint of favor or promise will inevitably come back to bite you. The trickster nature that is inherent in all fae moves them to use words in a rather roundabout way;

    Example: A fae that offers a verbal contract to not take a single step (“I will not take a single step”) may then take a dozen steps. This, in the mind of most people, would be seen as a breaking of their verbal promise to not move, when in actuality they’ve only promised to not take a single step, meaning that anything over that one step was not expressed as off limits to the terms of the contract. This can become trickier still if the fae promises against harm or injury, as blanketed statements leave far too many loopholes for fae to jump through. Because of this, fae must be listened to very carefully, even a fae you trust can get caught up in the thrill of loopholes. As a general rule it’s best to make sure anything you ask of a fae is clear, concise and detailed so that it allows for very little wiggle room on their part.

    Even the most reserved fae will often jump at the chance to hold you to a promise, contract or oath, though they themselves rarely enter into such things so willingly. Fae take promises, contracts and oaths very seriously as they tie directly to their honor via the courts and its tenets. For some species this goes as far as trial by group, and for some very extreme species/groups, rescinding can mean death. Because of this fae will rarely if ever utter the phrase “I promise” and many will even take it a step further and avoid using any term that would directly bind them to another person’s will (IE. “I will”, “I can”, etc)

    Glamour & Races:
    A fae’s glamour is one of their most prominent magical abilities and although many hold much more powerful magic it’s the one most often used. Every fae is born with the ability to wield glamour, though how fast this ability develops is entirely dependant on the species and individual (outlined in each species lore). As a typical rule of thumb it takes fae no less than a decade of use to master their prefered glamour and therein, wield it seamlessly.

    Glamour is something that is tailor made to each and every fae and most if not all fae will flip through a host of faces, body types and with some species, even genders, before landing on something that suits them. This glamour is known as their ‘prefered’ or ‘default’ glamour and will always be the skin they default to. There are no right or wrong when it comes to glamour and the process of finding this glamour can be a tedious process that either copies a preexisting face (and or form) or creates an entirely new form by pulling attractive pieces from other known forms to create something that suits them.

    For any fae, what they settle on as their default is not something that’s set in stone, much like a skinwalker’s ability to change their shape, so too can fae. This process is instantaneous and painless, though wearing anything beyond the default is often described as uncomfortable or itchy, like wearing a wool sweater against your skin. It’s also draining to hold onto a face, body or gender that isn’t yours, this is less prevalent with older fae than with younger. As a rule of thumb, holding onto a wrong glamour over thirty minutes becomes increasingly taxing, depleting magic as time stretches on. The prefered glamour, however, is seamless and takes no effort or magic to retain and is akin to slipping on a coat before going outside.

    When swapping genders every physical aspect of the fae changes, this includes the obvious visual, as well as voice and genitalia. Do note that while this swapped genitalia does indeed function, it cannot be used to reproduce. A fae’s base gender is a set thing which will not allow a male fae to carry out a pregnancy or a female fae to inseminate another fae, beyond this though the genitalia can be used to whatever end is desired.

    Note: Wendigo do differ a bit from most fae in their glamour, please see their lore for more information.

    One of the most difficult idea for mortals to grasp when it comes to fae glamour is their racial structure. Fae are not mortals, they are bestial by nature and the face you see everyday is not their true form but rather one they choose to wear. This is to say, fae are not born into the culture that their face represents. IE. a fae is not asian, native american or african. A fae is a fae. They choose to represent themselves however they see fit but this does not make them what they appear. If a naga is born in China and their default face is Chinese, they are not Chinese, they’re a naga. This isn’t to say they’re incapable of taking on the cultural aspects of the area they were born into, nor that said naga can’t consider themselves a Chinese naga, but they will always be, first and foremost, a naga.

    An easier way to look at fae is to think of them in terms of their own lands, not ours, where there is no China and they are simply another face with slightly different features.

  • Group Affiliations
    Lucidum Coven
    Coven Leader: Wynn Ambrose
    Adviser: Vincent Hawkins

    To guard and protect, heal and assist, the coven ideals for Lucidum are simple; follow the path of the light hearted.

    Do not assume this implies complacency on their part. Politically quieter, the Lucidum strive for peace, understanding, and personal balance, though they learned that such goals cannot always be attained by words alone. Swift to act when necessary, and easy on the familiars, Lucidum is a good, stable coven for anyone in need. Willing to stand up for its members though unwilling to tolerate any unflattering behavior this coven is stern but always fair. Its peaceful front should not be confused with passivity, and Lucidum proves time and again that still waters run deep.

    The Lucidum coven house is located in the south eastern, Soma district. Capable of housing 4 live-in tennants it looks no different than any other house in the neighborhood, offering the coven some anonmity within the city with which to practice and meet.

    Tenebrae Coven
    Coven Leader: Lito Silvestre
    Adviser: canon (open/NPC)

    Power is might. The Tenebra coven follows the rule of power, a thing that demands a sacrifice that none of its members are unwilling to give.

    Seemingly driven by an all consuming pursuit of power, Tenebrae is all about focus, removing the need for risk taking with spells, pushing the limits and fetching the finest familiars on the market. The coven is invested in all sides of magic, unsavory and mundane while maintaining the ideal that its members will never stagnate in terms of power or knowledge. No reward without risk, familiar and witch alike are all pushed well beyond the demands of the norm. Meetings within the Tenebrae used to be strict and frequent, though the recent change in leadership had seen them decrease in numbers, though not so much intensity.

    However, the ol' suffocating presence that had often filled the Tenebrae house had since dwindled and disappeared, and though at the core the coven remains the same, its inherently chaotic nature has been seen coming to the surface more often and more shamelessly since its previous leader. The members are encouraged to look out for each other, and form close knit bonds to prove that power =/= evil. The coven may boast with a rather unsavory rep of being on the evil side of things, but its members hold another truth; they're tenacious, they're persistent, they're powerful, and they're willing to lose a hand and leg for power. That's not evil. That's smart thinking.

    The Tenebrae coven house is located in the south western section of the city, in the hills just outside the bulk of the city. Capable of housing up to 8 live-in tennants this house looks the part it plays, the need for hiding never playing a large role in the Tenebrae coven.

    Furore Pack
    Alpha: Law Lightwood (wolf)
    Beta: Adrian Lazzari (wolf)
    Omega: Nicodemus Vasilios (wolf)

    Less passive than the pard, the Furores are a very active part of the community and often have their hands in many of the political agendas within the city that are for, and often against, their own kind. The pack is not afraid to throw its weight around if it feels the rights of its members are being threatened. As of August 2017, and with all of the leadership going through a sudden change, the pack policy has changed too, more obviously accepting of non-wolves members, skinwalkers, and namely witches, having formed an alliance with the Lucidum coven as its supreme has a Furore wolf as his familiar.

    The pack has closed the pack-house to public, wrapping the house itself and all the land that belongs to it in strong, magical wards that have disabled access to the land/house except to Furore members. Though it can still be found on map, the magical wards cause any technological devices to malfunction if they are used to locate the house-- for people passing by, the house appears as not what it really is, inconspicuous, and ever uninteresting to the onlookers no matter what people they may see coming in and out of it. The only way that the packhouse may be accessed as by receiving an invite from the pack alpha, Law himself; this intricate and powerful ward was in Law's possession for almost two decades since he came to power in his previous pack, and he took it with himself when switching homes/packs.

    Tied to Law himself, it's a measure to protect the pack, making the house a secluded, private land where shifters can strive, though concurrently with this change the pack opened a bar that's run purely by pack. Dubbed as the Thirsty Dale, this bar doubles as a hub for the pack, a shifter favorite where shifters may get in contact with pack and where the pack commonly hangs out. It is there that new potential recruits get in touch with the leader(s), and maybe observe the pack dynamics with a keen eye. It's a neutral territory, however, generally open to public despite most of its clientele being shifters.

    The Furore packhouse sits on the south eastern side of the outskirts, the land around it is far greater than the house itself, even if the packhouse itself is nothing to scoff at; great, gray and sprawling, it's truly a warm abode that can house a dozen of its members or so, and boasts with every amenity needed. There's an outhouse too yards from the house, a gazebo, a private garden maintained by the pack wolves and naturally a pool.

    Cautela Pard
    Alpha: Talia Rosario (leopard)
    Beta: Richard Driver (Lion -- TEMP)
    Omega: Harley Johnson (cougar)

    Quieter than the pack, the Cautela pard is a prideful beast that prefers to stay within its own subspecies. It has been known to allow outsiders but on a whole it’s an exclusive club full of equally proud felines. Its subdued nature goes much deeper than this in that it often stays dormant when political issues are at hand, allowing the much larger and more boisterous pack to speak for all shifters. This is not always true as the cats will always protect themselves when backed into a corner though they are far slower to rile than the wolves.

    Never underestimate the felines, where they might appear bias and close minded they are incredibly intelligent and tactical in their movements, preferring to play the game from the sidelines with carefully made moves rather than bold gestures. They do help the community as a whole when needed but their arms aren’t as open and willing as the pack’s are. Where the pack seeks to bolster its strength through outside ties the cats seek to strengthen themselves from within, supporting each other in very intimate and supportive gestures. They are only as strong as their weakest link and weak is not something that should ever be associated with the Cautela pard.

    The pardhouse is located in the western hills, most importantly on the top of the highest point as to be expected of any cat’s perch. Capable of housing 6 of its resident members the house is airy and carefully looked after by this exclusive pard.

    Arawn Hybrid Pack
    Alpha: Ryan Raines (wolf)
    Beta: OPEN (---)
    Ryan's infamous hybrid shelter by the conceited name of The Children of Michael (clickable) (a reference to his middle name, Michael) also doubles as a pack-house for its members. Though it may also be occupied by non-members, aka hybrids genuinely seeking shelter and not yet hoping to join, most if not all to the last do end up joining it. The house itself is bigger on the inside than on the outside whilst already impressing with its sprawling, white interior that reminds of all the white picket tales we never thought were true. It's divided into sections, with the upper floor serving its pack members or those Ryan knows will join. The lower level and its several guest rooms may be used by shifters or vampires seeking temporary (a day or two) shelter, though they may and will sometimes end up being devoured; not all those who wander in are eaten, but many become a dinner of sorts.

    Regardless, it's magically protected as well, mostly drawing from its tie to Tenebrae though it's perhaps calumny to suggest there's any alliance between them. Its grounds are protected against eternals and may not be haunted by ghosts. Its tight security system springs up to alert their leader of any newcomer, though overall it's open to people and in the hands of its hybrid occupants who maintain it and its garden. As far as the mood of the pack goes, it's not tense; with many of them successfully persuaded, the rest fall in line quickly, charmed by the idyllic beauty of the place that displays as long as the appointed leader has an impeccable control, the often so very tiring madness of the hybrid blood-lust loses a portion of its influence. It's not fake.

    The house boasts with its own garden, a sprawling backyard, connects to the nearby woods and lets its members by who they are without discrimination. They even have their own gazebo... and a basement to punish naughty hybrids. They're not all friends but their leader's control mitigates their own woes. They're tied by a common goal: survive, and prove themselves equals to their venerated cousins shifters. And perhaps even superior to them.

    With all this being said, a lot stubbornly vicious and powerful, the hybrids do remain what they are at core: monsters. Ryan may rule them with an iron fist and the perfect understanding how to deal with them, but nothing quite changes the fact he's often the most desired meal they want to have.

    Around since 2011, the pack might be the youngest one around though with the history of hybrid packs considered, a local marvel; going on strong and pretty unfaltering in its presence, it's finally garnered enough attention to be recognized as something that is, won't be going, and is its own entity.

    Valdit Nest
    Leader:Thaddeus Skjeggestad
    Adviser: None (open)

    This nest’s rule is simple; we stick together and we survive together. There’s some sense of belonging to be found among its members, and while it’s not really a replacement for “family”, it’s close enough in the sense that it tries to offer a place to congregate and spend time with own kind. It’s very anti blood-rage and vampire cannibalism and for that vampires may call it conservative, although you’re welcome to have your kinks, just don’t mention them. It likes its members to discuss turning others before doing it, and scoffs on disobedience.

    The Valdit’s nest location is something carefully hidden and well guarded, located on the outskirts of downtown it is filed under the guise of a busines, its ownership passed off to each new leader upon take over. With room enough for up to 6 members the house is carefully shielded from both curiosity and spells alike.

    Pravilo Nest
    Leader: Ciprian Negrescu (NPC/open)
    Adviser: None (open)

    Survival is a must. Unintentionally opposing Valdīt, Pravilo's the more liberal nest, the one that's open to screw ups, and yet impossibly punishing when you screw up the few rules it has. Relaxed about who joins and leaves, and forgiving about any tabooed topic in the vampire society, no member is to encroach on another, hurt another, or tattle on another. The Pravilo nest won't force you to play nice but it will swear you to secrecy and respect. And you will not harm the nest's name.

    Located in the largely Itallian section of town this house is something of an enigma, standing “unused” for decades and yet never put up for sale. Its ownership, like that of Valdīt, is placed in the leader’s hands though its largely rumored on the streets to be owned by some rich east coast tycoon and only used for vacation its 7 room capacity is most certainly not used exclusively for vacation.

    Seelie Court
    King: Alexandros (NPC)

    Species: jinn & sandmen, kistune, merfolk & siren, phoenix, selkie, unicorn
    Tenets: Honor, illusion and deception.

    Ruled over by the fae king, the seelie court holds dominion over light, illusion and above all, beauty. The species of the seelie court are often the more benevolent type, associated with spring, summer and warmth they are pushed to use glamour freely and abundantly.

    Unseelie Court Nest
    Queen: Lysandra (NPC)

    Species: centaur, dragon, naga, salamander, wendigo
    Tenets: Truth, passion and honesty.

    A queen rules over the unseelie court, a people fixated on the natural and or animalistic side of the fae. The species within this court are often beastial by nature leaning closer to the malevolent side than that of the seelie. Associated with winter and its inherent chill the unseelie are encouraged to live their lives as naturally as possible.

    Rogues have sworn off their allegiance from all local groups, preferring to reside as a separate entity entirely. While this might seem like a stronger move overall it is one of the hardest calls for most species to make as going rogue can often lead to their ostracization from the species entirely, this usually depends on the species but as a rule of thumb all rogues that find themselves in trouble with the law are generally barred from their respective groups and marked as a danger to the groups as a whole. Along this line it’s not unusual for rogues to be hunted and brought to trial under their own group’s rules if not outrightly killed as a means to deal with the issue.

    The law is not a splintered into sections to accommodate a rogue status but rather the punishments are dealt by species rather than by group affiliations. This isn’t a big deal until it comes to the backlash of the rogue’s transgression, which almost always falls upon the species and or the local groups, in the mind of the people outside of the group, a rogue vampire will almost always simply be lumped into the local groups when they’re talked about in casual conversation. Because of this possible negative stigma, as well as the possibility of further enforcement and bolstered laws meant to pinpoint rogues (but enacted species wide) most groups will seek out rogues that enter the area to sway them under one rule or another. If the rogue further refuses affiliation they are almost always very closely watched and babysat by the local groups and it’s not uncommon for the groups themselves to punish the rogue first, when they do err, before sending them to the proper authorities.

    Beyond punishments, rogue members are usually devoid of all outside help. This world is a large scary place full of many other species who want nothing more than to see yours erased, groups offer protection against this, as well as a basis to fall back on when times are hard, often providing the essentials to keep any of its members alive.

    In short, there is strength and safety in numbers but if you decide to remain rogue know this, you will never be an unnoticed entity for long.

    Black Market
    Leader: Justin Warrin & Minami Yuu
    Left Hand: Isak Eklund (wendigo)

    A long standing institution the local black market is a splintered transplant from New York, moved and headed by Justin Warrin. As with its much larger sister operation in New York the SF black market deals in anything that’s needed and can’t be obtained through legal means. With several headhunters in its ranks the black market can be contacted to obtain anything that’s desired, for a price. Said prices will fluctuate at the content of their loyal leader and will either be accepted or denied, the option of bartering is not an open one and if you leave with only the title of ‘maimed’ you’ll be lucky.

    Strict in his rule the SF black market is a well oiled machine, dealing smaller scale goods and services through the like owned bar My Father’s Place the bulk of its wares are housed off site and rotated through a series of warehouses as needed. The daily operations consist of; arms dealing, contracted hits, mercenary rental/contracts, gambling, drug dealing, rare reagents & grimoires. Specific items or bulk needs are all doable as well, though as to be expected will take time and several meetings to nail down details.

    Joining is as easy as proving your worth to the man in charge and can be done either IC or OOC through contact with Sarah. Regulations on joining will not be strict, we want people to play what they want so we won’t have set ranks or job titles but do keep in mind that Justin will only absorb people that are useful and beneficial to him or his business, so unless you have something to provide to the black market he won’t look twice. As a frequently asked question; yes, he will/does have mercenaries, so contract killers are always welcome. Outside of the character’s usefulness, anyone is welcome!

  • Senses
    This list is something to help keep senses common across threads, and is really just here to allow you to correctly identify other species within your own threads. We've noted any and all physical changes within the species that should be taken into account when playing or writing about them as an easy reference or guide.
    Human: comparatively speaking humans have poor senses overall, even those with light magic in their veins will have no better senses than you or I. Overall their senses are pretty standardized as basic and poor.

    Witch: the only advantage witches have over humans is their ability to enhance senses via spells or their own magical abilities.

    Witch Notes: witch’s eyes can change color when casting spells, this is noted as a glow which is illuminated from within and lasting for as long as the flair of magic is present in their veins (usually 30 - 60 seconds). This is optional for all witches, as is the color, and is determined by the player themselves.

    Spellbinder: on par with the other mortals, naturally, the spellbinder is nothing special. However, one of their bonds allows a spellbinder to permanently enhance their senses by the introduction of flesh from other species. This is something dependant on the spellbinder themselves but can enhance them to a diluted version of your typical fae/shifter. They can also easily enhance specific things over others by binding specific flesh to their own (this does not apply so directly to physical strength as it does the other sense, as they won't magically begin gaining muscle mass enough to lift a car).

    Shifter: shifters are all heightened well beyond humans and are at least moderate in all their senses though each type varies a bit to hold one or two superior skills.
    Prey: have incredibly crisp hearing and their eyesight is better than most other shifters save for felines. Their sense of smell is rather poor comparatively and while their burst speed is moderate, they are best known for their endurance, agile movements and quick reflexes.

    Feline: with superior eyesight and speed, felines tend to be incredibly agile and quick on their feet. Their speed comes in the form of burst speed where they lack the skill of endurance. They are third ranking in strength for shifters, following closely behind the canines though well behind the bear.

    Canine: renowned for their noses the canines are the bloodhounds of the shifter group. Their strength is also higher than that of the cats and prey though their speed is moderate and meant for endurance rather than short bursts.

    Ursine: where the others lack slightly the bear more than makes up for all other shifters in the realm of strength whereas most of their other senses are slightly dulled in comparison.

    Shifter Notes: an agitated, excited or aroused shifter's eyes will always shine a rich tarnished gold color (lightly 'lit from within', a note that intensifies with the intensity of the feelings).

    Skinwalker: a skinwalker’s senses are almost wholly dependent on their form. In human form they are only slightly heightened version of actual humans whereas in their animal form they typically take on the senses of that form (example: an eagle form would grant them superior sight whereas a dog would grant them smell and endurance).

    Hybrid: enhanced senses (on par with shifters, with overdeveloped taste and smell and a night vision borrowed from vampires), and strength and speed (on par with vampires), making them all around enhanced. They're also magic sensitive.

    Hybrid Notes: an agitated, excited or aroused vampire's eyes will shift into a golden color whilst their whites turned black. his is typically instantaneous though when low or marginally emotional it can be noted as ringed or seeping in from the edges.
    Vampire: vampires are in the medium range for senses, sitting just beneath shifters. Their night vision allows them better sight in the dark comparatively speaking though all of their sense are dependent on how well fed they are, where a fully sated vampire would be almost on-par to a shifter a starving vampire is better explained as a slightly enhanced human. Strength and speed wise, they're impressively strong and fast, and may move impossibly fast in short bursts of speed for seconds at a time.

    Vampire Notes: an agitated, excited or aroused vampire's eyes will shift blood red, this is typically instantaneous though when low or marginally emotional it can be noted as ringed or seeping in from the edges.
    Psion: All around enhanced in speed, strength, and all their supernatural senses (which, as goes with vampires, are inferior to a shifter's).

    Psion Notes: an agitated, excited or aroused psion's eyes will shift blinding white, overwhelming their hues and sitting around the banded pupil in a crown. It looks particularly creepy, but some psions' eyes will instead shine a blood red-- it's considered a rarity among an already rare species.
    Fae: much like shifters, fae are fairly bold in their enhancements compared to humans though each type holds only one or two large improvements overall.
    Centaur: strength and endurance.

    Dragons: strength.

    Dryad: strength (any other enhancement is borrowed from Earth and temporary), and can sense magic in other species, fae, shifters, and witches.

    Jinn/sandman: general overall enhancement, slightly stronger when bound.

    Kelpie: strength & speed.

    Kitsune: smell, sight and hearing. Smell and hearing on-par with wolves. Doubled in their fox form, though as glamored their bodies feel very mortal, lacking of supernatural strength and speed. Yako kitsune can sense demons, and zenko angels.

    Merfolk/siren: hearing is three times that of mortals and on-par with prey shifters.

    Naga: strength, hearing and taste.

    Nymph: all around enhanced senses, supernatural speed and strength included. They radiate magic and sense magic.

    Phoenix: general overall enhancement, weaker than almost all other fae.

    Salamander: general overall enhancement.

    Selkie: general overall enhancement.

    Unicorn: general overall enhancement, fairly weak compared to other fae.

    Wendigo: heightened speed and strength.

    Angels: angels are stronger and faster than regular mortals, though at no superman level. All angel class has some kind of a sixth sense, being able to identify other supernaturals, sense danger, deceit, and even past suicide attempts, accounting for current suicidal tendencies.
    Angel Notes: an angel's grace will shift into their eyes when using powers or periodically and at random when nearing their illumination (an indication of grace hijacking) showing up as a glowing, heavenly blue color.
    Demons: all demons, incubi/succubi and cambions have enhanced strength. Don’t be surprised to see a demon lift a car. All demons can sense other supernaturals, but don’t possess superior hearing or smell.
    Demon Notes: a demon's eyes will shift black when they use any of their powers, this is a full sclera shift and will cover the entire eye, not just the iris. The eyes of the incubus/succubus instead shine gold in color, just like that of their opposite the valkyrie though this is only triggered when agitated, excited or aroused.
    Ghosts: are enhanced overall though only slightly.

    This list is something to help keep smells common across threads, and is really just here to allow you to correctly identify other species within your own threads. We've tried to be as simple in explanation as possible to make things easy for everyone.
    Human: generally smelling of their environment humans have no discernible indication smell, because of this most species that also follow this rule are often assumed to be human until proven otherwise. They are the base for all other smells.

    Witch: much like humans, witches have no real species indication to their smell though they are often confused for fae as the latent magical buildup in their blood can be sensed by other species. This is less apparent after practicing magic but there will always be some small indication that they do have magic in their blood. To most magic is sensed through an odd tingling across the surface of their tongue or a slight buzz through their skin, how apparent this is is entirely dependant on the amount of magic built up in the veins.

    Spellbinder: the vampire of the mortal races, spellbinders are almost impossible to discern from humans. A gray area between witch and human, their magic can be sensed though it's not as controlled as that in the witch's veins. Theirs is a wild magic that's not naturally built, thus it tends to feel almost illusive, both right there and everywhere else at the same time. They have no specific smell, smelling exactly like humans with that confusing aura of magic that waxes and wanes heavily and completely dependently on their magic level. They have the unique ability to cloak themselves in this, defensively shielding themselves by almost depleting their magic and appearing entirely human, or charging to full and feeling almost fae in the manner of their wilder/raw magic.

    Shifter & Skinwalker: all shifters smell intrinsically the same with a few small indicators to discern one subspecies from the next. They’re typically very earthy in scent and are often described as forested, a description that’s indicative of pine, cedar or fresh cut wood. Their scent is much like witches in the sense that they have the same latent buildup of magic in their veins though this usually shows itself in a deepening of scent rather than the buzz you get with a witch. This indication is tied directly to the moon and their shift, the closer to the full moon the more potent their scent, it goes without saying then that directly after a full moon shift they are at their most faint. When shifted their scent will always be more potent than when they’re in human form. Shifting in between lunar cycles does not affect their potency.
    Prey: always lighter and airier than the others, no matter how close to the full moon, and often holds a slight floral tinge.

    Feline: stronger than prey though not as strong as wolf, the felines hold a muskier, darker scent than the others, almost shadowy in nature.

    Canine: stronger yet, the canines are typically the easiest to sniff out as they tend to smell like their cousin; the dog. This is even stronger when they’re wet.

    Bear: the strongest of them all, bears usually are very heavily saturated with an evergreen/pine smell with subtle hints of earth/dirt.

    Hybrid: they smell like their shifter parent, i.e.: a vampire-wolf hybrid will smell like a wolf, a vampire-lion hybrid like a lion/feline shifter, and so on and so forth.

    Vampire: vampires are extremely difficult to scent as they smell like nothing. On occasion a vampire will smell like their usual surroundings but they have no true, lasting, scent absorption that holds scent longer than an hour and even this would require a lengthy stay. They’re usually noted as a scentless void that can’t be tracked or picked out among a crowd.

    Psion: all psions alike smell like humans, though their scent has the habit of triggering stronger emotions, alternatively enhancing a person's state of mind if they are susceptible and young. It's likened to a weave, and described as more delicate and ticklish than a regular human smell, though without any good comparison.

    Fae: fae are a very easy species overall to pinpoint, though determining the exact type therein can often be a chore. Much like witches their magic is always easy to note against the senses, easier still as it never waxes or wanes like the witch’s does. They all smell faintly of nature and are often crisp on the palate.

    Centaur: the heaviest of the earth fae, Centaur is still vibrant and typically regaled as crisply spring with strong and weighty flora and grass undertones. A centaur's scent overtly lingers long after they're gone and can be overwhelming to some of the more sensitive species.

    Dragons: heavier and drier than their naga cousins, dragon hold a very earthy tone to their scent that’s crisp and clean, often described as mountain air. Fire dragons hold a light smoky smell though it’s far less overpowering than that of the fire fae. Ice retain no special indication.

    Dryad: floral. Dryads normally smell like wildflowers or the natura. After it's rained, their floral scent becomes dulled, replaced by a scent of petrichor. On a sunny day, a dryad smells like a flower bouquet-- there is no distinct rose or lilac smell to tell them by, and in this each dryad is unique, some smelling like bark and grass with a hint of violets, others strongly after tulips. It's individual, and depends on the dryad's diet.

    Jinn/sandman: light and airy the jinn is fairly abrasive to the nose as its smell is warm and almost dry, often explained as desert air with faint hints of aloe and cactus. When in the presence of other supernaturals with stronger senses than normal (most notably shifters, demons and angels) they will often mask themselves in the desires of their company, taking on a smell that is pleasing.

    Kelpie: the kelpie in an odd mixture holding notes of fresh clean water as well a slight earthy smell. The further they are from feeding the more pungent their smell, this tweak comes in the form of mildew or a slight mossy or algae smell that lingers. When fed their scent is light and non-abrasive.

    Kitsune: of the primary fire fae the kitsune is the lightest in scent, almost playful and wispy in the nose and not as smoky as the others it does still hold faint notes of char though it’s easier on the nose than the others.

    Merfolk/siren: much like the selkie, the merfolk are salty and slightly abrasive to the nose though they tend to be brinier and heavier in smell, more indicative of deeper waters rather than the spit between water and land. Some can also hold hints of seaweed or algae, depending on their water type.

    Naga: most easily described as damp soil, the naga has a general earthy smell though two of its types vary within this slightly; fire lingering and smoky while venom is oddly sweet and enticing. Water naga have no particular smell beyond their earthy base.

    Nymph: they smell like a cool stream with some floral touch

    Phoenix: a fainter version of the salamander, the phoenix is most notable for its ground spice scent (most commonly depicted as cinnamon) though its deep smoky aroma can often overpower this and tends to linger pleasantly in the nose.

    Salamander: best described as its core element - fire, the salamander is smoky and oddly spiced. With it’s warm undertones it can remind the nose of aged liquor (primarily whiskey or bourbon).

    Selkie: salty, the selkie also holds quiet mentions of ocean brine while being slightly breezier against the palate with a faint underscore of wet earth.

    Unicorn: the unicorn holds a light floral scent with crisp underlying notes of pure nature. Often they’re mentioned as smelling like spring woodland flora and fresh clean water.

    Wendigo: often wrongly confused with vampires upon first smell, the wendigo smell exactly as they are; slowly decomposing. Their scent is not strong though it is lingering and slightly sweet, with an underlying mention to everything they might use to mask themselves. They are rot and disease and often hold a pungent note of dirt.

    Angels & Demons: retain the scent of the species they were prior to dying.

    Reapers: retain no scent.

    This list is something to help keep blood flavors common across threads, and is really just here to allow you to correctly identify other species within your own threads. We've tried to be as simple in explanation as possible to make things easy for everyone. Note: The 'base' blood, the blood all others are compared to, is that of human.
    Human: well balanced this blood is a perfect blend of nutrition, flavor and ability to fill any hungry vampire. Lightly flavored, sweet and refreshing it sates at a fairly normal 1:1 ratio. Human blood comes with no lasting effects or bonuses.

    Witch: best described as zingy, a witch’s blood is fairly evenly compared to humans though it lingers on the tongue as rather flat in flavor and quite lacking in the sweetness of human blood. It is extremely energizing, holding onto some lasting bit of magic to sate the vampire slightly quicker than human blood though offers no lasting effects.

    Spellbinder: the taste of a spellbinder is something determined largely by outside factors though just like the witch, they will have the same zingy magic feel when consumed. If a spellbinder is made via fae blood (most common) they'll always retain a hint of that species in their own blood. Spellbinder blood is also affected by their current blood binding and can taste like a mixture of both, if both are applicable. Outside of this they taste like humans, are well rounded, sweet, filling and quickly sating with the same energizing feel of the witch. They can potentially become a tailor made meal for vampires as their flavor can be changed slightly via their bonds. Thankfully this craze hasn't caught on due largely to their rarity and their unique ability to cloak their smell and become almost impossible to pick out of crowds.

    Shifter: general shifter blood is always fuller-bodied than the base standard of human, rich, indulgent and satisfying it sates very quickly and tends to be heavier when settled in stomach and vein.
    Prey: lighter than the others, prey shifters are still luscious in texture though lighter and less heavy. Still quick to sate this blood doesn’t linger overly long and tends to be far more gamey than the others.

    Feline: slightly biting the felines are still luscious though they tend to be slightly bitter in after taste.

    Canine: sweeter and slightly more energizing than felines, the canines are tend to linger longer and run slightly thicker/heavier.

    Bear: earthier, the bear’s blood is extremely heavy and lingers the longest. Very indulgent it sates the quickest and tends to weigh heavier than the others, often leaving the vampire lethargic after feeding.

    Skinwalker: refreshing, light and rejuvenating skinwalker blood is something more akin to a snack than a feast. Slow to sate this blood is very light, thin, lacking in flavor and lingers oddly on the tongue after ingested. It’s an acquired taste that most don’t seek out though it can do in a pinch or to help tide over for something heavier and more robust.

    Hybrid: rich and potent, hybrid blood tastes the best to all the hybrids, and even vampires appreciate its robust and scintillating flavor. It's defined by a prevalent richness and a spicy aftertaste.

    Vampire: vampire blood, to other vampires, is most readily compared to one’s favorite comfort food. Highly addictive it’s frowned upon in the vampire circle, deemed barbaric though still practiced behind the scenes. Vampiric blood is tart and full-bodied with an earthy finish that lingers as pleasant on the tongue. Like most immortal blood it ages like wine, the older the vampire the more robust and flavorful it becomes. Anything over a century will almost always lead to addiction, even in the smallest of tastes. Hybrids favor it, though to psions it acts as a sedative.

    Shifter > Vampire: changed shifters work slightly different than other species, wherein the vampire pseudo-virus overwrites the taste of all other species when it's pitted against a shifter's own pseudo-virus it instead mutates the blood in a way that retains the taste of the shifter prior to their change. The shifter-turned-vampire retains nothing else from their former self save for this identity marker in the flavor of their blood.
    Psion: a delicacy for the vampires or hybrids, their blood commonly enhances vampire bloodlust when consumed. The more they drink, the more lustful and aggressive they get, risking chances of entering into a frenzied state. Older vampires can ingest more before becoming unhinged. A couple drops of psion blood is as potent as the strongest drug. In fact, the smell of it alone attracts vampires, and psions can often be identified by their smell.

    Fae: unlike shifters fae have a great variety of differences in their blood though they tend to all sate at a medium level and remain largely filling overall.

    Centaur: extremely earthy and pungent, centaur blood has an odd almost flora/dirt flavor to it that lingers in a bitter aftertaste. Sating very quickly it also weighs heavily in the vein and much like bear shifters, it tends to leave the consumer lethargic.

    Dragon: similar to centaur in its earthiness, dragon blood is heavy in both weight and flavor, full-bodied and indulgent. Extremely quick to sate though unlike most fae, the longer it’s aged the less appetizing it it, growing thinner and more pungent in its earthiness. Each type of dragon is slightly different; fire tends to be spicier while ice leans heavily on an odd chilly tang.

    Dryad: extremely light and somewhat fragrant, dryad blood is a universal palate cleanser. Treated by some fae connoisseurs as the only proper appetizer before every good meal, dryad blood isn't sating at all and is in fact known to have the opposite effect of enhancing appetite. It however tends to leave the vampire with a feeling of "clean", basically the vampire version of a healthy guilty treat. It tastes as sweet as human blood, with a lemony, fruity zing, but a neutral finish.

    Jinn/sandman: extremely lightweight and lacking in almost all flavor the blood of jinn is often times almost gritty in texture and is overall unsatisfying and slow to sate. Past it’s lacking, it is an excellent blood to mix into drinks as the grit is depleted and the flavor is smooth and lacking enough to be almost undetectable.

    Kelpie: a light flavor it goes down smooth and is almost watery in its consistency though its aftertaste is terrible, almost moldy or mildewy on the tongue and lingering for long periods afterward. However light in its weight it sates very rapidly and if you can get past the almost algae taste of it, it's a good hearty, long-lasting blood.

    Kitsune: a less robust flavor than the salamander, the kitsune’s blood is lighter though no less satisfying and sates at a medium level with that same lingering aftertaste as the salamander, that of spiced liquor. Holding a slight zingy buzz, kitsune blood is often sought out at parties as it offers a short-lived high, similar to that of cocaine wherein it energizes and quickens blood pressure, these effects only last for about thirty minutes per taste (this effect does not ‘stack’, in that the more you ingest does not prolong the effect. Rather, you have to continue to re-ingest to sustain any lasting high).

    Merfolk/siren: very heavily salted the merfolk’s blood is savory and robust in small doses though bitter and overtly lingering on the tongue. Much like the selkie it’s in the medium satiation rage and if overindulged in it can cause nausea.

    Naga: just like their dragon kin Naga are an overall earthy flavor. Heavy in body though lighter in flavor than dragon, Naga blood is still quick to sate, full-bodied and indulgent. The separate types also follow the draconic rule though their third type, venom, is sweeter and unlike the other two can be toxic in high doses.

    Nymph: They taste very light due to how their blood, in their unglamored form, looks like pure water, but the flavor remains refreshing and light even in the case of half nymphs. Whilst their blood will have a less red appearance, overall nymphs and half nymphs taste a lot like humans with an all around enhanced, refreshing flavor that many vampires favor.

    Phoenix: highly addictive, phoenix blood gives the user a euphoric light-headed feeling and is often stated as being similar to a liquid aphrodisiac. This effect lasts for a few hours before it dwindles. Past its high, it’s thinner, highly lacking in nutrition and slower to sate than most while its flavor is lightly sweet and hardly lingering.

    Salamander: best described as ‘molten fire’, it’s very similar to a spiced whiskey, lingering on the tongue with an odd burning sensation. Salamander is among the heaviest of the bloods, rivaling that of even bear, is quick to sate and while satisfying in small amounts can quickly overpower in large gulps.

    Selkie: similar to merfolk, selkie is slightly more savory than salty though its salt content lingers on the tongue long after it’s ingested in a bitter aftertaste that most do not favor. Hearty and indulgent it’s in the medium satiation realm, although if overindulged in the salty favors becomes overwhelming, leading to nausea.

    Unicorn: fragrant and indulgent the unicorn’s blood is crisp and refreshing though much like phoenix it lacks any heavy nutritional value and sates slowly. The opposite effect to the kitsune, the unicorn offers a slight hazy high that mellows and soothes, often compared to the effects of cannabis. The lasting power of this high is somewhere around an hour.

    Wendigo: this blood is extremely toxic, often claimed as ‘dirty’ and should never be ingested. Small doses will cause severe nausea while anything over a mouthful runs the risk of death. It’s foul smelling and even worse tasting. Just, do not.


    Angel: without any special effects, it’s roughly satiating to vampires though mostly other angels will benefit from it.

    Demon: tastes and is toxic to any species (barring demons); a high amount will greatly wound and weaken a vampire, alternatively sending them into a bloodrage.

    Ghost: not applicable.

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