Fugue State

a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity

summer event: june 10th - August 31st
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    Premium: Fugue State is a premium board which allows 3-3-3 content and also requires players & characters be 18+ years old.

    Mature Content & TW: please make sure all M& TW threads are marked appropriately and are located in the right area (post on the MOD THREAD to have things moved).

    TW: anything that deals with touchy subjects, outside of sex, like gratuitous violence, suicide, excessive blood due to violence, etc.
    M: anything that is sexual in nature.

    Graphics & Code
    * Avatars: 250 x 400px
    * Signatures: 500 x 200px (aprox)
    * Mini-Profile Gifs: 100 x 100px
    * Main-Profile Gifs: 150 x 150px
    Posting Codes: we do require the use of posting codes, with several pre-programmed codes located in the posting menu as buttons. Examples of these and the rest of our templates can be found HERE. We do not allow the use of outside posting codes.
    Applications: apps must be completed within 7 days from post date.

    * Hunters: in our setting hunters would simply be viewed as plain-out murderers and thus are not viable. You'll need to reconsider how they word this if you'd like to toy with the concept of extremist IC bigotry.

    Face Claims: FC's can be actors, models or musicians only and all will be checked for a page of reference (like IMDB or ModelMayhem). FC's are first come first serve. We do allow duplication of FC's, if your FC is in use please PM the player and ask about sharing; a permission must be obtained and the player must confirm it with staff. Each face can be repeated only twice.

    FC Reservation: lasts 7 days and we only allow one per person.

    Character Age & Name: our age range is 18 - 2,000 (please give your character a buffer of no less than 3 years to allow for applied birthdays). Names can be duplicated only twice and will need original holder's permission without exception. Different spellings is fine and not considered duplication.

    Account Registration: when registering please do so with first and last in proper caps (John Doe). OOC accounts are encouraged but optional.

    IC Post Rule: when first joining FS you are allowed 2 free characters. Every character after your first 2 will require 7 IC posts per previous character before the next is accepted.

    Activity & Character/Content Deletion
    Posting Activity: we do ask that everyone post at least once a month per character account.

    Activity Checks: will happen the 1st through the 7th of every month and will be simple roll-call. At the end of all activity checks we'll clean the board and any thread that's not been tagged for in at least a month will be archived without warning.

    Requested Character Archiving: if for any reason you feel the need you can easily drop them from your roster by posting to the MOD THREAD.

    Account Deletion & Inactive Accounts: character accounts will only be held for 2 months after their last login before being deleted from our database.

    Content: we do not delete content, so if for any reason you leave or miss and AC and come back, your content can easily be pulled after you fill out the form on the MOD THREAD.

    Leadership Roles & Power Positions
    General: these roles are primarily noted as group leadership roles. Players may hold up to two power positions at any given time (if additional roles are wanted we'll take it under advisement as staff). Applying for a PP is relativity painless, we do ask that you have been on site and active for at least 2 weeks first. If this is your first character, then the position will be held for 2 weeks before it's officially signed over. This is to ensure your activity.

    Activity: please note that these positions do require a bit more work, as you may be required to thread with all members of your group and actively recruit. If a position holder has not been active for more than 2 weeks (or posts an away notice that spans more than 2 weeks), the staff will pend the leader in question and send the player a PM. We do require that these roles remain active as not to bottleneck an entire group.

    Final Notes
    Cbox Note: out of common courtesy we ask all our players to keep plotting to shippers or off-site (PM, shippers, AIM/Skype, discord, etc).

    Safe Place: lastly, we pride ourselves on an extremely open, friendly and most importantly safe environment. If for any reason there's an issue please don't hesitate to contact staff so we can address it ASAP! We want everyone to feel safe and welcome and anything that puts this into question will not be tolerated.

  • Site Plot
    There was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or had fleas and transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere and the people are no more welcoming than they are nosy.

    This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it's supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people, a real and vast people that conjure and transform and hex.

    We are the clarity on the other side of the dream fog.

    We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.

    We'd always been a diverse group even before the fae portal showed up some three centuries ago in what we’d later name The Golden Gate park, a preservation of both it and the old San Francisco we struggle to remember through the fog. Shifter, skinwalker and witch alike, all living in relative harmony on this little peninsula we’ve long since called home. The history books will likely tell you it was some trio of simple men that built the great bridge that readily connects us to the outside world, that our bay is home to only military vessels, or that the prison some miles out in those turbulent waters is some rundown thing that has long since been closed to the public, certainly not being used. This is no more true than it would be to say that the man living next door that hoards silver plated candlesticks isn’t a dragon, or that the doctor that stitched your arm back together wasn’t a witch.

    We can't really be fussed over these long passed little things, but what came fifteen years ago was anything but little.

    It presented itself before this, its presence small enough that it wasn’t even noticed, some nondescript second hand shop tucked away in Soma that people entered but never exited. Some years later this shop and its amusingly obvious name - [i]Purgatory[/i] - would give host to something none of us really expected. They’d come as great cracks in our capitol building, one along the marble floor, and out across the ceiling, something that could have easily been blamed on an earthquake... if we’d even had one when they arrived.

    Heaven and Hell.

    Their proximity to this city has always been joked about by those from the outside as they watched our pride marches or commented on the almost ethereal fog that never ceases to coat our city, but this was something tangible and very much real for us all. With the entrance of these heavily guarded portals would come the slow burning irritation of the fae, a long since settled species, and the top of the veritable food chain. No longer a truth.

    Our days haven’t changed all that much, not really anyway. We still struggle to get by and falter in our ability to create meaningful relationships with one another, but now, with the thought of the end portals so close at hand, some of our deeper and darker selves walk a little more uneasily than they did before. The shadows in the alleyways now have to look over their own shoulders, and judge friend or foe a bit more carefully. Why they’re even here or why they came at all is beyond most of us and likely none of our business either way.

    Details & tldr;
    * Setting: modern day San Francisco, California (fluid time)
    * Supernatural Status: out & known, for as long as anyone can remember
    * SF Portals: Fae - several hundred years. Heaven & Hell - 15 years.
    * Supe Statuses:
    Human: rare
    Spellbinder: rare
    Witch: common
    Shifter: very common
    Skinwalker: rare
    Vampire: very common
    Fae: very common
    Angel & Demon: common
    Ghost: rare
    Eternal Hybrid: common
  • Joining Guide

    So you've stopped by to take a look at us? Awesome! Here at FS we pride ourselves on being nothing short of welcoming, warm, incredibly casual and above all a safe place for every walk of life. We have no writing requirements or strict guidelines to adhere to. We want this place to thrive but we also want FS to be a place where people can relax, kick back in the cbox and chat with their fellow writers, to make new friends and maybe even find that other garbage can that sit beside you on the curb. Whatever your writing style, wants, needs, FS is here to accommodate you! Our staff is here to help you, we have a completely open door policy, any issues, questions, needs, wants you might have we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know! We’re a friendly bunch.. Despite the fact that we are all trash.~

    FS has a pretty straight forward joining process but we’re well aware that not everyone is a jcink or forum writing pro and for those of you out there that are interested but unsure as where to start or even those of you that need a refresher on some of the newer things around jcink, we’ve whipped up this guide for you!

    The Basics
    All the normal starting stuff applies, read the rules, glance at the plot, pick your species etc. We’re happy to help with ideas and to guide you in your thought process to not only best fit the species lore but also to set you on a path that will blend you seamlessly into the world and get you plots straight out of the gate!

    Our plot is optional and just something to help guide everyone in setting a scene, it will expand and morph through events as we move forward but whether it affect your character will always be completely up to you.

    We have two census’ floating around and while we encourage variety the only thing that will ever be gated around here are the leadership roles (power positions) and the highest rank of both demon and angel, everything else is fair game. If you want a wolf shifter and we already have 12 wolf shifters just go ahead and make a wolf shifter! We want everyone to play what they want!

    Registering: Now that you’re ready you’ll want to register, to do this you’ll click the link up on the top banner and register either an OOC account or a character account. OOC accounts are optional but we highly encourage them for ease of organization (we’ll go over this a few bullet points down) and getting ahold of players. When registering a character account make sure you register in proper caps (John Doe).

    Name Changes: If you mess up your account name or ever need to change it for whatever other reason, never fear you can change it without talking to the staff! Going into your account controls (the little cog up top on the far left), on the left hand side navigate to Personal Profile > Change Username. Just enter in the desired username and hit Send Request and voila!

    Applying: Your next step is applying. Our app, as you might notice, is rather large and has a lot of info to fill in, this is mostly to allow you to flesh out your character as much as possible before you head over to plotting. We want to make sure every character is well thought out and falls within our outlined lore. Our app history is freestyle and can be filled out however you want as long as you hit all the points outlined in the brief description on the app itself. We have no caps or minimums for any of our sections, so long as all the info is filled out you’re good to go! If for any reason you have issues with the code, please poke Sarah!

    Shippers: We use multi-character shippers here on FS as we find them far more personal and easier to manage than shipper apps, that being said this is an optional thing but highly encouraged. Sarah was kind enough to create shipper codes for us which are located in the templates section and cross posted on the shipper forum! This should be your next step, setting up a shipper will allow people to post to your shipper with plot ideas. We have an auto reply shipper code for everyone’s use, it requires only a click of a button and the topic number for your own shipper (just the #, see detailed instructions in the site templates thread). There are a lot of ways to reply to shippers and you’re free to reply however you want but we’ve found that replying directly to the other person’s shipper is by far the best for keeping things moving as it pings their parent account with an alert to remind them that they have waiting plots!

    Posting: We have a variety of post codes here on FS and they are all available through the posting form and as easy to use as pressing a button and require NO additional code! We do require that everyone use these for IC posts, to keep things uniform and easy to read for everyone. If you want to get started right away and not wait for plots we do have an open thread feature which will randomly advertise any and all open threads off to the left beneath the cbox!

    Applications: Apps shouldn’t take us any longer than 2 days to get to and generally speaking it’ll be the same day turn over so the wait won’t be long to get you accepted and started down this crazy path with us. We do ask, on the rare occasion that it does take us a day+ to get to your app that you not pester the staff with reminders that you’re done, just like you, our staff are writers and while you might be excited we have a host of other things we are also doing behind the scenes to keep this place running, including writing (a novel idea, I know xD)!

    Claims: While you’re waiting on your application acceptance we encourage you to go fill out all your claims, these will only be accepted and filed in after you’re accepted but getting them done while you wait is perfectly fine!

    Sub-Accounts: We use the sub-account system here on FS, this system is amazing and will make your life so much easier! In your controls section there is a link off to the left that says “Edit Sub-accounts”, if you click on this you can add all your character accounts to your OOC account. Once this is done there is no need to sign in and out of or even switch your accounts to do anything.

    * When you’ve tied a character account to your parent account you’ll notice that the drop down on the nav bar now has that character’s name in it, selecting their name will switch your account to the character account without the need to sign in and out! You won’t even need to switch accounts to post from any character that’s tied together in this manner. When you’re posting there will be another drop down in the posting form (down below the actual text area) that says “Select sub-account author…”. Selecting the character the post is for will automatically post that post from the selected character! No need to switch accounts ever again. \o/

    Alerts & @ Tagging: Additionally we use the alert system which will ping your parent account with a notification (this can be accessed up top via the bell icon on the left). @ tagging is also enabled which means you can tag people in games or threads with a simple @Name which will also alert them. We've also coded in desktop alerts which will display a desktop notification when you get a new alert (you need to have the site open for this to work). If that's all a little too much for you, don't worry you can customize how you receive alerts via your control panel!

    If for any reason you still still need help please don't hesitate to contact any of our staff! We are always happy to help you and answer any and all of your questions!

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